The WOW Effect of Freelance Contest

Deadline: 16 September 2015
Open to: people with experience in freelance work in any field (current or past) coming from all over the world
Benefit: recognition for outstanding freelancer, professional recommendations to freelance-friendly networks


This is an Open Call for freelancers to become part of The Wow Effect of Freelance, a Lexicon that will include unique freelance stories and achievements and also speak about the freelancers themselves. The aim is to put freelancers in the spotlight and honour their contribution to products and brands development. Freelancers (beside being selected for the digital and printed edition of the Lexicon) will also be recommended in other freelance networks and forums. The organizers get to explore profiles who are freelancing and define their interests, hobbies, challenges, motivations. Hitlancer are eager to give credit to all of those creative minds who stand behind huge billboard campaigns, tons of data research, endless lines of code and countless words translated.

In The WOW Effect of Freelance they will gather successful freelance stories from all over the world. If you’ve been changing teams and managers, shifting between deadlines and priorities, have been part of something great this is opportunity for you.

With joint efforts you will create one-of-a-kind collection of unique and outstanding achievements, honor challenges of freelancer’s life, as well as try to depict one’s amazing character and mindset. 


Experienced in freelance work in any field (current or past) coming from all over the world.


Honest recognition for being an outstanding freelancer followed by professional recommendations to freelance-friendly networks in your narrow niche.

How to apply?

Fill in the online application form latest by 16 September 2015.

If you have any questions send e-mail at

For more information please visit the official facebook page.

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