The European Press Prize for Excellence in Journalism

Deadline: 31 December 2014
Open to: journalists from all 47 countries of Europe as defined by Council of Europe membership
Award: 10,000 euros


Good journalism is one of the hallmarks of civilised society. Brave journalism keeps freedom alive. Inquiring journalism is essential in a flourishing democracy. And thoughtful, open-minded journalism helps bind people of different outlooks together.

Seven foundations, all with strong media connections, have come together to start  The European Awards for Journalism. The aim of the awards is to honour the highest quality journalism in Europe.  Contestants can compete in the following four categories:

  • The Investigative Reporting Award – For the individual or team effort which has done most to unearth facts that the public – and society – has a right to know.
  • The Distinguished Writing Award – A prize that salutes the best reportage and feature writing illuminating vital issues at home and abroad.
  • The Commentator Award – For the commentator, columnist or editor whose work has made a decisive impact.
  • The Innovation Award – For the idea – presentational, technical or in terms of editorial techniques – that has made a clear contribution to journalism’s future.
  • The Special Award – From 2013, the judges will be empowered to award a special prize for particular excellence in editing or any other discipline, including reporting, feature write and advocacy.


The competition is open to entries from all 47 countries of Europe as defined by Council of Europe membership.

Journalists living and working in Europe and journalists writing for a European media organization or blog can submit their work.


The First Place in each category will be awarded with a cash award in excess of 10,000 euros.


You can submit your entry here.

Deadline for submitting is 30 December 2014. For any questions, please email [email protected]

Official webpage

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