Graduate Conference Blurring The Boundaries, Budapest

Deadline: 10 April 2014
Open to: graduates interested in the topic of conference
Venue: Central European University, Budapest, 5-6 June 2014


Recent scholarship on the production and diffusion of knowledge has been increasingly concerned with bringing such figures as the scientist, the expert or the intellectual closer to an increasingly fragmented assemblage of ‘publics’. Sociologies of ‘intervention’, ‘translation’, or ‘techno-political’ democratic experiments have multiplied and, alongside them, their objects of study. The aim of this conference is to explore the production of such hybrid ‘collectives’, where experts, laypersons, artifacts and nature(s) create new networks and reconfigure the boundary struggles between expert knowledge and newly emerging public.


The conference will include panel sessions on:

  • Translating Power and Enframing Society;
  • Competing Visions of the Future;
  • Uncertain Transitions in a Historical Perspective.


The organizers invite ethnographically, sociologically and historically informed contributions that broach this blurring of boundaries between the field of expertise and its spaces of intervention. Ideally, the papers should critically engage with issues such as 1) processes of translation and enframing through which knowledge travels and gains hold in fields of intervention, 2) the interplay of different communities of belief that produce both religious and scientific visions of the future and accompanying practices, or 3) accounts that trace the entangled histories and geographies of how certain ways of knowing and acting become dominant.


Accommodation in the CEU dormitory and meals during the day will be provided by the department. The organizers cannot cover accommodation elsewhere or reimburse meal costs. Unfortunately, they cannot cover the travel costs of the participants.


300 words abstracts and a short CV should be submitted electronically, using the online submission form on the official website. The deadline for submitting an abstract is: Thursday 10th of April 2014.

For more information visit the official website HERE.

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