Volunteering in Community Learning Center, Thailand

Deadline: ongoing
Open to: Volunteering candidates who can commit to teaching for at least one month. Everyone with positive attitude, an open mind, patience and will to understand and work within different culture is encouraged to apply
Venue: The Ban Nai Soi Community Leaning Center situated in Province area of Thailand


Founded in the spring of 2005 The Ban Nai Soi Community Learning Center(BNSCLC) seeks to provide a high school education, practical vocational skills, and community development skills to high school aged children living in the Mae Hong Son Province area of Thailand.

The Community Learning Center is seeking enthusiastic individuals that wish to volunteer their time and effort to make a positive contribution to the students at the Ban Nai Soi CLC. Unlike many volunteer positions found on the internet today there is NO COST to volunteer at the BNSCLC. Upon arrival volunteers are given housing and food. Volunteers are responsible for paying for travel to and from the BNSCLC.

Who are these students and why do they need help?

The students at the BNSCLC are part of this large population living outside of the refugee camps. Not being in the camps leaves the children without any access to high school education. This lack of educational opportunity leaves them with few options which is why the BNSCLC was founded.

The BNSCLC’s goal of self-sustainability means that school fees are not charged, but parents and students are asked to contribute to the planting, cultivation, building and maintanance of the facilities and crops. After fulfilling their voluntary work some parents are paid to continue working at the Center. This provides income for families that may not have steady employment. Once the center is able to buy more surrounding land the center will be able to increase their organic farming projects and generate more of thier own food. Additionally the BNSCLC is attempting to build positive relationships between refugees and Thais by hosting free education and training programs for all people from the Mae Hong Son and other area in Thailand.


In order to teach at the BNSCLC you will need a positive attitude, an open mind, and the patience required to understand and work within a different culture. While the center does not have any specific requirements regarding your qualifications they are hoping to attract qualified teachers of ESL. Even if you don’t have any experience teaching you are still strongly encouraged to apply. In it’s first year the BNSCLC was lucky enough to have several volunteers that had very limited prior teaching experience but still proved to be great instructors.

It would benefit the students much more if we were able to find volunteers that could stay for several months however candidates are asked for at least a one month commitment to teaching.


To receive an application or to ask any questions please send an email to [email protected]. Also you can contact:

Kyaw Hla Sein – BNSCLC Founder and Project Coordinator
[email protected]
Tel: 085-7187951

The organizers need any help that can be provided from future volunteers and donors.
For more information please visit the official website.

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    1. Dear Mariem,

      Please note that Mladiinfo is only sharing this information. As the post says, upon arrival volunteers are given housing and food. Volunteers are responsible for paying for travel to and from the BNSCLC. If you have other questions and concerns and you are looking for detailed information, please direct to the official website/the contact persons.

      Kind regards,
      Mladiinfo team

  1. I applied for this volunteering opportunity. Actually, I basically emailed them and they accepted me. I wasn't asked for any resume/cv, not my age, nor my knowledge of English. I wasn't told where I need to go, what I'd need to do, and even though I was promised a letter of invitation for my Visa, I never got one.
    Just a fair warning for fellow future volunteers, this does not sound like a serious volunteering opportunity.

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