#IFWE Challenge: Share Your World-Changing Dream!

Deadline: 28 October 2013
Open to: individuals over 18 years old
Prize: all-paid visit to one of 3DS headquarters, iPads, gifts from partners


#IFWE Challenge is a social conversation contest to stimulate the most innovative world-changing dreams. Participation is very simple: think of how you’d like to change the world and write it down in the form of a short sentence starting with the words “#IFWE”. By submitting your IFWE Dream, you will automatically enter for a chance to win prizes valued up to $12,000! The jury of experts and dreamers will carefully select the top three submissions based on the criteria of sustainability, originality and feasibility.

Participation in the “IF WE Challenge” contest is submitting a sentence which must be written in English language. The sentence written and posted by the Participant must be up to 140 character-long and begin with “#IFWE”. The Participant’s “#IFWE” sentence must express a dream, a technical challenge, or an innovative project. The proposal submitted by the Participant must be achievable and consequently cannot be based on non-existent technologies.


The Contest is open to any private individual of adult age (18 or above), except for residents of a country under a United States embargo and residents of Belgium, Norway, the Netherlands, Sweden, India, Brazil, the Canadian province of Quebec, and the People’s Republic of China.


First prize

  • 3-day visit to 3DS Paris Campus or 3DS Boston Campus (including travel & accommodation)
  • “Experience the Dream”: your own “IFWE Dream” designed in the 3DS Design Studio, experienced in our Lifelike Immersive Virtual Experience Space (LiVES), and 3D-printed in the FabLab
  • Latest-generation iPad loaded with 3DS software

Second prize

  • Registration, travel & accommodation to the 2014 GreenBiz VERGE Conference (US or Europe)
  • Latest-generation iPad loaded with 3DS software

Third prize

  • NetImpact.org Lifetime Membership
  • Latest-generation iPad loaded with 3DS software


You can submit your IFWE Dream using any of the following:

The Contest is open from September 16, 2013 to October 28, 2013 inclusive.

Please read more detailed competition rules HERE.

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