Uniting Youth for Ecotourism

Deadline: 27 August 2017
Open to: youth workers between the age of 18 and 30 years old, from Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Czech Republic, Macedonia, Georgia, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Kosovo, Portugal, Russian Federation, Serbia, Spain
Venue: 06-13 November 2017 / Kapraluv Mlyn, Czech Republic


Ecotourism could be described as “responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment, sustains the well-being of the local people and involves interpretation and education”. It is believed that many local communities can benefit from promoting eco-tourism in their areas, especially if they are located close to natural parks and protected areas. The youth organization YEE would like to find ways to empower young Europeans to feel more responsible for their homes and communities and to have sufficient competencies to promote eco-tourism and protect their homeland. The aim of this training course is to strengthen youth participation and active citizenship through ecotourism and related projects.


  • To define the role and importance of ecotourism in local communities;
  • To create the common understanding about youth participation in local communities through ecotourism;
  • To provide space for partners to share the experience of organizing ecotourism projects with young people;
  • To expand the knowledge and skills needed for organizing ecotourism related projects in local communities;
  • To create space for networking and building new partnerships among environmental youth organisations.

Apply for this project if you want to:

  • Widen your knowledge about the importance of youth participation;
  • Gain new knowledge on the development of ecotourism for local communities;
  • Gain knowledge on how to encourage young people to be active and promote active citizenship through ecotourism;
  • Get ideas on how to increase an interest in ecotourism among local community;
  • Share experience and best practices in creating ecotourism related projects.


  • Being 18-30 years old (with few participants who can be over 30) from the countries Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Czech Republic, Macedonia, Georgia, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Kosovo Portugal, Russian Federation, Serbia, Spain;
  • Good knowledge of English;
  • Actively involved in environmental youth organizations (as employees or volunteers), the preference will be given to representatives of YEE Member organizations and partners of the project;
  • Concerned about biodiversity, environmentalism and interested in a responsible way of traveling and sustainable development of local environment;
  • Actively involved in local and regional community;
  • Participants do not necessarily have experience in ecotourism, but should be experienced in working with youth and able to contribute as agents, by sharing knowledge gained during the training course with other young people;
  • The participants will arrange local actions as part of the follow-up of the training course, and therefore you should have experience in organizing local activities and be strongly connected to the sending organizations.


  • Free accommodation and vegetarian food will be provided to all participants for the whole duration of the training course;
  • Travel costs will be reimbursed up to a maximum per participant from:
    – Czech Republic, Hungary: 180 EUR
    – Albania, Russian Federation, Serbia, Italy, Germany, Spain, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Kosovo*UN Resolution: 275 EUR
    – Armenia, Portugal, Azerbaijan, Georgia: 360 EUR
  • There is no participation fee in this training course.

How to apply?

If you have any questions please contact Natalia Luchko on [email protected] or +420271750643.

Please find the application form here.

For more information, please check the infopack.

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