MA Scholarships for Developing Countries, Belgium

Deadline: 13 February 2013
Open to: applicants from developing countries up to 40 years old for courses and 45 years old for trainings holding a graduate degree
Scholarship: not specified


The CUD (Cutting-edge International Trainings and Courses for Development) Scholarships Program for the year 2013-2014 is available for applicants from developing countries. Courses include Masters in Public Health; European Microfinance Program; Masters in Development, Environment and Society; Master of Science and Supplementary Environmental Management in Developing Countries; Management Systems in Health Services; Methodology in Support of Innovation in Family Agriculture, etc.

Within the 2013-2014 programme for international courses and training programmes, CIUF grants 150 scholarships for participation into the courses and 70 for participation into the training programmes.

You may find the list of international courses and training programs HERE.


  • Only applicants originating in developing countries, qualify for selection. To be eligible, candidates must reside and work in their country at the time of the introduction of the file.
  • Only the nationals of the following countries are authorized to postulate with the scholarships: South Africa, Algeria, Bangladesh, Benin, Bolivia, Brazil, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cambodia, Cameroon, China, Colombia, Ivory Coast, Cuba, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Guinea, Haïti, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Madagascar, Mali, Morocco, Mozambique, Nicaragua, Niger, Uganda, Peru, Philippines, Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, El Salvador, Senegal, Suriname, Tanzania, Palestinian territories, Vietnam, Zambia, Zimbabwe.
  • At the beginning of the programme, candidates must be less than 40 years old for courses, and less than 45 years old for training programmes.
  • Candidates must be holders of a degree that is comparable to a Belgian University graduate degree (“licence”). However, for certain programmes different rules of admissibility may be defined, and these are specified hereafter, where appropriate.
  • Candidates must show professional experience of at least two years upon termination of their studies. Where candidates are holders of a postgraduate degree delivered by an university of an industrial country, they must show professional experience of at least three years upon termination of their studies.
  • Candidates must have a good knowledge of written and spoken French; for programmes organised in another language, good knowledge, in writing and speaking, of this language, is required. Moreover, the candidate will be asked to commit himself to study French in order to be able to participate in daily life in Belgium.
  • Candidates are not allowed to apply FOR MORE THAN ONE PROGRAMME.

Applicants must not first obtain admission to one of the French-speaking universities of Belgium in order to apply for grants from the CUD.


  • The application form (in PDF, in Word) can be downloaded from the website.
  • It should be carefully completed and returned, ONLY by POST MAIL or EXPRESS MAIL, to CUD, that must be in their possession at the latest by FEBRUARY 13, 2013.
  • No acknowledgement of receipt will be provided
  • Only applications presented on the appropriate file, and in the language of the programme, will be submitted to the selection committee.
  • All elements of the file must be transmitted simultaneously.
  • The candidates selected and of reserve will receive an e-mail at the end of the selections (end of May 2013). The not selected candidates will receive an e-mail in the current of june 2013.
  • No treatment will be given to files that do not respect one of the rules of selection clearly mentioned on the web site (certified diploma, age, professional experience,…).

Completed forms along with the required documents can be submitted only by post or express mail to:

The Secretariat of the Commission Universitaire pour le Développement
72-74, rue de Namur
B-1000 Bruxelles

Telephone: + 32 2 289 65 60

The documents must arrive by 13 FEBRUARY 2013.

More information about the application process is available HERE. Please address all inquiries to Maryvonne Aubry at [email protected]

The official webpage is available HERE.

20 thoughts on “MA Scholarships for Developing Countries, Belgium

  1. i am very willing to join to your institution but in your application formality it asks the ability to speak french but i cant but i am very good in speaking English so could u tell me the response for my question

    1. Dear Teklu,

      Please note that this is the Mladiinfo website where we share information on different opportunities. Since skills in French language are mentioned in the eligibility section of our post, that means that it is a necessary for the applicants to have these skills. If you have any other concerns, please direct to the official contact persons.

      Kind regards,
      Mladiinfo team

    1. Dear Denis,

      As already answered to Teklu above, please note that this is the Mladiinfo website where we share information on different opportunities. Since skills in French language are mentioned in the eligibility section of our post, that means that it is a necessary for the applicants to have these skills. If you have any other concerns, please direct to the official contact persons.

      Kind regards,
      Mladiinfo team

  2. Hi

    The opportunity seems highly relevant and worth praise…

    Why the eligible students from the troubled country of Pakistan have been denied this opportunity?


    1. Dear Aurang,

      Different opportunities are opened to different countries. Not each opportunity can be opened to each country. If you search for other information, you will see that they are opened maybe to Pakistan, but not to some of these countries in this post. It is due to the organizers.

      Kind regards,
      Mladiinfo team

    1. Well, there are opportunities for Pakistanis only in Pakistan as we occasionally receive, but these are not information we can include on our website, since they are opened only to one or two countries. However, check the volunteering section in the following days; there will be something.

      Kind regards,
      Mladiinfo team

  3. namaste from nepal; surprised to see that you have not included Nepal in yoru list; why? hope yoru research team knows that Nepal is also one of the developing countries in teh world between two big countries -india and china. so my firends pls think… discover and plan properly. thnaks.
    cm yogi
    [email protected]

    1. Namaste Chintamani,

      Please note that this is the Mladiinfo site where we only share information on different opportunities. The country selection was something the organizers of this opportunity dealt with.

      Kind regards,
      Mladiinfo team

  4. good morning ,

    i have a bachelor degree of business administration major in information management , could you please advise me in which program i can apply in for master ?


  5. Happy New Year,
    This is Andry from Madagascar. I do appreciate such initiative, as for my country, such courses is highly important, in adequation with the on going Development projects in my country. Also it is a good thing this did not pass by our Gouvernment, but directly to the Belgium host University. Actually, if it passed through our gouvernment, certainly they managed, somehow, to put unqualified person in the list, and even replace the qualified ones, as they have the power. Poor mentality.
    So again thank you very much for the initiative.

    1. Dear Ksenia,

      Belarus is not among the eligible countries. Follow our website and for sure you will find some scholarships which are fitting for you.

      Kind regards,
      Mladiinfo team

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