Cinetrain: Unique Cinema Journey in Russia

Deadline: 4 January 2014
Open to: international filmmakers over 18 years old who work or study in the areas of direction, cinematography, editing, sound design, composing, documentary filmmaking, visual art or animation
Venue: starting in September 2014 in Moscow, Russia


Cinetrain is a unique cinema event. It gathers young professional filmmakers from all over the world to participate in a thrilling and extreme filmmaking adventure by train. Cinetrain joins professional skills training, cross-cultural collaboration and dialogue, unique production workflow and traveling.

Cinetrain is not a new invention. In Soviet Russia in the 1930s, film crews, under the guidance of Aleksandr Medvedkin, used to travel through the Soviet Union in specially equipped wagons. Although they were filming the industrial achievements of the regime, the underlying goal was to give the power of speech to people who didn’t normally have the opportunity to get their voices heard.

After the first three successful editions of Cinetrain, it is back with a new project which will bring an international crew of talented film professionals along the Trans-Siberian railway where they will participate in a unique documentary filmmaking adventure.

Within a month of travelling by train through widely unknown regions of Russia, they will shoot and edit a collection of short creative documentary films that will draw a map of modern Russia, far away from stereotypes, preconceived ideas or any kind of ideology. Filmmakers will be exploring the notion of “contrast” in current Russia starting in September 2014.

The route will include the cities of Moscow, Grozny, Orenburg, Surgut and Salekhard.


No teams are allowed. Individuals are eligible candidates if they:

  • have never attended a previous edition of the CINETRAIN;
  • are fluent in English;
  • are at least 18 years old at the time of the CINETRAIN. There is no maximum age;
  • work or study in the areas of documentary filmmaking, direction, cinematography, editing, sound design, composing, visual art or animation;
  • have worked on at least one short film that has received a prize and/or has been selected for an international film festival, OR have worked on a film of at least 60 minutes in length, OR are a student in final year at a film school, OR are a student of film at a post-graduate level.

No academic education or degree is necessary. Filmmakers with different professional backgrounds are welcome, as long as they are committed to pursuing a career in film. If you are currently in film school, please only apply if you are in your FINAL YEAR, or if you are in a post-graduate programme.


Accommodation, transport during the project and food will be provided free of charge to participants. Further information will be communicated on a case-by-case basis.

The costs that is upon you is the plane ticket from your home country to and back from Moscow, as well as the visa expenses. A partial travel (from and to the participant’s home country) and visa expenses may in some cases be offered to some participants who are not Russian and do not reside in Russia. The amount a participant will receive will be determined after the selection process is completed. The amount varies from person to person and is determined at the discretion of the Cinetrain organization team.


The deadline is 4 January 2014. You must correctly fill in the application form HERE and pay the application fee of 20 Euro. In case you are selected as participant, please be aware that your data will be published on our website as provided by you in the “presentation” section of your application.

Be sure to read the participation conditions HERE and the FAQ HERE before sending your application!

The application consists of 3 parts:

1. Application. First you must accept the conditions for participating in the CINETRAIN. You will then proceed to the application form which you must complete in English.

2. Sample of work submission. You have to send in ONE of the following items as a sample of your work:

  • Directors, Editors, Cinematographers and Post-production Coordinators: Your film material should be of approximately 3 minutes in length. The sample can either be a film made specifically for the CINETRAIN application, a three minute short film or an excerpt or series of clips from pervious work. Please do not send a fast edit show reel. The sample should be in English, or subtitled in English. It should highlight your creativity and professionalism rather than a certain theme or topic. Only uploading your film to any platform on the internet (Dazoo, Vimeo, Youtube…) with the mention “For cinetrain 2014”.
  • Sound Designers/Composers only: Instead of film material, your sample of work may also be an MP3 audio file (not exceeding 5MB). The maximum length is 5 minutes. You can post it with your application.

3. Payment. For your application to be validated, you need to pay a 20 Euro fee, covering the administrative expenses of your application. Payment can only be made through Paypal. after you click the “submit” button at the end of the application, you will be redirected to a secured paypal billing page. After the payment is complete and validated, you will receive a notification email, confirming your submission.

If you have any question please direct them to [email protected]

For further information, please visit the official website HERE.

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