Guangzhou International Award for Urban Innovation

Deadline: 30 September, 2012
Open to: Cities and Regions worldwide, including members of United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG) and Metropolis
Award: Presented biennially, the award will encourage and recognize outstanding innovative projects and practices in the public sector


The concept of the Guangzhou International Award for Urban Innovation (abbreviated as Guangzhou Award) is derived from the city’s long-term cooperation with United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG) from its foundation in 2004 and with the World Association of Major Metropolises (Metropolis) since 1993.

Co-hosted by UCLG, Metropolis, and Guangzhou Municipal Government, the Guangzhou Award aims to reward innovations to improve the socio-economic environments in cities and regions, promote sustainability, and hence advance the livelihood of their citizens. Presented biennially, the award will encourage and recognize outstanding innovative projects and practices in the public sector.

The Guangzhou Award contributes to the progress of city performances by promoting innovations in the public sector and presenting a platform for cities and regions around the world to share and disseminate their achievements.


The Guangzhou Award is open to cities and regions worldwide, including members of UCLG and Metropolis.

A project or practice that enters the competition for the Guangzhou Award should meet the following eligibility criteria:

  1. It must be an original non-profit activity aiming at promoting social undertakings in the city or region.
  2. It must be currently running or have been completed within the past two years.
  3. It must provide evidence of substantial impact and/or success achieved.

The Guangzhou Award recognizes innovations of various categories. Applicants can submit innovative achievements in, but not limited to, the following thematic fields:

  1. Public service– the provision, delivery and outcome of public service, such as strengthening capacity, increasing productivity, reducing cost and bureaucracy, developing performance measurement tools.
  2. Organization and administration– improving transparency, accountability and responsiveness in public service, such as promoting vertical and horizontal coordination, regulatory change from enforcement to voluntary compliance, improving citizen-centered service, budgetary reform.
  3. Partnership and citizen involvement– building participative partnership between government, private sector and civil society, such as new partnership models, cross-territorial collaboration, local community empowerment, improving group engagement, new technologies supporting citizen involvement.
  4. Smart city– application of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) to optimize resources, boost efficiency and generate vitality in cities, such as e-government, non-internet-based electronic applications including SMS, Bluetooth, CCTV, biometrics, traffic management.
  5. Sustainable city– improving the quality of city life in a sustainable way, such as economic development model transformation, efficient energy use, waste and water management, pollution prevention, biodiversity.

Guangzhou Award Criteria

Criteria for innovation to be considered for the Guangzhou Award include:

  • Innovativeness– the extent to which initiative, creativity and new projects or practices have been developed to address major social issues;
  • Effectiveness- the extent to which projects or practices have achieved or are on the way to achieve the proposed objectives and other socially desirable outcomes;
  • Replicability- the value of projects or practices in teaching others new ideas or good practices.
  • Significance- the importance of projects or practices in addressing problems of public concern.
  • Each assessment criterion will carry an equal weight in the overall evaluation.

How to Apply

  • Submissions are free of charge but must be made in accordance with the application form.
  • The application form is available on the Internet and can be downloaded from HERE.
  • Submissions shall be made in English with single-sided pages of A4 paper typed in Times New Roman, no less than 12 point type size, single spaced. An optional copy in a language other than English may be included together with the compulsory English version. A total of 6 copies of the written submission are required.
  • Submitters are encouraged to include the following supporting materials:
  1. Articles appearing in newspapers, professional journals, newsletters or other publications
  2. Digital standard format videos less than 10 minutes in length
  3. Photographs and/or other graphic material
  4. Brochures or other promotional material
  5. Any other relevant supporting materials
  • A total of 6 DVDs containing the supporting materials are required and the files must adhere strictly to the stipulated formats as listed below:
  1. Documents– File size: Less than 5MB , File formats: .doc; .ppt; .pdf
  2. Pictures / Photographs- File size: Less than 5MB, File formats: .jpg; .png; .gif
  3.  Audio– File size: Less than 5MB, File formats: .mp3
  4. Videos– File size: Less than 10MB, File formats: .mov; .wmv; .mpg; .mpeg2; swf
  • Submissions shall be sent to the Guangzhou Award Secretariat by Email
  • All submissions and supporting materials received will be acknowledged and will not be returned to the submitters.
  • The organizers reserve the right to publish all submissions wholly or in part, as case studies or for publicity purposes.

For any questions which might concern you please direct to the following e-mail address[email protected]

For more information, please visit the official website.

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