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Deadline: 12 October 2013
Open to: anyone in the world with a passport, a computer and a curiosity to learn more about the world
Remuneration: opportunity to win airfare, to obtain a letter of recommendation or a full-time position with the website

Description (TBT) is a website. Conceived as an interactive, constantly evolving and expanding international project, TBT will bring together travellers within a well-designed community to encourage information exchange, travel planning and as well as an environment to enjoy friendly travel competition.

It aims to become the leading interactive travel website for competitive travelers and the general public in terms of web design; the leader in quality and quantity of diverse travel stories, photos and travel experiences on every region in the world; and the leading virtual library on travel websites. is very pleased to start recruitment for the second season of its ambassadorship. Ambassadors represent the website in a specific country or countries:

  • Each ambassadorship season lasts 3 months.
  • Ambassadors have a wide variety of tasks, mainly aimed at getting new members to the site, promoting the content of the site itself or developing associations with other organisations/websites etc.
  • For each task undertaken, ambassadors are awarded points – every two weeks, for a total of 7 times within a season, they send a report with the points they believe that they deserve. This report is the only compulsory activity within the ambassadorship.
  • The ambassadorship makes every member part of an international team, gives you experience in a variety of different tasks, develops your knowledge of different cultures, travel and social media, as well as not having any fixed working hours
  • Long-term ambassadors will be promoted to senior status and possibly then be offered a full-time position with

This ambassadorship will officially start on Sunday, November 3, 2013 and will end on Sunday, February 2, 2014. Ambassadorship seasons will always last approximately 3 months, starting and ending on the first Sunday of the months in question.


  • The ambassador per month with most points gets a free regional air ticket.
  • The best ambassador per 3 months gets a free long-distance air ticket, while ambassadors in positions 2-5 get travel-related gifts and gadgets.
  • If they complete three months successfully, ambassadors can request a recommendation letter from


Ambassadors should:

  • have an interest in travel (experience travelling abroad is a big plus)
  • be familiar with social media techniques
  • have a decent command of English, especially written
  • be reliable and team players


Before you start the recruitment being an ambassador you need to undertake the activities that give you the experience of all the aspects of the website. So, if you haven’t already done so, you need to register at the website, and then test all its features. Only once you have understood the workings of the website itself can you hope to become successful, active ambassadors for it in the regions you have undertaken. If you like what you see, then go ahead and fill in the form HERE. The deadline is 12 October 2013.

You will be informed about your provisional acceptance into the programme by October 15th. If you are accepted, you will be paired with a more experienced ambassador for a warm-up task and will also be added on our Facebook page. For any questions during recruitment, contact

For more details please see the official call HERE.

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