LOTE6 OpenVillage Festival – Fellows

Deadline: ongoing
Open to: anyone with a story of an open and participatory project of health/social care, who is interested in online and offline collaboration for social good.
Venue: 19-21 of October 2017, Brussels


The OpenVillage Festival is a highly participatory festival showcasing working solutions and demos produced by community members, as well as pathways for working together towards their sustainability. It will take place on October 19-21, 2017 in Brussels and represents the culmination of the OpenCare 18 month research that involves hundreds of original initiatives.

Aiming to deepen community collaboration, during April – May 2017, the SCImPULSE Foundation will appoint 3 “students” to support communication and engagement for the OpenVillage. We use “students” in the Latin sense, of people that will apply themselves to the subject, as fellows of SCImPULSE Foundation, and not in any sense as an indication of career status.


Individuals with an interest in and alignment with Diy Welfare (referred to as “opencare”) in the following ways (each item will receive a score from 0 the minimum, to 5 the maximum, which will be summed to define the final score used to choose the winners):

  • are registered on edgeryders.eu and have contributed a story on the OpenCare community page. NB: All the stories already submitted in 2016 and 2017 are being considered;
  • are operating at the grassroots level or are heavily interacting with such groups;
  • Are open in their work, use of methodology, technology, results (public and transparent communication, open processes for participation, commons licensing, open source code etc.);
  • their contribution is validated in positive responses by their peers in the opencare community (as seen from the Comments section);
  • have storytelling and content production skills for presenting the opencare initiatives to various community groups and audiences;
  • demonstrate a willingness to collaborate with others and use online environments for communication, engagement, documentation of work and social media.


  • A bursary appointment: Up to EUR 15000 to reimburse your working time, distributed on the basis of winners’ financial needs;
  • A travel budget: Up to EUR 5000, to be authorized in advance by due justification.

How to apply?

In order to apply please fill the application.

For more information please visit the official web page. 

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