Grants to Build Research Capability in Developing Countries

Deadline: 10 December 2013
Open to: research teams from low-income and developing countries
Grant: up to $44,500, including $20,000 in research (cash) grant and up to $24,500 in various subsidies


PEP (Partnership for Economic Policy) with funding from the Department for International Development (DFID) of the United Kingdom (or UK Aid) and the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) of Canada has announced a new call for proposals to build and promote research capabilities in developing countries.

In accordance with PEP’s core mission, this initiative includes an important “capacity building” component, and targets teams of researchers based in developing countries. Selected teams will benefit from the unique and manifold “PEP support program” in the conduct of high quality research projects.

You may download this document to have a complete overview of the PAGE program’s research themes and objectives in terms of development policy analysis. However, for each PAGE call for proposals, a different list of specific priority issues – yet always under the broad theme of inclusive growth and employment – are identified as especially relevant to address specific knowledge gaps and policy needs in terms of evidence base.

The list of priority issues for projects to be supported through the second (2013) PAGE funding round includes:

  • Safety net complementarities
  • Providing social protection to the informal sector
  • Youth employment and entrepreneurship
  • Employment intensity of non-agricultural growth
  • Discrimination in credit access for female entrepreneurs
  • China’s growth: challenges and opportunities for developing country labor markets


Applicant teams are generally composed of at least one senior researcher, leading several junior researchers, and must:

  • be gender-balanced (at least 50% female researchers)
  • be comprised exclusively of individuals born and living in a developing country. Priority is given to low income countries (LICs), fragile and/or conflict states, but proposals are welcome from all developing countries
  • present sufficient academic and/or professional background in economics research/policy analysis


This second (2013) round of the PAGE initiative will fund roughly 25 new projects. Basic PAGE funding is up to $44.5 K, including $20 K in research (cash) grant and up to $24.5 K in various subsidies (for participation in PEP meetings, study visits, working paper and journal publication grants, presentations in international conferences, organization of national policy conferences and dissemination activities).


The deadline for submission of proposals under the second PAGE call is 10 December 2013. A list of important dates is HEREYou must submit your proposal using the PEP website. ALL members of the applicant team must first register on the PEP website HERE, before submitting a new proposal.

ALL members of the applicant team must post their personal CV in their PEP intranet file. To then submit the proposal, the team leader must login, click on “Submit New Proposal” and fill out the required information, using the proposal templates AVAILABLE HERE.

Project proposals submitted in the context of the PAGE initiative must include a description of:

  • Research question, methodology, data sources and requirements
  • Project’s expected contributions in terms of :
    • Scientific “value added” and evidence base (how does the project fills knowledge gaps)
    • Responsiveness to specific policy needs (including evidence of consultation with stakeholders)
    • Capacity building and strengthening of local expertise
  • Strategy for research communication and policy outreach at the national level, throughout the project cycle

If you have difficulty completing the steps above, please consult the FAQ page HERE. If you do not find your answer, please contact the organizers at [email protected] for assistance.

You may also refer to the PEP Grants Manual HERE for more information regarding PEP grants and contracts. Further details are available on the official website HERE.

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