Social Inclusion Contest for Public Libraries from Developing Countries

Deadline: 30 November 2012
Open to: Public or community libraries from countries in a transition/developing countries
Grant: $1,500


Many economic and social risk factors can lead to social exclusion, for example, poverty, homelessness, long-term unemployment, poor health and disability, illiteracy, age, language and cultural differences, addiction, racism, gender inequality and other forms of social discrimination. By taking the initiative to reach out to socially excluded groups, public and community libraries can strengthen social cohesiveness. This Innovation Award is for libraries offering any service that promote social inclusion in the community.


To enter the competition, you must meet all of the following criteria:

  •     You must be a public or community library.
  •     The library must be in a transition or developing country.
  •     You must use information and communication technology (ICT) to implement the service you are submitting.
  •     The service should have started after January 2010
  •     The service must be operational at the time of application.

Application process

  1. Application may be submitted either in writing, or in video (film) format.
  2. We will only accept applications (written or video) that are submitted through the EIFL-PLIP online submission system.
  3. Applications may be submitted in English, Russian, French and Spanish (these are the main international languages that EIFL-PLIP staff can read and understand, and we have chosen these languages for administrative purposes). If you submit your application using video format, you may use mother-tongue, but the video must have clear subtitles in English.
  4. Before you apply, please read all the award categories to be sure that you are applying for the right award.  Go to Upcoming Award Categories and Timetable to see details of the fourth category.
  5. Past and present EIFL-PLIP grantee libraries may not apply for an Innovation Award for the EIFL-PLIP-funded service. However, they may submit an application for a service or services that are not funded by EIFL-PLIP and are qualified for this award category.
  6. If you decide to submit your application in writing, make sure that:  You fill in the Application Form in full and your application is supported by 2-3 photos.
  7. If you decide to submit your application in video format, make sure that:
  •  The video incorporates all the information required by the Application form, including (1) Information about your library, (2) Background to the service and the community need, (3) Description of the service, (4) Results / Community impact. You must study the Application form carefully for explanations of the information required.
  • The video is less than five minutes in length.
  • The video has clear English subtitles.
  • The video is uploaded to YouTube.

Please note that all the proposals must be received by 18:00 (Rome/Italy time) on 30 November 2012!


There will be more than one award in this category. The number of awards will depend on the quality and diversity of applications received. Each winner will receive US$1,500 and international publicity. EIFL-PLIP will share your story widely through its publicity channels.

More information about the award can be found here.

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