iversity Online Course: Why Do People Migrate? Part 1: Facts

Course starts: 1 March 2016
Open to: students and practitioners interested in topics of migration
Course track: Free / 99EUR Certificate

About the course

The course provides a general introduction to the conditions of refugees, asylum seekers and irregular migrants worldwide (data, regions, etc.) and an overview of the terminology used. It then analyses specific cases in the most relevant geographical contexts, including the asylum seekers arriving in Europe through the Mediterranean, the undocumented Mexican migrants crossing the US border, the Syrian refugees in Turkey and the Rohingya in Australia. In discussing these cases, you will explore the dilemmas behind humanitarian protection and irregular migration for labour purposes. The course is based on video lectures, didactic videos and podcast interviews with international experts. Assignments consist of short quizzes for each unit and a journal exercise at the end of the course. Suggestions for further reading will be included in order to achieve a more in-depth understanding. To learn more about the theories that explain international migration, check out Part 2: Theories.


  • Students and practitioners;
  • Excess to the internet;
  • Knowledge of English language is essential;
  • Previous knowledge of basic sociological or economic debates can be an advantage, although this is not a compulsory prerequisite;
  • The only other requirement is enthusiasm and interest in the topic.

What will you learn?

  • Identify the fundamental terminology and concepts used to discuss about irregular migrants and asylum seekers;
  • Describe key case studies of irregular migration and asylum seeking in the world;
  • Discuss possible future scenarios and the social challenges posed by these migrations.

How to enroll?

You can enroll for FREE at the iversity platform HERE. You can certify your learning by choosing the certificate track or simply audit the course without a certificate – Audit Track for free, Certificate Track – EUR 49.

For more information please visit the official website.

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