Macedonian-Bulgarian Conference “Youth Employment Initiative for Europe”, Skopje

Deadline: Prolonged to 15 May 2013
Open to: Undergraduate and graduate students as well as young professionals from Macedonia and Bulgaria. Participants should not be below 18 and above 35 years of age.
Venue: Skopje, 20 – 22 June 2013

Mladiinfo is announcing the call for participants for Macedonian-Bulgarian conference in Skopje on topic Youth Employment Initiative for Europe.

The recent trends show a high level of centralization in the country which contributes to higher unemployment rates in the smaller cities in Macedonia. On the other hand, Bulgaria, has also felt the consequences and the wider implications of the European economic crisis. This project aims at increasing the entrepreneurial spirit among the youth of these countries and raising awareness of European youth policies and of European Union as a common future for all citizens. This projects aims at contributing towards improving their relations by focusing on solving a common issue that is the youth unemployment. At the conference in Skopje, divided in three working days, participants will discuss the issues their country is facing in terms of youth unemployment and how this project can respond to their needs.


The conference is open to 56 participants from Bulgaria and 30 participants from Macedonia (Undergraduate and graduate students as well as young professionals) that are involved or want to be involved in activities dealing elimination of unemployment, creation of start up businesses and solutions for youth employment or self-employment.


v No participation fee

v Board and lodging for two nights provided by the hosting organization

v Travel reimbursement (public transport) will be fully covered

How to apply

To apply for the Youth Employment Initiative for Europe (YEI) complete the application form and return it via email with the requested attachments to:

Please enclose the following supporting documents along with your application form:

  1. Your CV / Resume (max. 3 pages)

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