Qatar University Scholarships

Deadline: 13 October 2019
Open to: international applicants
Benefits: different types of scholarships                                


Qatar University supports a wide variety of scholarships recipients each academic year in order to attract highly qualified students. While the vast majority of academic scholarships are awarded on the basis of academic merit and scholarly achievement.


Maximum Duration Condition

All scholarship students must commit to maximum duration which is the proposed duration of the academic program that he/she is studying at, which is based on the program graduation requirements, in addition to the number of semesters spent in the Foundation Program (maximum one year). The maximum duration does not include summer courses or courses that the student drops or withdraws.

Conditions applied on certain scholarships:

  • Islamic countries and other countries Scholarship
  • Academic Excellence Scholarship
  • Outstanding Performance Scholarship

Foundation Period

  1. GPA and the number of registered credit hours during the Foundation Program are not counted.
  2. Complete the Foundation Program in 2 semesters only (one year).
  3. If the student did not pass the Foundation Program in 2 semesters.

Undergraduate Students

After completing the Foundation Program, the following conditions must be fulfilled:

  1. Must satisfy the maximum duration condition illustrated above.
  2. Must register and pass 12 credit hours in each regular semester. In extenuating circumstances, the student may request an exception through the online scholarship exemption application and the scholarship section will decide wither the request is approved or not.
  3. Must maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.50 out of 4 for Islamic world and other countries scholarships, H.H. the Emir o Qatar’s Scholarships for Academic Excellence , and Outstanding Performance Scholarships.
  4. If the student does not fulfill either of the 2 conditions above (2&3), the student will receive a Scholarship Warning.
  5. If a student receives 2 Scholarship Warnings (from the same type) or exceeded the maximum duration condition
  1. After the student’s scholarship has been canceled, student will not be eligible to receive that scholarship again, regardless of whether the situation is amended.

Scholarship/ Awards:

Qatar University offers types of scholarships annually to attract qualified students, provided that they meet the requirements of each scholarship and submit the required documents. A merit-based award that provides qualified applicants with an opportunity to attend Qatar University without paying tuition fees, and other merits depending on the type of scholarship.

Internal Scholarships

Scholarships offered by Qatar University to applicants from within the State of Qatar. These scholarships do not include university accommodation and air tickets.

External Scholarships

Scholarships offered by Qatar University to applicants from outside Qatar. These applicants may be nominated by their embassies or may apply directly to Qatar University. Such students will be sponsored by Qatar University and these scholarships include exemption from tuition fees, provision of university accommodation, and annual round trip air fare ticket and booking fees exemption.

University Housing

Free accommodation offered by Qatar University for students who satisfy all conditions set forth by the University. This includes meals and transportation to and from Qatar University.

Annual Airline Ticket

A round-trip ticket from Doha to the town nearest to the student’s house in his/her homeland. Each ticket is given once every year to the students who satisfy the conditions set forth by the University.

Competitive Scholarships

Scholarships where students or applicants are selected on competitive basis based on their university GPA if the student is current student at QU, or based on their high school GPA if the student in newly applicant student.

Non-Competitive Scholarships

Scholarships that are given to students upon submitting the required documents to the scholarship section.

How to apply?

You can apply for a scholarship through the Admission Application System

How to apply for New Student

For more information, and to apply please visit this website.