Volunteering Abroad Could Help You With Starting a New Career

There are many different prejudices around volunteering. Some people still tend to think that this is simply a non-paid job. Despite this, thousands of young people use this opportunity to spend time abroad and find answers to important questions about their career, life values, family relationships, and other important life issues. It also helps to travel and find a perfect place of residence. Volunteer abroad programs offer much more than non-paid job opportunities; it helps to build a basis for strongly motivated and successful career path.

Volunteer job is a perfect start of your career

The big question is how someone can choose to study a field of expertise without realizing what the real job in this field looks like? European Voluntary Service (EVS) offer jobs in most branches. This is a valuable source of information about professional fields for those who have any hesitations on making the right decision. By working in a preferred organization you also gain a work experience that is valuable during the work search or applying for the internship. This is an evidence of efforts made on behalf of study for many universities and can be counted as credits as well.

Volunteering Abroad

Strongly motivated basis for future career

Every person with volunteering experience is considered to be strongly motivated in the chosen field, gaining desired priority with every job interviewer. This is a great opportunity to start a professional career. Knowing the brunch from the inside is an important characteristic that grants you with a lot of advantages and important connections. Moreover, the place of work can become your permanent job in future. This is widely spread in medical institutions. Volunteering grants with work experience prove your strong motivation to the future employer. This is a strong basis for a successful career, which later on will allow you to get a good job right after graduation.

Traveling and language learning

By doing EVS program, the applicant is changing a country for 2-12 months. This is a chance to learn new language and culture. One more language is another advantage for strong CV and future job search. Language and culture learning elevates the mind and grants with new cultural knowledge. This also faces the ability to move for the better job opportunities, which is another attractive characteristic of the applicant for talent hunters.
How does an HR specialist see a former volunteer?

  • Experienced in a field
  • Knows more than one (two, three, five) language
  • Has strong motivation for working in a field
  • Ready to change a place of residence
  • Ready for learning
  • Broad-minded

What does it look like?

Every applicant between 18 and 30 years old can apply for EVS in one of the following fields: art, culture, sports, immigrants, elderly or disabled social care, cultural heritage, communication and media, leisure, environmental protection and education, development cooperation and rural development. EVS is free of charge. Volunteer jobs depend on the country, organization, cultural background, aims of the organization, etc. Traveling costs (including local transport), health insurance, language course, food, and accommodation are covered together with pocket money. Volunteers have a separate room. In most cases, this is a common flat but it can depend on the organization and type of work.

Volunteer Career
The program doesn’t include any salary. Paid volunteer work abroad is not possible. On the other hand, every worker gains a place for living, language course, travel and food money, pocket money and health insurance. This can be considered as a full salary that is already reorganized between the main life necessities. There is another advantage mentioned before. The program grants work experience, which opens the doors to a professional world for young specialists.
Volunteer trips abroad

  • Choose the country you like
  • Choose the country to learn the language you like
  • Choose the culture you would like to explore
  • Think about the opportunity of moving to another country
  • Explore the market for the future career during your volunteering period
  • Meet new people and share important contacts
  • Enjoy the period and use every opportunity

Give up the prejudices and go for it
EVS is much more than a non-paid job. There is a list of advantages that breaks any negative prejudices. Thousands of young people have already used this chance and others are using it now all over the world. This is the only way to explore a new country, learn your field of expertise and a foreign language at the same time. For those who haven’t made their professional decision, this is a win for time and experience for thinking. Each person with job experience, additional language knowledge, and strong motivation is attractive for HRs from all over the world.

Crystal Roman is a blogger and freelance writer for EduBirdie. Her lifestyle credo is “When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed.”

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