The Muslim Jewish Conference in Sarajevo

Deadline: 30 April, 2013
Open to: Muslim and Jewish leaders of tomorrow from the fields of economics, politics and academia
Venue: Sarajevo, Bosnia, from June 30 through July 5


The ‘Muslim Jewish Conference’ (MJC) is a dialogue and leadership project that targets Muslim and Jewish leaders of tomorrow from the fields of economics, politics and academia. Students and young professionals from all over the world gather once a year at the ‘MJC’, working towards achieving a feat that many describe as impossible: stepping beyond the boundaries of non – communication, ignorance and stereotyping to build a new global movement of young Muslim and Jewish leaders who are committed to accomplishing mutual respect.

The MJC 2013 will take place in Sarajevo, Bosnia, from June 30 through July 5.

There will be 6 committees to choose from, aiming at both an academic examination of Muslim-Jewish relations, as well as formulating and laying the grounds for practical projects to enhance Muslim-Jewish cooperation and tackle common problems. Furthermore, there will be guest speakers and social events, along with sessions open to all participants.


The Conference is open to Muslim and Jewish leaders of tomorrow from the fields of economics, politics and academia.


As an official policy, the MJC does not require payment of any participation fee and will provide accommodation for the duration of the conference, from Sunday, June 30, to Saturday July 6. However, the MJC does not provide any financial support for travel to/from the conference, visa applications or single room requests. Room allocation is gender based: men and women will not be able to share rooms with each other.

Kosher and Halal food will be available twice a day. For any other expenses the participants have to plan accordingly.


The application process requires each participant to fill the online application form. The organizers have listed the committees, but please note we will send committee descriptions – and will update this form – in the near future. Please note that the form requires each applicant to upload a recent photograph, an updated version of their CV, an optional letter of recommendation from a professor/employer/NGO/NPO and a scanned copy of a valid passport.

Acceptances will take place on a rolling basis: the final date for submission is April 30, 2013. One hundred participants will be selected from amongst the applicants with equal proportions of Muslims and Jews including applicants of different backgrounds and affiliations.

For more information and the application form visit this link

The Official Website

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