The International Raoul Wallenberg Essay Competition

Deadline: 31 December 2013
Open to: all students worldwide (Bachelor/Master/PhD), between 18-30 years of age
Prize: book gift vouchers worth €1000,€500 and €250


Raoul Wallenberg’s remarkable deeds and legacy act as an inspiration to individuals and young leaders that work for promotion of humanitarian spirit worldwide.

The Raoul Wallenberg International Essay Competition, jointly organised by Student Competitions, The Swedish Institute and Raoul Wallenbergs Academy, is inviting all students to take part in an international essay competition. The participants are encouraged to reflect upon Raoul Wallenbergs extraordinary life and come up with creative ideas on how, through their actions, they can inspire acts of courage, tolerance and unselfishness in the world.


The competition is open to all students worldwide (Bachelor/Master/PhD), between 18-30 years of age:

  • All applicants must submit to the  terms and conditions.
  • The response should be presented in the form of an essay, with a maximum length of 1000 words.
  • Applicants can only compete with one entry in the competition.
  • Applicants must apply individually.
  • All entry materials should be presented and submitted in English.


The winners will be awarded book gift vouchers worth €1000,€500 and €250.


  1. Sign up for the competition here by entering your name and email.
  2. Reflect on Raoul Wallenberg’s life and share your thoughts on how his qualities and humanitarian spirit have encouraged you to contribute to developmental and humanitarian work.
  3. Submit the completed competition application on the competition website by 31 December 2013 deadline.

For more information visit the official website.

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