Trento School of Social Sciences PhD Scholarships

Deadline: 3 July 2013
Open to: candidates with a Master’s degree in relevant disciplines
Scholarship: 1,200 Euro per month plus additional funding for research expenses


The University of Trento is now inviting applications from qualified candidates for 23 PhD Scholarships in its three PhD programmes:

PhD in Economics and Management (9 scholarships):
 The programme focuses on the fields of decision sciences, organization, human and natural resource management with special attention to methodologies used in a behavioural approach to economic studies. Such an approach is increasingly adopted to generate predictions about market dynamics, particularly in the fields of finance, natural resources and tourism, and consumption, as well as to design organizations and institutions.

You may read more about this program’s curriculum HERE.

PhD in Local Development and Global Dynamics (4 scholarships):
 The programme focuses on theoretical knowledge of the new characteristics of local development in the context of globalizing societies and on the processes through which the new emerging global codified knowledge has to be re-contextualized and combined with local specificities. Since researching local development in all its complexities requires mastering subjects that range across a wide area, the first year of the programme has a decidedly interdisciplinary character, while subsequently allowing students acquire specialised research skills in their chosen major, also at some of the partner universities.

PhD in Sociology and Social Research (10 scholarships):
 The programme has a long-standing tradition of emphasising theoretically informed empirical research. During the programme, the students will learn how to systematically combine theoretical reflection with qualitative and quantitative empirical research. To this end, it provides an in-depth study of sociological theory by means of direct and detailed comparison of the classic texts and the contemporary debates, as well as by the professional-level teaching of the methodology of social science research and the main techniques of research and empirical analysis.


All programmes are conducted in English and will be taught by members of the university’s multi-national faculty. No tuition fees are charged and the scholarships are adequate to cover living expenses in Trento, about 1,200 Euros per month. Scholarships will be augmented by 50% for authorised research periods spent abroad.  There is a mandatory off-site interview for candidates who do not reside in Italy.


Candidates expecting to graduate by 31 October 2013 can apply to the programme.

Applicants must possess a graduate degree of at least four years, or a three year degree plus a Master degree, in a relevant academic discipline.  Applicants holding a foreign degree not officially recognised as equivalent to the Italian “laurea”, must explicitly request recognition of equivalence in their application.

Admitted non-E.U. applicants holding a non-Italian qualification and admitted E.U. applicants holding a non-E.U. qualification must also present:

  • their degree certificate along with exams and grades obtained, translated and authenticated by an Italian consulate, embassy or diplomatic representative in the country where the degree was issued, and the respective Declaration of value (“Dichiarazione di Valore”). Declaration of Value must state that the university degree is valid and enables candidates to enrol in a doctoral course in the country where it was obtained.
  • the Diploma Supplement written in English according to the EC, Europe Council and Unesco format.

Read more about the admission requirements HERE.


The applications deadline is 3 July 2013 – 4 p.m. (Italian time) and must be completed using the online registration website HERE. Application MUST include:

  1. copy of ID (European citizens) or passport
  2. degree certificate or self-certification with the transcript of records (see details in the call)
  3. research proposal in English (max. 3000 words) with a short abstract (max. 150 words) and bibliography
  4. curriculum vitae et studiorum – Europass format available HERE
  5. the form called “Signed acceptance document” generated by the online application

Application MAY include:

  • up to 3 reference letters (in English or Italian)
  • any international certificate attesting the knowledge of the English language (at the C1 level or higher in the Common European Framework of Refernce for Languages)
  • list of scientific publications if any
  • any other documents useful to attest to the research skills and abilities of the candidate (dissertations, scientific publications, works publishing, articles)

For questions, please contact the School of Social Sciences at the University of Trento by phone at +39 0461282290 -3756 or +39 0461282335 or by email at [email protected]. For more information see the call for applications HERE.

The official website is also available HERE.

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