NGOs: Apply for €1000 Crowdsourced Grants

Deadline: 15 November 2012
Open to: registered non-profit organizations with status as a public benefits organization that focus on humanitarian aid/social development; ecological issues/environmental conservation; or animal protection.
Grant: €1,000


The people at Smilemundo believe that everyone has the power to create change, and together, we have the capacity to make those changes substantial! Even the best and most valuable ideas can be difficult to carry out without the appropriate funding; and without heightening or changing people’s awareness, money is almost useless.

At Smilemundo, they are dedicated to connecting fundraising with education; and this way, they hope to shed some light on the next great ideas that’ll shape the future. Thanks to the micropayment system on their website, visitors can support their favorite cause with a donation starting from €2.

There are three types of grant funding, defined by characters:

  • Smile: finance non-profit projects benefitting people and communities.
    • Access to Information, Culture and Art, Development of Local Society, Disabilities, Economic Development, Education, Equal Opportunities, Gender Equality, Help for Children, Health, Homelessness, Human Rights, Non-Discrimination, Poverty, Science Development
  • Mun: projects that are focused on conserving the environment.
    • Assistance to the Victims of Disasters, Climate Change, Drinking Water Supply, Food and Agriculture, Environmental Education, Environmental Protection, Renewable Sources of Energy
  • Do: projects aimed at protecting animals.
    • Animal Adoptions, Animal Protection, Animal Right, Care for Animals, Rescue of the Endangered Species, Shelters

Internet users vote with their donations which NGOs will receive funding. In each edition of voting, 3 to 5 projects in each category will compete for a grant. Everyone has the ability to vote once for a project in either category; and any additional votes can be made when accompanied by a donation. When making a donation, internet users will vote for the project they find most interesting; and the value of their vote is proportional to the amount donated. The final selection of the projects will depend entirely on votes.

When a project wins the voting session, the organisation will receive the grant within a period of 14 days. Once the grant has been received, the organisation must provide Smilemundo with the financial statements and relevant visual material (photos, videos) pertaining to the funded project within 7 months. In addition, they also require copies of invoices and accounts that serve to justify the cost of the project.

Read the guidelines for financing projects HERE.


Only registered non-profit organisations with status as a public benefits organisation; or organizations that are a subject to external financial control by a credible institution are eligible for Smilemundo grants. Such organisations can submit projects that are related to one of the three categories that Smilemundo supports (helping people/communities; conserving the environment; and protecting animals); but must not:

  • serve a business, religious or political purpose;
  • have pre-financing costs
  • require more than 6 months to complete, from the date of grant obtainment.

The application can be filled out in either English or Spanish.


The deadline for December’s edition of voting is 15 NOVEMBER 2012. It is possible to apply for a Smilemundo grant at any time for later editions. Please complete the application form AVAILABLE HERE in order to apply for eligibility.After Smilemundo has received the online application, they may also require additional documents, such as:

  • a copy of the official registration form for your organisation along with your registration number;
  • a recommendation from two non-profit organisations with 5 or more employees, who operate in the same field;
  • your organization’s statute;
  • the financial report of your organization from the previous year;
  • the most recent Tax Settlement of your organization.

After the project qualifies to participate in an edition of a grant, the final grant allotment will depend on the votes of Internet users. Thus, it is extremely important that the organisations stay active by promoting their projects during the voting period.

Smilemundo always send the participating organizations instructions and materials to help with the promotion of their project during the voting period; including but not limited to tips for the most effective use of social media and networks.

For more information about applying for a grant, see the original website HERE. To make a donation, see HERE.

Contact information for further questions:

e-mail: [email protected]
skype: Smilemundo
C/ Cucurulla nº 9, 2º 2ª A
08002 Barcelona

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