Peer Training Forum for Youth, France

Deadline: 8 October 2012
Open to: young people working with peer training and interested in how it contributes to the well-being of young people.
Venue: European Youth Centre Strasbourg, France from 3-6 November 2012


The Peer Forum is primarily organized by the European Peer Training Organisation (EPTO). EPTO’s vision is of a world where people enjoy learning from each other, how to embrace their  differences and realize their unique potential. Toward that vision, EPTO develops and promotes peer training. EPTO is the only European youth organisation dedicated to peer training. It wishes to convene youth serving organisations and support their work in providing quality peer training;  programmes that support the development of the whole young person and opportunities to  collaborate within the youth field but also with  other sectors and disciplines.

In this first (of its kind) Peer Forum, EPTO will put peer training approaches on centre stage and explore how they contribute to learning for the well-being of children and youth in Europe. Their  intention with this event is to:
  • Create a space for young people and youth serving organizations to exchange peer training practices that are conducive to  children & young people’s learning for well-being
  • Foster cross-cooperation between sectors with a stake in young people’s well-being (health, formal & non-formal education, environment,  culture) and present the Learning for Well-being Youth Alliance
  • Present EPTO plan and programmes to convene and support youth serving organisations in doing quality peer training.
  • Discuss the role of youth in systemic change towards well-being for ALL, including themes such as (1) instruments for influencing policy towards children & young people’s well-being and (2) strategies for creating inter-generational  cooperation.


EPTO is looking for enthusiastic participants who meet the following criteria:

  • Age 18 – 35
  • Able to work in English fluently
  • Are working with peer training and interested in how it contributes to the learning for well-being of young people
  • Would like to exchange with other young people and youth workers running peer training activities on different areas connected  to well-being
  • Would use the experience of this seminar and  cooperate with others in Europe using peer training approaches.
  • OPTIONAL: Would like to showcase their peer training approach by running a session/workshop during the seminar

So if you run peer training activities you believe contribute to learning for well-being and you’d be willing to showcase them in the forum (find more details in application form) and you are interested in strengthening your peer training and how you could make use of this approach to impact the well-being  of young people this event is for you!

Program Information

The program will include:

  1. Non-formal Education: Exploring innovative ways of using peer training, as a method for mutual  learning, with an approach that is experiential and encompasses the physical, emotional, mental  and spiritual dimensions of learning.
  2. Showcasing, Debate, Discussion: Creating points of contact & networking, fostering cross-sectorial  cooperation & giving a sense of ‘what’s out there’ towards the same vision for young people.
  3. Strategic Action Planning: Fostering personal responsibility & cooperation to build capacity for  sustainable and collaborative action, with tangible impact in young people’s surroundings.
The training lasts from 09:00 3 November 2012 to 22:00 6 November 2012. Participants are expected to arrive at the Youth Centre  on November 2nd in the evening and depart November 7th. The European Youth Centre Strasbourg is found at 30, rue Pierre de Coubertin F – 67000 Strasbourg FRANCE.

The European Youth Foundation and EPTO will cover 60 percent of all travel costs from your home to the training  venue and home again (cheapest possible means: APEX Airfare, 2nd class Train ticket). The 60 percent will be  reimbursed after the training by completing a reimbursement form to send back to EPTO office within one  month after the conference with all the original tickets and boarding passes. The maximum travel prices requested by person from each country can be found in the informational brochure HERE.

All other expenses related to accommodation, meals, and training materials during the seminar are  covered by the European Youth Foundation via EPTO.  We recommend that you register and make a preliminary booking for your train or flight tickets as soon  as possible to keep the travel costs low.  If you have any questions concerning your travel arrangements,  please call EPTO as they can be flexible.  There won’t be much time in the conference’s programme for visiting the city/country, so if you want to  profit from being in Strasbourg, you can also come earlier or leave later than the starting/ending days  and times of the conference. No extra night would be covered by the organisers.Once your registration is confirmed, you will receive an INFO PACK with all the details related to the  agenda and how to prepare for the event.


Registration is open until 8 October 2012. EPTO will contact you as they review the applications. The application form can be filled in online by clicking HERE. Or you can download a MS Word version, fill it in and send it to the contacts below.

Contact information for more information and questions:

EPTO Office
Rue Amedee Lynen 8
1210 Brussels
[email protected]
Tel.: +32 (0)2 340 96 24


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