ROVINJ – That Beautiful Town


Most of us would agree that Rovinj is the most beautiful town on Croatian coast. It is situated on the western coast of the Istrian Peninsula and it has about 15 thousand inhabitants. What makes Rovinj special are its beaches, sea-promenade, its green area, and its boats called Batana. Famous for its magnificent landscapes, Mediterranean charm and numerous cultural attractions, Rovinj remains one of the most visited destinations of Croatia.

If you ever decide to visit this town, here is the list of 10 things you should visit:

1. The Punta Corrente is a big green area with almost 52,4 ha where people in long summer days go on a beach and spend there all day. During the winter people go there for a walk, jogging or just to relax in those stressful days. On Punta Corrente there is a big party every year to celebrate May 1st. People gather and enjoy the whole day with their family and friends. There you can see many young people in their company having fun and enjoying summer. Also where young people go is well known beach called Škaraba. It is full of big stones so you can jump to sea. This place is definitely worth seeing!


2. The Old town is the most attractive and the most photogenic part of Rovinj. It is full of studios, small shops, restaurants, galleries… Its beautiful detached houses, each one in a different color, will take your breath away!

3. Grisia is a long uphill street which takes you to the Church of St. Eufemia. Every year in August the local artists’ exhibition is organized by the Museum of Rovinj and it lasts one day only. The exhibition is called children! Many young people work in all these galleries and boutiques to earn some extra money.

4. Carrera is another interesting long street full of boutiques. It is attractive due to its old houses on the both side of the street. In the middle of the Carrera street there is a St. Anthony’s church in which, during the summer, there is a gallery of our well known appreciated artist Mr. Kos. There you can buy his amazing artworks. What is interesting, during the winter Carrera is empty – there is no people. Rovinj looks lively only during the summer days.

5. The St. Andrew’s Island or the “Red Island” is an island worth visiting! It will take you 20mins by boat and you will definitely enjoy it. If you go before the sunset, you’ll probably see dolphins jumping in and out the sea. On the island there is a hotel “Istra”, where you can book a diner in a castle even if you are not staying in the hotel. You can take a whole day to visit this island, to enjoy sunbathing and swimming in clean and clear sea. You can also go to the hotel for a drink. One thing is for sure – you won’t regret if you visit this special island full of lavender!


6. The Farmers’ Market is situated near the “Gandusio” cinema and it was renovated a few years ago. This place is full of local people selling homegrown vegetables and fruits, but also homemade wine, grappa, truffles, honey, cheeses and so on. Near the Farmers’ Market, there is a fish market where you can buy fish hooked on the same day.

7. Adris Gallery is a modern gallery situated near the sea. The Gallery opened in 2001 and since then it has hosted the exhibitions by many eminent artists. The Adris Gallery building has the characteristics of a multifunctional cultural facility used for painting, sculpture and ambient exhibitions but also for concerts.

8. Hotel Lone is Maistra’s new, five-star design hotel, situated near Punta Corrente, just ten minutes from the centre of Rovinj. This hotel is a member of Design Hotels TM. Featuring an impeccable blend of beauty, style and cultural heritage, this hotel is a year-round leisure and business destination. So just set your eyes on it!


9. The Batana Center (Center of Visual Arts) is a “Photo Club Rovinj’s” gallery. It was opened 1951 when it was known as the Rovinj -Rovigno Film Club. Through its activities, education and exhibitions, it popularized photography. Organizes public performances, exhibitions, as well as educational and promotional programs through photography, projections of films, videos and information media.

10. St. Catherine Island is another island near Rovinj, and it will take you 10mins to get there by boat. When you are still on the boat you’ll see an amazing view of the Old city of Rovinj. On the island there is also a hotel where you can go to the restaurant or just to have a drink. On that island you will find so many beaches to go to and enjoy your day.


Some of us say that Rovinj is not for youngsters because there is no place to go out. We have only one club called Monvi where you have to be drunk if you want to say “Oh, yeah! We had a great time there!” Unless it will be boring and the only thing you’ll see are drunken people. I know that’s not great, but I’m telling you a reality. But there’s one more place where you can spend your night with your company. You can organize your own party on Punta Corrente. This is what people living here do all the time. You can bring your own radio, some of you probably can play a guitar, and if you are not 18 yet, there’re so many places to buy some beer and plastic cups. This is even better than going to Monvi and probably getting a bottle of a beer in your head.

Rovinj has so many other attractions that five days of your stay in Rovinj wouldn’t be enough to see all of them! If you decide to visit Rovinj in June, there’s photo festival called “PhotoDays” that is held in almost every corner of that beautiful town. Jazz festival is also organized by The Tourist Board office. Also, many other festivals and events are worth visiting such as The Night of Rovinj followed by fireworks that last for half an hour, St. Lawrence Night when all the lights are turned off and small torches are lit all along the city coastline.

Rovinj is full of events and I am sure you’ll enjoy almost all of them!

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