Fighting Against Hate Speech Training in Palermo, Italy

Deadline: 15 August 2013
Open to: Youth workers, volunteers and project coordinators aged 18 to 30 who are residents in a Council of Europe member country
Venue: 14-21 September 2013 in Palermo, Italy


The International Centre for the Promotion of Education and Development (CEIPES ) is an international NGO which main office is based in Palermo, Italy. CEIPES has a broad experience in running youth international events and training courses in the field of human rights, non-discrimination and cultural diversity. They are now looking for participants for the international training on the subject of hate speech and tools to fight hate speech. The  “Cyber world, Our world: Developing skills through active participation and awareness raising activities for fighting against hate speech online”  training will take place from 14-21 September 2013 in Palermo, Italy. Some of the main objectives of the project are:

  • To inform about the problem of hate speech online and increase knowledge about this phenomenon.
  • To promote actions against discrimination and xenophobia in the Internet.
  • To stimulate discussion and understanding about the relation between hate speech and freedom of speech.
  • To increase knowledge about international and national law regulations connected with hate speech and hate speech online.
  • To learn how to recognize cases of hate speech online and how to react in such situations.
  • To develop models of behaviors and actions for victims/witnesses of hate speech online.
  • To discuss an idea of creating unofficial ways to prevent acts of hate speech in international web community.
  • To discuss relations between hate speech with religion, art and culture by analyzing case studies from different countries.


  • Being resident in a Council of Europe member country (see list HERE)
  • Youth workers/volunteers/project coordinators
  • Age 18-30 (3 places will be reserved to participants over 30)
  • Interest in the themes of the project
  • Capacity to implement a follow up project
  • Availability to take part in the whole training
  • Multiplying capacity to be able to share the learning achievements with the own NGO/local authorities/school
  • Medium -high level of English speaking skills


Food and accommodation will be covered for the entire project 100%. Participants are required to pay the participation fee 50€ which will be discounted in the travel reimbursement. Travel and visa costs will be covered 2/3 of total costs (notice please that 2/3 is different from 70%)


Applicants are requested to submit the application form to no later than 15 August 2013.

For further information please visit the official website.

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