Environmental Human Rights Study Session

Deadline: 20 December 2012
Open to: youth workers and human rights activists between 18-30 years old working in Council of Europe countries
Venue: 24 February to 2 March 2013, European Youth Centre in Budapest, Hungary


This study session aims to promote active youth participation in environmental human rights education and peaceful activism. The organizers have prepared this activity for youth  workers, educators, activists – anyone interested to explore the topic of environmental human rights, willing to share their histories of participation and learn new ways of engaging in local and global environmental matters.

There is participation fee of Euro 50, however all your visa and travel, accommodation and board costs are 100 percent covered. The study session will take place from 24 February to 2 March 2013, at the European Youth Centre in Budapest, Hungary.

“All over the world, people are experiencing the effects of ecosystem decline, from water shortages to fish kills and landslides on deforested slopes. The victims of environmental degradation tend to belong to more vulnerable sectors of the society – racial and ethnic minorities and the poor—who regularly carry a disproportionate burden of such abuse. Increasingly, many basic human rights are being placed at risk, as the right to health is affected by the contamination of resources, or the right to property and culture compromised by commercial intrusion into indigenous lands. Human rights activism presents a significant opportunity to address the human consequences of environmental degradation and can serve as a catalyst for inspiring ideas and action in the real world. ”

International Young Nature Friends (IYNF) finds it essential to empower young people to defend their rights and the rights of the communities that are affected by abuse of local ecosystems and climate change. We believe that human rights education plays an important role in exploring the interdependencies of rights and links between environmental degradation and human rights. Thus this course!

During this study session IYNF also wants to build a network of young people willing to multiply their knowledge and create follow-up initiatives and projects in the field of human rights education, environmental education, education for sustainable development and youth participation internationally and in their local communities.


Applicants for this study session should be:

  • 18-30 years old(with some exceptions over 30);
  • Residing in one of the member states of the Council of Europe;
  • Volunteering, working/ actively hanging out in youth/environmental or both field organizations;
  • With previous experience in fields of youth work/environmental human rights/human rights/ environmental activism;
  • Willing to multiply their learning by passing it to others through projects and presenting them with incentives;
  • Eager to learn, actively participate, share and contribute.


Application forms AVAILABLE HERE must be filled out by 20 December 2012. IYNF will notify only accepted applicants of selection results by 7 January 2013 at the latest.

If you have any further questions, please contact Ilze Jece at [email protected]

The project is supported by the Council of Europe. The original call for applications is AVAILABLE HERE. Please see the official website HERE for more information.

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