Viability 2.0 – International Program for Community Leaders

Deadline: 23 May, 2014 (extended deadline)
Open to: community leaders aged 25+ and based in Central, Eastern and South-eastern Europe, working in their local community for an explicitly formulated social change with benefits for the community as a whole
Benefits: Participant will take part in 4 international retreats (6 days long, including 2 days for travel), a group study visit (3 days long, including travel) and will receive a financial grant of 115 000 CZK


The Prague-based Via Foundation is launching ViabilityNet 2.0, a new international program for 2014-2016. It will offer local community leaders from Central, Eastern and South-eastern Europe space to reflect, connect and grow together, along with financial resources for projects that focus on building the power of their communities. The overall aim of the program is to promote engagement within communities through support of inspiring & inclusive leadership.


Via Foundation is looking for 16 participants aged 25+, working in their local communities for an explicitly formulated social change with benefits for the community as a whole. The working language will be English. Participants are expected to attend 4 international retreats (6 days long), a group study visit (3 days long) and reserve 5+ days for preparatory reading.

The program is destined for participants from the following countries: Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Slovenia, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Macedonia, Ukraine, and Moldova.

Criteria that will be considered when selecting participants:

  • Age 25+;
  • Good level of English;
  • Readiness to take part in all of ViabilityNet activities;
  • Personal motivation to take part in the program;
  • Type of community the applicant’s work with corresponds with the program criteria;
  • Previous work with stakeholders within the community;
  • Impact of activities outside the circle of immediate collaborators/supporters;
  • Coherent vision for future work with the community;
  • The applicant is among the leaders of a team of collaborators;
  • Mutual experience with the affiliated organization;
  • Coherence and achievability of the intended project and its correspondence with the goals of the program.

The kinds of communities not included: ad-hoc (such as festivals or gatherings), virtual (esp. online communities) or geographically dispersed (beyond the scope of a city).

The program includes a financial grant of approximately 4200 EUR expendable on a project that corresponds with the vision of ViabilityNet 2.0 and places emphasis on building power of a community through participation. As the financial grant cannot be awarded to an individual, the program requires affiliation with a non-governmental non-for-profit organization, such as civil association, foundation, public benefit company etc., depending on each country’s legislation.


The program requires co-financing in the form of a participation fee of 100 EUR, to be paid by each participant by 15th of August 2014. These contributions by all the participants will be used as extra funds for the Final event. Food and board during retreats and the study visit are covered by the Via Foundation.

Participants will receive funding through two types of grants: a project grant and a travel grant. The amounts are set in Czech Koruna (CZK). Both grant agreements can only be signed with a non-profit non-governmental organization, which is why the organizers require all participants to affiliate with an organization for the duration of the programme.

Application form

To obtain the application form, you will be asked to provide basic personal details in order to facilitate communication should any changes in key dates or the Call arise. Deadline to submit your application is 23 May, 2014.

To access the application form, please visit the official webpage hereand to obtain the application form, please fill in your contact details. A download link will be sent automatically to your email address. Please refer to the Call for Applications regarding the application procedure and complementary documents.

The application pack  must be sent over email to [email protected].

For more information please direct to the official webpage HERE.

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