Balcan Comics: Comic Centre of Macedonia, Veles

Deadline:  15 September 2016
Open to: all comic artists from all over the world
Awards: 1st place – “Golden Comic”, EUR 200 and Diploma ; 2nd place – Diploma; 3rd place – Diploma


There is very match “historical open questions” between Macedonia-Bulgaria and Macedonia-Kosovo. Disappeared contacts and cooperation between Balkan’s states antis’ field, and with that exchange of experiences and promotion of their culture. They are in direct opposition with purposes of Euro integration. Comic – strip included: cartoon, writing, ethnology, history. During its history comic – strip narration and after that the comic – strip as its culmination used different carriers of picture to the electronic INTERNET space.

Because creation and development of network of comic – strip authors from their countries will be organised 3 day’s comic strip workshop for 18 comic – strip authors from the 3 countries. The comics designed will stage comic – strip heroes being “positive models”, promoting cosmopolitanism and universal human values, and breaking the process of disintegration occurring in the Balkans.

The output will be an exhibition and special magazine “Comic-Strip Creator”. European Cultural Foundation, which is an independent foundation that promotes cultural participation and cooperation in Europe and beyond, is financier of these project, and with their help steam developing of this website, and maintenance of exhibit and special issue of the magazine Comic Creator.


  • Open to all comic artists from all over the world;
  • Entries must be 1-6 pages long – if the entry is only one page long it must have at least 5 panels;
  • No specific theme is set;
  • The storytelling in the comic can be written in any official language.


  • 1st award: “Golden Comic”, EUR 200 and Diploma;
  • 2nd award: Diploma;
  • 3rd award: Diploma.

Special prizes:

  • Best scenario award: Diploma;
  • Award for the youngest author: Diploma;
  • Award up to 18 years: Diploma.

How to apply?

Each participant must send: photography, short biography, personal address, telephone, e-mail and additional info of the year when the comic is made. Without this the submission will not be evidenced. Each visual artist (pencil, inker, colorist or letterer) can take part with only one submission, while each scenarist can enter with more than one submission. The same comic entry can be submitted by more than one artist.

The comics can be sent via email: [email protected] or postal service :

Postal address: Comic centre of Macedonia
“For the comic competition”
Vasil Gjorgov Street 78
1400 Veles, R Macedonia
E-mail:  [email protected]

For more information, please visit the official website.

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