UN Women Fund for Gender Equality

Deadline: 5 April 2015
Open to: women-led civil society organizations from certain countries
Grants: USD 200,000 – 500,000


The Fund for Gender Equality (FGE) conducts a global, bi-annual grant-making cycle that aims to award grants to programmes that seek to advance women’s economic or political empowerment. In this 3rd grant cycle, the Fund seeks jump-start progress on the Post-2015 Development Agenda and the upcoming Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The Fund prioritizes programmes that:

  • Demonstrate a special emphasis on engaging and partnering with marginalized women;
  • Illustrate the capacity to achieve tangible impact and results in the lives of women and girls;
  • Emphasize innovation;
  • Prioritize participatory approaches.

The Fund will also look at added-value elements such as:

  • Initiatives to monitor SDG implementation locally;
  • Innovation and ICT for gender equality;
  • Evidence-based interventions;
  • Sustainability;
  • Engaging men and boys.

The Fund’s grant-making approach is a demand-driven process that mobilizes resources for women, putting money directly into the hands of gender equality advocates who can then negotiate a meaningful gender equality agenda at local, national and regional levels. It is an established mechanism that aims to place women at the centre of the awards and of the policies that affect their lives.


  • Type of organization: Women-led CSOs including, but not limited to: non-governmental organizations, community-based organizations, trade unions or labour associations, agricultural collectives or associations, advocacy networks (national or regional), national or regional funds;
  • Legal status: The Applicant Organization must have legal status with the competent national authority. CSO networks must be have legal status in at least one of the programme implementation countries;
  • Gender equality focus: The applicant must demonstrate experience implementing programmes on gender equality and/or women’s empowerment through an organizational resume or CV of past implementing experience and areas of expertise;
  • Country of legal status and operation: Eligible OECD DAC list of ODA recipient countries only;
  • Women leadership: The Applicant Organization must have at least 50 per cent women in its Board and its staff, with substantive representation of women in leadership positions;
  • Audit reports: The applicants must have certified financial audit reports for two to three previous fiscal years – including 2012, 2013 (and 2014, if available);
  • Endorsement: All applicants must submit at least one Letter of Endorsement from a gender equality or women’s empowerment mechanism, governmental authority on gender equality, or other multi-stakeholder institution (including UN offices other than UN Women) which is based in the same country as the Applicant Organization. Please note: to ensure fairness, Letters of Endorsement by UN women offices will not be accepted.


Grant size will range from a minimum of USD 200,000 to a maximum of USD 500,000 distributed over a period of two or three years.


To apply, go to this link and follow the instructions. The Online Application Guide and Frequently Asked Questions provide additional information on the application process. Only one online application per organization and per proposal will be accepted. Multiple applications from the same organization and/or for the same proposal will be automatically disqualified.

The applicant organization should upload the following documents:

  • Proof of legal status by competent national authority;
  • Certified financial audit reports for 2-3 previous fiscal years – including 2012, 2013 ( and 2014 if available);
  • List of all staff, board members of the applicant organization, with gender and position (especially leadership positions);
  • An organizational resume or CV – showing mandate focus area, expertise and past experience (1-2 pages);
  • Letter of Endorsement from a Gender Equality institution (not including UN Women).

The deadline for applications is 5 April 2015.

Please read the official call for more information.

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