Find Strength in Your Passion Training Course, Italy

Deadline: 15 February 2013
Open to: youth workers from Austria, Cyprus, Estonia, Greece, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Turkey .
Venue: 11-17 March 2013 in Lecce, Italy


L’Arcobaleno – società cooperativa sociale is searching for participants for its training course, “It’s all about passion: explore what drives you in your life and learning,” to be held 11-17 March 2013 in Lecce, Italy.


Food and accommodation will be fully covered during the training course 100 percent. 70 percent of the travel expenses from your home to the site of the training course will be reimbursed according to the conditions of the Youth in Action programme. There is a participation fee of 30 EUR per participant.


The topic of the training course is finding and following your passion. ‘Follow your heart!’ is an often-heard advice, but what does that mean? What is my passion? What really moves me? And can I just follow that? What drives you, what makes you move and how to follow that drive? In a fast changing world we are confronted with an almost unlimited number of options and possibilities. They believe that supporting young people and youth workers in using the concept of passion and linking it with talents and strengths is adding value to non-formal education.

Combining one’s natural strengths and passions is called to be in your element. Being in your element helps you to be happier and more effective in doing what you do. To discover, explore, share and live the passions will be the first step of the course. How participants can support others in doing the same thing will be the second part of the course.

They believe that in order to bring the topic of passion into your facilitation work it is crucial to go first through the process of finding your own passions and connecting your passions to your own learning. From there we will explore the possibilities to make passions part of your work as a facilitator.


  • To explore the concept of passion and its relevance to youth work
  • To support participants to explore and discover their own passions
  • To support participants to connect their passions to their learning
  • To discover one’s strengths and connect them to passion(s)
  • To learn to support other learners in discovering their passions
  • To support participants to implement the outcomes of the course in their daily life

The method of the training course will be, based on non-formal education, self directed learning, taking highly in consideration participants needs. Three expert trainers will run the training course from the field with active involvement of the participants’ expertise. The course will start some weeks before via an online platform.

In this training course, you can:

  • be supported in finding out your passions and your talents connected to it, your learning needs, your personal development wishes and how all this can be shared with other people
  • explore the concepts of passion: what do we mean by that? do we all have passions? what are different kind of passions? And how does it connect to learning?
  • explore the concept of talents and strengths connected to passions
  • work on self-assessment: what really matters to me? what moves me? what are my learning needs?
  • have inspirational session: what is my vision and my values in life? How do they connect to my passions?
  • create learning trajectories: designing your personal learning journey
  • explore the concept of passion in supporting learning of other people


This Training course is for 27 participants from Austria, Cyprus, Estonia, Greece, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Turkey and recommended for Youth workers, Trainers, Youth leaders, EVS mentors/tutors, educators, coaches, social workers.

Participants have to have a sufficient level of English to follow the course. Participants should be motivated to share and transfer their newly gained knowledge; skills and attitude with their organisation and people back home. Participants can be present during the whole duration of the course and will actively participate.


You must complete the online application form found HERE by 15 February 2013.

Contact for questions: Salvi Greco at [email protected] or by phone at +393383492709.

For more information, please review the official call for applicants HERE.

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