Learn About Lobbying and Advocacy on a Training in Brcko!

Deadline: 10 February 2014
Open to: youth workers from Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Cyprus, France, Macedonia, Serbia and Turkey
Venue: 22-30 March 2014, Brcko, Bosnia and Herzegovina


Many young people have desires, passions and will to participate and to act for betterment of society. This is where youth organizations can come in and reshape youth activities as a tool for social, political, cultural and even economical change. The project Tools For Advocacy and Lobbying Campaign For Active Citizens was developed as a mutual effort of all promoters (applicant – Bosnia and Herzegovina, and partners Cyprus, France, Belgium, Turkey, Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia) in order to have a well-balanced multiplying effect, with a total number of 26 participants as direct beneficiaries in the project.

Delusion and frustration with politics today is particularly noticeable amongst young people all around Europe. Political leaders often appear to be missing vision and passion for the important things in life of young people. Once elected to government, political parties seem powerless to change anything fundamental in the face of the apparently inevitable process of globalization. Yet many young people have ideals, visions and passions. They express those in multiple ways as active citizens outside the formal democratic structures. Seeing the problems, they want things to change and have chance to contribute to that process. However, most of the time political structures fail in providing support for this kind of youth active citizenship

With this project it is attempt to build the capacities of youth work multipliers in use of advocacy, campaigning and lobbying tools in order to effectively influence local and national policies in a youth field. More specific objectives of our project are:

  • To promote partnership approach among youth organizations at national and regional level;
  • To raise youth organizations awareness of participation in decision making process as necessary condition for societal change;
  • To explore active citizenship issues from participants own experience and the resources and opportunities available to address issues of concern through democratic, civil and civic engagement;
  • To identify local opportunities for community engagement, leadership and participation. Identify locally specific routes to influence decision-making and ways to create stronger voice and identity with their own youth groups;
  • To understand the basic concept of advocacy, campaigning and lobbying tools and its connection to active citizenship;
  • To develop creative and attractive ways to apply advocacy, campaigning and lobbying tools for youth activism, with a special emphasis on civic engagement.


This Training Course is for 26 participants from Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Cyprus, France, Macedonia, Serbia, and Turkey. It is recommended for youth workers.


This project is funded by the Youth in Action Programme. According to its rules, all costs of board and logging will be covered by the organizers. In addition, the organizer – PRONI Center for Youth Development is going to reimburse 70% of the participants’ travel costs, upon the receipt of all original tickets and invoices.


The application form should be filled out and send back to nadasusic@gmail.com.

For further questions, please contact Ms. Senada Susic, nadasusic@gmail.com , phone number +38765346088.

More information about PRONI Brcko, you can find HERE.

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