Tips for Budding Photographers for Successfully Promoting Their Work on Instagram

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It is pretty overwhelming to note that just in a matter of four years Instagram enjoys much more than 400 million active users. This is a hugely impressive statistic. Instagram is gaining popularity by the day. This hugely loved photo-sharing app owned by Facebook allows photographers to not only shoot, but also edit and share photos with Instagram users. Even though it is highly debatable whether to regard Instagram as the universally appropriate and legitimate social media platform for showcasing the work of both the upcoming and the already established photographers, there is absolutely no room to deny its power.

You simply cannot undermine the role of Instagram in dramatically transforming the world of photography. Today over... Read More »

7 Self-Publishing Tips for New Writers

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When you’re still not part of the self-publishing industry, things may seem easy. All you need to do is write that book and get it out there, right? Maybe you’ll hire an editor to help you polish out the draft, and everything will be as smooth as possible. Well, you’re not quite right. It’s a process, and it’s more complicated than you think.

The good news is that the self-publishing industry is open for new authors, so you have chances to be successful. In the continuation, we’ll give 7 important tips for new self-published authors.

Your Books Will Be Your Business. Treat Them That Way!

You love writing. You want to get your words out there even... Read More »

From Berlin to Aleppo: Marching for Peace!

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On December 26 hundreds of young people left Berlin and headed marching towards Aleppo. What they demanded is help for civilians, protection of human rights and reaching a peaceful solution for the conflict in Aleppo.

The Civil March already passed through seven countries and has now arrived in Macedonia. We used this unique opportunity to talk with Anna Alboth and see her perspective of the Civil March for Aleppo.

Mladiinfo: A mother of two, journalist, blogger, activist – who is actually Anna Alboth?

Anna: All of this! It’s just all consequence one of another. As a journalist I gathered a lot of knowledge, as a blogger – I gathered some publicity and followers, as a mother – sensitivity... Read More »

Youth Activism Changes Lives

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There is one main motivating factor that leads young people into activism – the will and passion to change the world for the better. And while they are trying to achieve this for the world, activism actually changes them for the better. Being a young activist teaches you how to be a better person yourself. It creates responsible adults and citizens that are beneficial for the society in general. But people who have been part of this when they were young will always experience a lot of personal benefits into their adulthood.

And when I say that youth activism changes lives, you can trust me, because I have experienced that change first-hand. So let me share what... Read More »

The Power of Public Speaking

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Most people, at some point in their life, will need to stand up and speak in front of a group of people. However, for many individuals, standing up in public and doing a speech is one of their greatest fears. If you get nervous when speaking in front of large groups, know that you are not alone. Psychologists attribute our phobia of public speaking to our fear of being ostracised from a group, which thousands of years ago meant imminent death by a large predator. However, with preparation, practice, and experience, people can overcome their fear, build confidence, and deliver memorable speeches.

The Importance of Public Speaking

In our modern world, the ability to present to... Read More »

Youth Forum: Refugees and Migrants in the New Media

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Better representation of migrants and refugees in the new media, increased youth media literacy and more initiatives for the promotion of diversity and integration were some of the main conclusions of the second Youth Forum “Refugees and Migrants in the New Media in South-East Europe and Central Europe”.

The realization of the event was also generously supported by the Visegrad Fund and the Central European Initiative (CEI). The Forum was organized by the Association for Education Mladiinfo International in partnership with Mladiinfo Slovakia, Mladiinfo Czech Republic, Mladiinfo Poland and DemNet Hungary. More than 60 young researchers, journalists and activists from around 15 countries shared their views on the ongoing migrant and refugee crisis, presented their own field... Read More »

Dreamers Teach You How to Live Your Life

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A dreamer. A believer. An achiever. The man, who influenced my life and made me who I am today, and who deserves his story to be heard. I want to share a story about the most important and loved man in my life. My grandfather.

I have spent my entire life without a father, and if anyone has ever been close to a fatherly role and figure in my life it was my granddad. We shared the grief and lack of an important figure in our lives since he grew up without his mother. I believe this mutual understanding of a loss or absence of someone we needed and wanted close to us, was exactly what created... Read More »

Personal Growth and Development is Just a Touch Away

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When it comes to personal growth, more and more people understand the need for constant learning and self-determination. Most of them are aware of the pressure society puts on us, and know that in order to grow, to keep on inspiring others, but also leave enough room to shape yourself to the changes of today’s world, you have to be open towards learning.

Recently I had an “inspiration call” to get in touch with a colleague of mine with whom I haven’t talked for a long time. After starting to work for a company that is a leader in the field of personal growth, spirituality and mindfulness, she got the opportunity to see the world from a... Read More »

Expedition through Adventure, Mountains, Adrenaline…and more…

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Expedition Camera, one of the biggest outdoor and travel film festival in Slovakia and Czech Republic will fill up your adventurous souls. In Slovakia this festival  takes place annually in February and March in Bratislava and Pezinok. The film festival includes adventure, travel, expedition, mountain climbing, extreme sports and similar movies.

This festival takes place in over 200 cities. We have met with Michal Knitl, who started by organizing the travel festival Cestou Necestou or “Off the beaten track”, that was a big success so he continued motivating people to travel by organizing the next big thing, the festival Expedicna Kamera.

My impressions to be shared with you

The first screening was attended by few hundreds of... Read More »

Blogging – A Smart Way to Your Employability

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Perez Hilton, Pim Techamuanvivit, Catherine Sanderson, the world is awash with people who have made it big by beginning a blog. They turned an idea and some thoughts into action, eventually leading to big money offers and full-time media or publishing careers. However, even if you do not want to make it big as a celebrity blogger, it is possible to use a blog to enhance your job prospects and employability.

How a Blog Improves your Standing

Times were when all you had to showcase your talents was a CV and maybe a cover letter. This gave a limited and formal window into who you were which you could further show off during an interview – if... Read More »