European EIB Prize for Economists

Deadline: 15 April 2013
Open to: Researchers that have made substantial empirical contributions based on solid theoretical foundations in areas covered by this year’s topic
Prize: EUR 40 000EUR 25 000


The European EIB Prize is an economics award created by the EIB Institute to recognise and stimulate excellence in economic and social research, and its implementation and diffusion. Research should be of specific relevance to European development and integration.

The topic

The topic for the 2013 EIB Prize is “Growth, employment and convergence, with applications to the European Union”. Wide differences in both the levels and rates of growth of income between European countries and between regions within countries, and in levels of unemployment, have been a constant concern of policymakers in the European Union. Indeed, the European Investment Bank was established in 1958 with the primary objective of facilitating the convergence of standards of living within Member States. It is therefore appropriate that the first EIB Prizes will be awarded for research that has led to a better understanding of the forces at work in Europe and of suitable policy prescriptions.


The EIB Prize will be awarded annually, starting in 2013. It consists of an “Outstanding Contribution Award” of EUR 40 000 and a “Young Economist Prize” of EUR 25 000.


Nominees for the EIB Prize should be researchers that have made substantial empirical contributions based on solid theoretical foundations in areas covered by this year’s topic. A non-exhaustive list would include the determinants of income growth, the relationship between growth and inequality, differential labour market performance, the political economy of product and labour market reform and the impact of monetary union on growth, employment and convergence. Both prizes are open to all economists, with no distinction regarding nationality or place of work.

The Outstanding Contribution Award honours scholars for their lifetime scientific contribution of specific relevance to the prize’s topic, including academic excellence and publication record and impact on public policy or society at large.

The Young Economist Prize honours scholars under the age of forty on 31 December 2013 for influential research and/or a significant contribution to economic thought and knowledge that (i) is of specific relevance to the prize’s topic and (ii) demonstrates great promise for the future.


Nominations can be submitted between 1 February and 15 April 2013. Please click here to nominate a candidate for the Outstanding Contribution Award and click here to nominate a candidate for the Young Economist Prize. Only electronic nominations will be accepted. The submission must include your contact details, a brief motivation statement and a copy of, or link to, the candidate’s CV. You may propose no more than one candidate for each award.


The laureates will be selected by a jury composed of distinguished scholars and chaired by Professor C. Pissarides.


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