Apply for Peace Revolution Summit 2017

Deadline: 22 September 2016
Open to: 20 to 32 years old;
Venue: 6-10 February, 2017, Thailand


Apply for Peace Revolution Summit 2017 that will bring about a disruptive idea that peace building starts from within and discuss the ways of achieving and sustaining inner peace in order to “Empower minds for a sustainable future”. PRS 2017 is a unique global gathering organized by World Peace Initiative Foundation that  will gather like minded individuals to empower, network and inspire. Become a member of our vibrant international community!


  • If you are 20 to 32 years old and fulfill all the criteria, you will receive 50% airfare sponsorship and fully funded accommodation, catering, local transport and waived participation fees;
  • If you are above 32 years old and fulfill all the criteria, you will receive fully funded accommodation, catering and waived participation fees but you will have to cover your own international airfare and local transport to the Summit venue in Thailand.

How to apply?

1. Show your engagement by completing one of the “Peace In Action” Challenges below:

  • Organise 1 Peace On Demand Event;
  • Organise 1 mini Peace on Demand Event (check out past mini PIPO );
  • Organise at least 4 Online meditation sessions called Special Ops (with at least 30 participants per session). You can organise your own session and invite friends or make it a part of a bigger event, workshop or a conference (a session shall last for at least 1 hour and be led by one of our trainers);
  • Invite one of our crew to represent Peace Revolution Summit as a panelist, speaker, or facilitator etc.. in at least 3 events you are affiliated with (in any place in the world) with 100+ attendants each.

2. Finish at least 14 days of the online Free Self-Development Program.

3. Once your PeaceInAction Challenge is approved, start coordinating and complete your Challenge before  22nd September, 2016;

4. Document your “Peace In Action” Challenge and write an article, blog or record a video about it, about your meditation experience or one of the Peace Revolution Summit Themes.

In order to apply you need to register and  fill out the APPLICATION FORM:

  • Your personal information;
  • Your Contact Details;
  • Experience.
More information can be found in  the official website.

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