Edgeryders Supports Conference Speakers Around Europe

Deadline: rolling
Open to: featured speakers in conferences
Venue: Europe


Matera is a city in Italy, which it has been continuously inhabited for nine thousand years, which makes it one of the oldest cities in the world. Besides, it is home to the unMonastery; was the seat of Living On The Edge 3 – the unPilgrimage in 2013, and is going to host Living On The Edge 4 – the Stewardship, too.

There has been a new partnership built between Comitato Matera 2019 and Edgeryders to build a civic innovation network. With this term, they mean an ecosystem of meeting places, relationships, initiatives and services that enable ordinary citizens to lead in making innovation, and specifically innovation aimed at the common good. Edgeryders will deploy activities aimed at strengthening the ties Materan civic innovators have already developed with their counterparts in the rest of Europe; and at building new one.

In this terms, they are willing to support a limited number of people for participating in conferences all around Europe to let people know what Matera is doing and has already done in the area of citizen-led innovation.


You should be a featured speaker in a conference on social innovation or some related theme. The talk can be in any language. Ideally, the conference should be of the kind that produces high-quality video: TEDx, for example. The talk must happen within the year 2014.


The support for the speakers would consist of a 400 EUR cash refund.


To receive the support you have to contact the Edgeryders before the conference to check if it meets the requirements. When you are done with the conference, you will have to write a post and publish your media (preferably video, in any language). Check the example of  a deliverable. And at last you will have to send the invoice.

Contact: [email protected]

For further information visit the official website HERE.

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