Contribute to the OFF-Biennale on Contemporary Art

Deadline: 15 March 2015
Open to: contributions that are bottom-up, not exclusively dependent on state funding
Prize: participation in the exhibitions, visibility and networking


OFF-Biennale Budapest is a series of exhibitions and art events in and beyond the city of Budapest. Its concept is different from traditional biennials as people know them. Not affiliated with any institution, it is a voluntary collaborative initiative of artists, groups of artists, curators, art managers, gallerists and collectors. OFF-Biennale Budapest is a civil initiative, whose aim is to bring a segment of culture, contemporary art, closer to the public at large. OFF proclaims the importance of independent thinking and action, breaking away from clichés and habitual routines. It is meant to demonstrate that contemporary art can foster and catalyse this kind of activity – in other words, that contemporary art is much more than mere luxury and a source of aesthetic pleasure.

OFF-Biennale Budapest will be first time organized in 2015 and will showcase a wide range of contemporary works and projects, from painting to photography; sculpture to installation; experimental film to youtube video; edition-of-one graphic works to multiple-copy fanzine; music performance to sound installation; traditional exhibition to public space action; performance to political karaoke. Besides renowned actors of the global contemporary art scene, legendary neo-avant-garde artists of the 1960s and 1970s, and Hungarian artists frequently shown in major international exhibitions, OFF-Biennale Budapest will also present works by the youngest generation of artists.

OFF-Biennale Budapest in this research aims to investigate artistic projects, initiatives, communities, institutions which are organized from the bottom up, are not exclusively dependent on state funding, and have an engaged and reflected relationship with the given social and political reality.


OFF-Biennale is looking for contributors whose working methodologies correspond to at least some of the following criteria:

  • Their activity is engaged with the transforming the potentials of art/culture and have a strong mission they represent consistently;
  • Represent critical approaches towards the dominant, oppressing political environment and intend to sustain a critical and engaged contemporary art scene despite the unwelcoming atmosphere;
  • Represent the interest of local communities with a special emphasis on communities in need;
  • Their mode of operation is based on self-organization, and are not exclusively dependent on state funding and infrastructure, have a strong interest in community and network building;
  • Follow inventive economical models to ensure financial stability.


The participants will get a valuable opportunity to promote their work in front of international audience; they will boost the visibility of their creations and will network with their colleagues.

How to apply?

Please upload information in English about your activity HERE until the 15 March 2015.

For additional information, please contact: [email protected]

Check the official web-site.

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