Swiss Grants for Artistic, Musical & Film Projects

Deadline: 31 January, 30 April, 31 August, 30 November depending on when your project will be held
Open to: Individuals, groups or institutions organizing artistic, musical or film projects in non-EU partner countries of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation.
Grant: CHF 5,000 to more than CHF 30,000


SüdKulturFonds provides shortfall guarantees and project-specific contributions to support productions and events with artists or films from Africa, Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe (non-EU countries) of up to and more than CHF 30,000. The aim of this support is to facilitate access to the Swiss and European cultural market and to professional networks for artists from southern and eastern countries of the world, particularly the partner countries of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation.

Priority is given to artistically independent and convincing music and film projects, which must also be accessible to as a wider an audience in Switzerland as possible. Promotional and fundraising events will not be supported.

Successful projects must be able to provide proof of sufficient self-financing, with particular emphasis being laid on realistic and adequate revenue from tickets or sales. Applicants are encouraged to pursue funding from other sources or agencies (cities, cantons, philanthropic causes), but funding from other government departments is not possible if it is awarded to the same area of a project.

Which projects will SüdKulturFonds support?

  • Single events: Application should be submitted by the event organiser; artists appearing at events may not submit an application themselves.
  • Series of events: multiple eligible events over the course of a year or a season.
  • Festivals: one or more eligible events with multiple productions.
  • Tours of non-resident artists
  • Production of CDs or video clips, from complex programmes or thematic co-productions (excluded film productions).
  • Residency in one of the recognized studios in Switzerland (artist in residence).


Individuals, groups or institutions organizing artistic, musical or film projects in partner countries of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation. These countries are: Albania, Bangladesh, Benin, Bolivia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Burkina Faso, Nicaragua, Honduras, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Chad,Colombia, Cuba, Rwanda, Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo, Haiti, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Ethiopia, Kenya, Yemen, South Sudan, Kosovo, Macedonia, Mali, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Moldova, Mongolia, Mozambique, Iraq, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Occupied Palestinian Territory, Nepal, Niger, North Africa, North Korea, Serbia, Southern Africa, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Tanzania, Ukraine.


Deadlines vary depending on the size of the grant. Contributions to smaller projects, single events or part funding of up to CHF 5’000:

  • Submission deadline four weeks before the project is due to start.
  • The artlink office will judge projects on a rolling basis.

Contributions to medium-sized and larger projects, annual or seasonal series of events of up to CHF 30’000:

  • The deadline is dependent on when the project will take place. If the project will take place by 20 May (deadline is 31 January); by 20 September (deadline is 30 April); by 20 December (deadline is 31 August); or 20 February (deadline is 30 November).
  • The applications will be judged by a committee of experts approximately two weeks after the deadline.

Contributions of over CHF 30’000 to projects of national or regional significance:

  • Submission deadline twice yearly upon agreement, at least two months before the project is due to start. Applicants must contact artlink directly before submitting an application.
  • Applications are decided by the SDC-artlink leadership group, based on a recommendation by the committee of industry experts.

The following documents must be included in an application: 

  • Fully completed cover sheet “Application | Accounts” (Download HERE and save a copy to your computer so that it can be updated after the project has been completed.)
  • Project description (WHY is WHO doing WHAT with WHOM, and HOW for WHOM and WHEN?)
  • Details of the artists involved (Name, age, nationality, country and place of residence, role within the project, short CV.), resp. list of the programmed films and her authors
  • Recordings (images /sound) of previous work or of the planned project (not necessary for film festivals).
  • Details of the planned production venues / locations.
  • Details of those responsible for the project (Name, occupation, previous work, programmes from previous years.)
  • Detailed budget and financial plan (see template HERE).

Please send two copies of the completed application by post to:

artlink, Büro für Kulturkooperation
Postfach 109
CH – 3000 Bern 7

The cover sheet “Application | Accounts” should also be sent electronically to [email protected] For more information, please see the call for applications HERE and the official website HERE.

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