Civic Participation: For the Youth, By the Youth

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While walking in the roads of Tirana, I see cafés full of people ranging from youngsters to old retirees. The question that always stirs my mind is: What are young teenagers doing in the cafés on their phones all day, instead of using their immense energy to do something more productive? As a developing country and emerging market economy, Albania is in a democratisation process, aspiring to enter the European Union. In order to succeed, many changes need to happen. Who better than the youth of this country has the power and the energy to become change makers?

Bearing this in mind and trying to answer the questions above, the options that came to my mind were... Read More »

The Importance of Having Courage to be First

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There are builders, and there are users. There are creators, and there are supporters. There are leaders, and there are followers. And it is never easy to be in the first group. But in this case, the Association for education Mladiinfo International once again was not afraid to set a foot forward and take a leap while jumping into a new field, all for support of the Macedonian ecosystem. On September 5th, together with Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES) Macedonia, Impact Hub Skopje and Association Public (Magazin LiceVLice), they organized the first edition of Social Innovators Conference.

The format of the conference was similar to a TEDx Conference, where speakers shared personal stories in the field of social impact in... Read More »

Meet Jordan Fung! Young Programmer from Hong Kong

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Go few years back into your past. Imagine you are again 14 years old. What were you doing at that age? Probably playing with your friends somewhere around. Did you think of coding or programming at that time? Hardly! Right?

Jordan Fung from Hong Kong, who was the youngest participant of our myouth project is also only 14-year-old.  He is however an inspiring self-taught maker and programmer. Jordan is well-known for his contributions to the maker and open source community. In 2015 he was listed as one of the top “12 young makers to watch” in the world by Atmel, an leading manufacturer of electronics, in recognition of his contribution to the maker community. He is also the winner... Read More »

Summer school in Iceland: The Lessons I Learned

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Author: Daniel Penev

During the 2015 Fall semester at the American University in Bulgaria (AUBG), I received an ordinary email which, I now know, would point to me the way to a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. It informed me about the opportunity to participate in a summer school or a language course in Iceland, Norway or Lichtenstein through the grants for mobility in higher education provided by the European Economic Area (EEA Grants). Soon after, I decided to give it a try. I looked at some of the programs I could choose from, going eventually for the first Summer School on Creative Leadership in the 21st Century at Bifröst University in Iceland. After several weeks of waiting for the results, I... Read More »

This Young Entrepreneur-Biker Duo Tells You How to Bike Across 5 Countries in 15 Days

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If you are a young person who often daydreams of traveling and someday being your own boss, here’s a dose of inspiration. Meet Alifiya and Azubuike, who hopped onto their bicycles and went on ‘Distant Relatives Bike Tour’ earlier this summer. They kicked off their 1,200 km long journey in Germany and traveled through Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, and Romania in 15 days.

Alifiya Mutaher, 25, comes from Sri Lanka with roots from India. With a mechanical engineering degree under her belt and a passion for creativity, she founded Colombo Design Market to connect creative minds from all disciplines to connect with the wider public in Sri Lanka.

Azubuike Akunne, who is also 25, is a first generation... Read More »

I.T. a Male Discipline? Girls Bet It Is Not!

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Photo credits: Marcin Szcześniak

Women in technology? – some might ask. Strong and courageous young women, we would add. For some a challenge while for others a major risk. Computer science has always been considered to be a man’s profession. However, reality has started to show a different side. Even though many of women still believe that their gender is holding them back from doing what they love, the girls that participated at Mladiinfo’s project – myouth do not agree!

We met the smiling and charming Mandy and Yi Fang at our mYouth project in Skopje, Macedonia focused on mobile app development and m-Learning. The two were some of the few female participants in the project. Mandy... Read More »

Do You Want to Do Something Special? Visit Macedonia!

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Imagine a summer language school in a small, but sunny country with a rich, cultural and food variety offer. The young adventurist Gabor Parti didn’t have to imagine it, because this was exactly his experience during his stay in Republic of Macedonia.This summer, Andras, Gabor, Marcell and 5 other young Hungarians decided to spend a short adventure in Macedonia. Andras and Gabor have already been in Macedonia before, so they convinced their friends that they must visit ‘this country with nice people, beautiful landscape and delicious food’, as Andras says.

Gabor visited Macedonia many times, but before his first visit he had no clue about the country at all, he only knew the flag, all because of his childhood enthusiasm for... Read More »


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It has been election season around the world recently, but your vote isn’t limited to politics! The Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition, a global program that seeks to encourage youth entrepreneurship for a better world, wants to hear your opinion!

Mladiinfo Team Getting Entrepreneurial

Mladiinfo has been nominated by the Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition Award committee for the chance to become finalists!

Have Mladiinfo helped you to find a study or work opportunity abroad? Did you apply for some conference or scholarship through our portal? Let’s spread the word about free education together and help Mladiinfo become of the finalists in the Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition Award!

Mladiinfo Next Steps

In the “Project” category, Mladiinfo itself has been... Read More »

Where is Our Future of Learning? In The Technology!

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How can young people with limited resources obtain proper education? What kind of benefits does m-Learning bring? How the technology can improve the lives of youth and help them make an impact? How to make education more accessible to those who face significant barriers to learning? There are so many questions waiting in this world of myriad challenges to be answered. In our most recent project mYouth we have dared to find solutions to some of them!

The future of learning is in Technology! The future is happening right now!

The mYouth project has brought together young digital entrepreneurs from Macedonia, Austria, Poland, Ghana, Senegal, Hong Kong, Spain, Italy, Bulgaria and Singapore with the main aim to discover... Read More »

Youth Bring Solidarity and Hope Back to Flooded Skopje

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Photo credits: Filip Jotevski

Written by: Ana Alibegova Proofread: Diego Heatherman Edited by: Ivana Petriskova

The young Ognen Janeski wishes the day had more than 24 hours. “It is hard in one day to combine your work-related tasks and to go to help those who are most in need, but I am giving my best”, he explains, obviously tired from the long day. He is coughing from the cold but is full with optimism and hope while making plans for the delivery of donations in the upcoming days.  The young TV personality already has an intensive lifestyle between his many projects as well as preparations of his TV programmes. Yet these days, his focus is on the families... Read More »