Call for Nominations: International UNITED Conference

Deadline: 26 August 2016
Open to: activists living in the countries of the Council of Europe, representing (inter)national antiracist, antifascist, refugee, and minority rights organisations
Venue: 26 Oct 2016 – 31 Oct 2016, Ohrid, Macedonia


UNITED invites your organisation to nominate a delegate for the UNITED Conference near Lake Ohrid, FYR Macedonia: “Living together: Transform a divided past into our common future”

Our lives as a community depend on how we can handle cultural, social and ethnic differences, and make strength out of diversity. Our success as nations depends on how we can learn from the experiences of our ancestors and not repeat the same mistakes again and again. When we select our leaders, we must pick them carefully, avoiding those that wish to set segments of society against each other, or appear to be fighting against imaginary or selected enemies instead of working for the best interests of all. As societies, we must come up with better visions and strategies for Living Together, and learn to accept that although this is not always easy, it is necessary.

UNITED invites activists from anti discrimination organizations to join the conference taking place in Ohrid, Macedonia from 26 Oct 2016 till 31 Oct 2016, where they will work together to find common strategies to address the current situation in Europe.

The conference aims to create a platform to:

  • Understand the ethos of conflict through case studies and personal testimonies;
  • Share best practices and practical tools to be used in the reconciliation process;
  • Provide guidelines for NGOs on how to work on reconciliation;
  • Initiate joint actions and pave the way for future cooperation;
  • Join the campaign activity planned for the upcoming International Day Against Fascism and Antisemitism (9 November)
  • Design the focus of the upcoming European Action Week Against Racism in 2017.

The conference programme will combine debates, workshops, sharing of experiences and local situations, simulations, political cafés and many other methods for learning from practical experience. The conference language is English. The latest version of the programme HERE.


  • The conference is planned for 75 participants (living in the countries of the Council of Europe) who represent (inter)national antiracist, antifascist, refugee, and minority rights organisations;
  • Active grass-roots groups from all over Europe are also invited;
  • Nominations from organisations working with minorities, and on the topics of antidiscrimination, hate speech, and hate crime.

As a participant, you should have:

  • Knowledge of and passion for the topic;
  • Advocacy and/ or campaigning skills;
  • Experience with strategy development;
  • Plans on multiplying the knowledge gained into your organisation’s own activities.
  • Priority will be given to nominations from young delegates (upto 30 years old), and to delegates with a minority background;
    Each organisation can nominate only ONE delegate.


Before nominating for the conference, please read the financial conditions.

How to Apply?

Organisations interested in nominating a delegate should fill the online expression of interest form before the deadline 15 August 2016. Only selected candidates will be informed about the result of their selection and receive further information via e-mail around 5 September 2016.

For more information please visit the official website.

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