Winners of European Youth Award 2017

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United in digital innovation: #EYA17 Winners tackle today’s societal challenges

Cleaning up a city drowning in garbage, supporting people suffering from mental health problems and much more. It was a hard choice for the 24 experts selecting the best of 52 finalists of the European Youth Award (EYA) during the Onsite Jury Meeting in Prishtina, Kosovo. Hosted by the Innovation Centre Kosovo, the EYA Jury Experts met the challenge: 17 winners will be on stage at the EYA Festival in Graz end of November.

The European Youth Award called for innovative projects combining digital innovation with social value. 144 creative applicants from all over Europe and the Union for the Mediterranean stepped into the arena – and 17 passed three evaluation... Read More »

Running school exchanges!

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There is a wide pool of opportunities that promote students exchanges. But what about school exchanges for high schools students or even primary school students?

Preparing the tomorrow’s world generation from even an earlier age and raising open minded youngsters, boosting their self-confidence, encouraging them to believe in their dreams and in their inner-power to build a better world, equipping them with the necessary tools to dare to think outside the box, be creative and well prepared for being active citizens in their communities are some of the benefits of international school exchanges.

Numerous programs and initiatives targeting secondary education students offer them favorable circumstances to discover and understand other cultures on a first-hand basis. The direct contact and cooperation with students... Read More »

Students of FIOFA attended Tetovo International Film Festival 2017

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The first movies made by our students Berat Asani, Jake Ramsey and Nora Sarak from the Directing department have been selected as part of the Student Panorama program for the Tetovo International Film Festival 2017!

Here are the names and description of the movies:

“Oops” by Berat Asani: Nikola is a little genius that makes experiments around home. It’s New Year’s Eve. When he learns that his parents are again going to celebrate New Year at another place, and not at home, Nikola feels like he must do everything to make them stay with him at home.

“Looking Away” by Jake Ramsey: When a 9-year-old boy, Darko, learns that his father has a mistress, he must decide wether... Read More »

How to Improve Your English and…Why?!

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It is our great advantage today that we have a common tool for communication with people from other countries – English language!  English is an “official” language for international contacts! At least a basic level of English becomes an essential need for working in nearly any professional field. And if you are considering high-level international career just a basic level definitely won’t be sufficient! You need to be fluent and moreover you need to be able to communicate in a professional way! You limit yourself a lot if your English is not good enough. Did you send CVs to international jobs, had fully relevant profile and still got rejected? A reason for such rejections is often insufficient level... Read More »

How to Improve Your Writing Skills in Three Easy Steps?

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Excellent writing skills help you excel in university as well as in your career. At college, you need to write a lot of essays, assignments, dissertation, etc. to score well. Many students are expert in their subjects. However, they face difficulties in writing their college assignments. In fact, a lot of students even hire experts to write their resume and curriculum vitae (CV). Remember that scoring well at university or getting a good job doesn’t guarantee a successful career. You need to acquire new skills continuously to take your career to the next level. Writing is a skill which will help you forever in life. Thus, you must act now to improve your writing skills.

Here are... Read More »

How I Benefited from my Volunteering Work in Colombia

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Goodness is innate in human nature, right?

This is why we’d like to believe that more and more people are engaging in humanitarian acts. These acts of kindness can be as huge as contributing to poverty reduction through Oxfam; assisting children in need of proper nutrition, medicine, and education through organizations like Save the Children; community development in struggling areas through Peace Corps; delivering healthy food and safe drinking water in crisis-stricken areas through Action Against Hunger; and providing adequate medical attention through Doctors Without Borders.

The gestures do not have to be grand. Something as simple as volunteering in local soup kitchen; participating in fun run for causes; charity events; fund raising activities; donating to... Read More »

My EVS in Mladiinfo Slovensko

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Have you ever felt that you had enough from one place? The urge to pack your bags and explore some new areas? I did.

I was finishing my studies in Skopje, on the Faculty of Philology and Literature “Blazhe Koneski” and I was just not prepared for the things that come after that, like getting a 9 to 5 job and stabilizing at one place. I wanted more. I wanted to see how my life would turn out if I were in a different place, far from all the people I know and out of my comfort zone. I’ve heard about this program EVS, or European voluntary service, that gives you the opportunity to volunteer in an... Read More »

The Beauty of Puglia!

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I have had dropped many pins on my map and every pin feeds my soul. I choose my destinations based on how I feel in the given moment. I sometimes feel I need this fancy lifestyle, all dressed up, walking around the big city. Sometimes I just want peace and be in the middle of nowhere, out of everything, surrounded by crystal clear water amazing people and me feeling like a mermaid. This time all I wanted was small charming town, riding a bicycle around it, good food, have the best wine & cheese and I decided that I need to drop my pin In Italy. I decided to be part of an amazing project for a week.... Read More »

Tips for Budding Photographers for Successfully Promoting Their Work on Instagram

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It is pretty overwhelming to note that just in a matter of four years Instagram enjoys much more than 400 million active users. This is a hugely impressive statistic. Instagram is gaining popularity by the day. This hugely loved photo-sharing app owned by Facebook allows photographers to not only shoot, but also edit and share photos with Instagram users. Even though it is highly debatable whether to regard Instagram as the universally appropriate and legitimate social media platform for showcasing the work of both the upcoming and the already established photographers, there is absolutely no room to deny its power.

You simply cannot undermine the role of Instagram in dramatically transforming the world of photography. Today over... Read More »

7 Self-Publishing Tips for New Writers

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When you’re still not part of the self-publishing industry, things may seem easy. All you need to do is write that book and get it out there, right? Maybe you’ll hire an editor to help you polish out the draft, and everything will be as smooth as possible. Well, you’re not quite right. It’s a process, and it’s more complicated than you think.

The good news is that the self-publishing industry is open for new authors, so you have chances to be successful. In the continuation, we’ll give 7 important tips for new self-published authors.

Your Books Will Be Your Business. Treat Them That Way!

You love writing. You want to get your words out there even... Read More »