Volunteering Abroad Could Help You With Starting a New Career

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There are many different prejudices around volunteering. Some people still tend to think that this is simply a non-paid job. Despite this, thousands of young people use this opportunity to spend time abroad and find answers to important questions about their career, life values, family relationships, and other important life issues. It also helps to travel and find a perfect place of residence. Volunteer abroad programs offer much more than non-paid job opportunities; it helps to build a basis for strongly motivated and successful career path.

Volunteer job is a perfect start of you career

The big question is how someone can choose to study a field of expertise without realizing what the real job in this field looks like? European Voluntary... Read More »

It’s About Art and Dance

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It was a cold windy day in Vienna, when the four of us, young adults from Germany, Slovenia, Macedonia and Portugal, crossed the main shopping street of the imperial city to arrive at the Impact Hub, a place that gathers a community of people inspired to create and work in social and sustainable business.

There we would find three ladies with whom we spoke about their art project – MAD Coproductions. Lau Lukkarila, Claribel Koss and Vera Rosner received us in their room asking what kind of conversation or interview we would like to have. We prepared some questions, but when they started to tell their story we did not need those anymore.

Vera was the... Read More »

Jingle Bells?

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This holiday season is one of the best ones I have ever had. I started a new job a few months ago. I am doing my MA. Ankara is very cold, but snowy, which makes the holiday magic unavoidable. I feel as if I am in a movie, but there are no bad guys and no complicated plot. The holiday season also helps this sentiment. On the 11th of December, Muslims around the world marked the birthday of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). On 25th of December, Catholics celebrated Christmas. New Year’s eve is celebrated by virtually everyone around the world, uniting people in celebration of a new beginning. On the 7th of January Orthodox Christians celebrate Christmas. So many... Read More »

Reflections From a Cultural Exchange in Guangzhou

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It is definitely the most wonderful time of the year; the winter holidays are again here to remind us time spent at home with our beloved ones is precious, but also to make us reflect on the previous year.

For Ivona Shukuroska, an architect by education and a passionate traveler by calling, exploring China is the event that marked her 2016. She applied for a summer exchange via AIESEC and got to spend 6 weeks in Guangzhou. The aim of the exchange was to get to know better the Chinese culture, architecture, tradition, as well as to help Chinese people revive some of their traditions and to promote the tradition and culture of her native country, Macedonia.

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EVS: True Stories Behind the Scenes – Part 2

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This is a continuation of the short series of true EVS stories. The idea behind this series is for young people to understand what EVS actually is, and to hear that there is information that is actually hidden behind the official statistics.

Story 2 «I woke up dizzy and without memory of what actually happened…»

«2.7. Risk and conflict management.

The volunteer must not act in any way that could put others or her/himself at risk of being injured. If a conflict situation arises, the volunteer may ask her/his mentor to facilitate communication between the volunteer and the local environment or Receiving Organization.

The mentor should be able to provide an independent... Read More »

From Yugosphere to Eurosphere – Now and Then

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The Balkans are one of the most interesting parts of the European mainland. I consider them a puzzle of different nations and minorities, a place of many differences and similarities at the same time, a region with rich cultural and food offer, filled with amazing nature and authentic architecture. It is a region worth being discovered and visited. This September, there was one more reason to visit the Balkans – the International Youth Conference, organized by Youth Alliance, happening traditionally in Krushevo (#iyckr2016), a small and lovely town in Macedonia.

Macedonia, along with neighboring Serbia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Slovenia, was known as Yugoslavia just 2,5 decades ago. Exactly this was one of the... Read More »

EVS: True Stories Behind the Scenes – Part 1

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Voluntary activities play an important role in Europe. The best-known Programme helping young people to volunteer abroad is the European Voluntary Service (EVS), which is a part of the European Union’s Erasmus+ Programme (2014-2020). Started as a pilot action in 1996, EVS celebrates 20 years in 2016. Just imagine, close to 100,000 young people have taken part in international volunteering through EVS! To make this experience possible for everyone, Programme covers volunteer’s travel and living costs, pocket money, insurance and a discount card. And there is only one requirement: you must be between 17 and 30 years of age. No school grades, university degree or minimum TOEFL scores. You don’t even have to speak the host country’s language.

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Democracy Means Taking Responsibility for Our Interpretations

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Giorgi Davidovi from Georgia shares his experience about studying at the University of Tartu in the Master program of Democracy and Governance.

First off, tell us where you are from and what did you do before coming to Estonia?

I come from Georgia’s one of the multi-ethnic regions and the sense of belonging to my community pretty much determined what I was doing in Georgia during the last couple of years. Before coming to Estonia, I obtained a BA degree of social sciences in international relations. My previous BA studies allowed me to apply the knowledge in real life, outside the classroom. Since 2012, I have been engaged in civil society activism in my capacity as... Read More »

What Being an EVS Volunteer Means to Me

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It’s already been six months since I moved from a city of 3 million to a town of 3 thousand people in the middle of nowhere. I changed my active busy life that I had in Kyiv, Ukraine, to a slow-motion way of living in Góis, Portugal. This is all because of my European Voluntary Service (EVS) placement in an organization with a name nobody-can-pronounce – RAIZVANGUARDA – Associação Cultural.

I live in an old house together with another volunteer Claire from London, a tiny snail in the bathroom and a gray mouse under my bed. We are working in an Old Primary School in Bordeiro on top of a hill. By “we” I mean Claire and... Read More »

Multifaceted Perspective of the Student Life at CEU

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University on the “crossroads” of cultures. University where faculty and students from more than 100 countries. University in the Central Europe where intercultural and interdisciplinary education is the highest value. Can you guess which one? Central European University in Budapest, Hungary is the answer to this puzzle. Let’s explore deeper the intercultural spirit of the University.

Founded back in 1991, in the times when revolutionary changes were happening in Central and Eastern Europe, based on the premise that human fallibility can be counterbalanced by the critical discussion of ideas and that this critical spirit can be sustained best in societies where citizens have the freedom, currently with approximately 1,400 students and 370 faculty members from more than... Read More »