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Deadline: ongoing
Open to: Youth all over the world
Benefits: There is a wide range of ways in which The Youth Republic is beneficial: from gaining blogging experience to chance of building sustainable projects and from building international relations to growing into a true leader

About The Youth Republic – Youth voice amplified!

The Youth Republic (TYR) is a Global Youth Network based in Pakistan and having network spread in more than 42 countries of the world. TYR provides Youth a platform to stay united, let voices be heard and amplified, enable Youth share opportunities, strengthen inter-cultural dialogues, stay pluralistic, spread love for cultures, traditions and religions all over the world, respect diversity, support multilingualism, work for better tomorrow and inclusive future by developing Global Partnership, hence paving a way towards achieving the mission of Better Tomorrow and impacting 100 per cent of the world all together.

TYR aims towards building good relations among youth from all around the world by providing them a platform for stepping ahead to achieve collective and construction progression. The core mission behindTYR is important, unique and inspiring- which targets and focuses on YOUTH of the World. The deep idea lies in the fact that around 50 per cent of the world’s total population comprise of Youth and if this Youth is given a platform to foster their relations, stay connected, share ideas and opportunities with each other, support multilingualism, respect diversity, branding the wonderful spot light corners of their countries, feature young talent to inspire other youngsters, step ahead to encourage world – then 50 per cent of the World is going to get Positively Impacted. The idea continues with broader and an ultra impact- once theYouth is united under TYR Network, its potentials are being used for collective and constructive progression and impacting lives of thousands of people by extending helping hands. TYR’s mission is unique and inspiring with the fact that it not only unites Youth but also provides them a platform to stay connected for achieving UN Millennium Development Goals. There are many sub-projects which TYR is leading, where Youth from many countries are involved. Moreover, it puts ideas into action for utilizing the power and energy of Youth towards collective and constructive progression and radiating high energies everywhere around the globe which is bringing Better Tomorrow all by making the best of Today. The complete, innovative, concrete and inspiring idea behind TYR is,

“Around 50 per cent of the world’s total population comprise of youth, if this youth is giving a platform to stay united, enabling them to work for the collective and constructive progression, adding values to the lives of rest of the 50 per cent of the world- Globe will GLOW then.”

How to get involved? Become Youth Republican!

Youth Republicans means Representatives of The Youth Republic who are working for Leading a Change in their societies by putting their ideas into actions holding massive impact. The Youth Republic welcomes Youth from different sectors of lives stepping ahead for a Better Tomorrow. From a blogger you can become a great leader and change-maker. You can write for The Youth Republic in some of their few leading categories: Friends without Borders, Happenings, Places, Talent etc.

You can REGISTER to The Youth Republic HERE.


By Becoming Youth Republican of the Global Youth Network, you will be able to,

  1. Contribute your write-ups for the platform.
  2. Participate in Global Projects.
  3. Build International Relations and Social Networking with many Young Leaders and Young Stars from different countries.
  4. Build sustainable projects for impacting lives and leading a change.
  5. Let your voice be heard by the Globe.
  6. Avail opportunities and life learning experiences.
  7. Achieve UN Millennium Goals.
  8. Step ahead for Leading A Change!
  9. Get ideas, innovative thoughts and counseling to run Social Action Projects in your country or anywhere you want!
  10. Get featured in many Events organized by The Youth Republic.
  11. Achieve many positive certificates from The Youth Republic, which are truly meant to light the Young Spark in YOU – And make you step ahead and work for better world.
If you want to learn more about The Youth Republic visit the official website.

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