Empowerment, Inspiration and Action, Germany

Deadline: 11th of February 2013
Open to: Everyone who is proactive, inquisitive, and understands and speaks English.
Venue: 13 – 21 April 2013 in Hanover, Germany


2013 is IYNF’s Year of Action for Change. This training course, which is going to take place in Hanover Germany, from 13 to 21 of April, 2013, will let you discover ways of effective change work and inspired action in youth organisations and structures. It will bring together young enthusiasts, change-makers, volunteers and activists, providing them with an opportunity to learn, share and reflect upon their experiences, struggles and victories of activism and youth work.


  • provide young people with tools, knowledge and skills for participation in creating change;
  • inspire and empower young people to pursue their talents and competences and connect them with the cause that they feel most passionate about;
  • give space to explore historical examples of youth organizations and analyse current trends of participation;
  • explore the place of self-development in youth organizations;
  • discover the educational and empowering role of youth organizations;
  • give space to discuss personal and professional dilemmas when working as a social change agents.

In essence, this training course is for you, if you are an existing or aspiring local or global activist and change-maker and you want to find out how to involve youth and community into active participation. In the age of social media, increasingly automised society and constant information overload, it is important to know how to make your actions, happenings and campaigns fresh, interesting and attractive in order to encourage those around you to become active in their communities, supportive of your cause or involved in your activities.


Eligible is everyone who is:

  • pro active and both wants to learn and share their knowledge
  • interested in non formal and reflected learning
  • striving for change and wants to take a positive and active role in your community or organisation
  • working for and with young people
  • able to understand and speak English

The participants will be selected based on the criteria mentioned above and taking into consideration geographical, gender and experiential balance among participants. Priority will be given to participants actively involved in IYNF member and partner organisations, but there is also space for other participants from all over Europe.


The training will cost 50 EUR participation fee + 30% of your travel costs.

How to apply

Fill in the ONLINE APPLICATION FORM, by filling in all the required spaces and press send. Make sure you do this before 11th of February 2013, because by noon of this day the application form will be closed.

All of you selected for the training course will be informed personally via e-mail until 18th of February 2013 (make sure you check them regularly, spam boxes too). Unfortunately there is no possibility to give an e-mail notice on the selection results to every applicant, which means that you were not selected if the e-mail did not come.

You can check the open call HERE.

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