Call for Two Facilitators at European Platform on Learning Mobility

Deadline: 20 August 2017
Open to: young people and policy makers, and stakeholders
Venue: 23-25 January 2018, France


The conference intends to explore youth learning mobility from the perspective of policy and support, cross-sectoral cooperation, and research. It will also continue to give a prominent space to the dimension of inclusion in mobility projects. The conference aims at sending a political message on the benefits of quality in learning mobility for young people.

The 2018 conference revolves around the issue, and subjective term, of quality in learning mobility. The concept of quality will be addressed in a transversal manner throughout the event. By raising awareness of subjective interpretations of various stakeholders and from different sectors, and elaborating the benefits for each, it will shed light on good examples of practice that can accompany the other elements of the quality framework in learning mobility in the youth field and other tools for quality in learning mobility.

More particularly, the conference intends to:

  • Explore the very notion of quality of, and in, learning mobility projects;
  • Work on a broader understanding of what quality means for learning mobility, from the perspective of different sectors involved;
  • Continue to explore and reflect upon the dimension of inclusion in learning mobility projects;
  • Channel messages from all sectors related to learning mobility to key stakeholders;
  • Improve the cross-sectoral cooperation in learning mobility in the youth field;
  • Advancing the work on the framework of quality in learning mobility in the youth field;
  • Further reinforce the awareness of the special role and identity of the youth field, of its contribution and added value in the context of learning mobility.


1. Presence at the preparatory meeting in Brussels: 7-8 September 2017;

2. Preparation of the methodology in cooperation with the other facilitator and the in communication with the prep team;

3. Presence at one day of the meeting of the Steering Group of the EPLM, during which discussions on the next biennial conference will take place: Brussels, 28 September 2017;

4. Availability to be present during the entire duration of the Conference (2 days and a half 23-25 January 2018);

5. Co-facilitation during the conference.


  • 1200 EUR will be offered to each of the facilitators;
  • Travel and board and lodging-related expenditures for the preparatory days and the whole duration of the conference will be fully covered.

How to apply?

To submit your application, please send your CV and a one-page maximum cover letter to the address [email protected]

For more information, please contact Davide Capecchi at the EU-CoE youth partnership: [email protected]

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