The Middle East Fellowship

Deadline: 16 June 2019
Open to: any citizen working for the media  from Germany and  the Middle East (Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan, Israel and Palestine)
Benefits: EUR 4,000


In 2019 IJP are offering for the sixteenth time a travel and work fellowship for up to five young journalists from the Middle East, especially from Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, Israel and Palestine to spend a two-month period in Germany. They are doing this in cooperation with governmental institutions, foundations and sponsors in Germany and the Middle East. At the same time, the fellowship is being offered to journalists in Germany, who can apply to spend a two-month period in the Middle East.

The two work fellowships each for journalists from Germany and Israel are named in honor of the journalist Ernst Cramer and the former mayor of Jerusalem Teddy Kollek and their exemplary dedication to the intensification of German-Israeli relations.

The fellowship is intended to enable young journalists to familiarize themselves with the political issues in Germany at an early stage of their career. This will raise awareness of the relations between Germany and the Middle East in young media multipliers and will give them a personal insight into the mentality, culture and everyday life in Germany and the European Union.

The practical part of the fellowship ensures contact with colleagues in the region, and it is hoped this contact will be maintained in future years. This is also the purpose of the future alumni association of former grant holders and of an annual alumni reunion in Berlin.

Тhe fellowship begins October 31st, 2019 with an introductory event in Berlin together with the German fellows. This is followed by a fellowship lasting at least two months with a German media outlet.

The branch of the media (newspaper, radio, TV, magazine) will be selected by the fellows, and the actual place of work will then be decided by the organizer in consultation with the fellows. There will be a possibility to extend the stay on an individual basis.


Any citizen of the countries mentioned above aged 21 or over who is working as a regular employee, trainee or journalist for media. The maximum age is 37 years.


The fellowship carries a single payment of 4,000 EUR per person. This sum is intended to cover a large proportion of the travel costs, board, and lodging. There will be no payment for the individual’s work on location as a journalist.

How to apply?

Application, for which there is no special form, must be accompanied by a detailed curriculum vitae with a passport photo, and a journalistic appraisal written by the head of department or editor-in-chief. The letter should support the application, guarantee temporary leave of absence for the duration of the fellowship, and serve as evidence of journalistic activity. Samples of work may be enclosed.

Address for applications:

Middle East Fellowships – IJP e.V. Postfach 156561455 Koenigstein/Ts.Germany

Or by email: [email protected]

For more information, please visit the official web page.