Claire Manning: The Oklahoma Girl who Fell in Love with Macedonia and Bulgaria

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11 June 2011, the USA. Claire Manning, a charming young lady from Oklahoma, knows very little about Eastern Europe. She has just graduated from the University of Chicago with a major in comparative human development. As she feels she wants to be a teacher, Claire applies for a placement with Teach for America. The day after her graduation ceremony, she is already on her way to a place where the aspiring teachers’ training is set to take place.

24 June 2016, Bulgaria. This is Claire’s last day as an English teacher at the foreign language school in the town of Sliven in the framework of Fulbright Bulgaria. She has spent the past two years in the town... Read More »

7 Life Skills for Staying Strong in Times of Adversity

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There are times in our life when we may feel depressed, and things may not be going the way we had intended them to be. These are the times when we rediscover ourselves, realign our lives and chart the way forward. When we read inspirational quotes, we find solace in the struggles of others and how they managed to overcome them. Following ways may help you find yourself in the dark and rekindle the lost light. All it takes is simple steps to make your life better.

Accept your present situation

Dreaming is good, dreaming can help you look ahead in the future, but dreaming at the expense of not accepting your present can be depressing and contagious.... Read More »

Sport Brings Integration and Diversity

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Practicing sports is the best way to integrate people”, says 26-year-old Nedžad Smajlagić, student, and handball coach from Bosnia I Herzegovina, presently based in Vienna, Austria.

The Austrian capital has been in the past, and continues to be, home for several migrant minorities who come from a wide range of countries, namely Germany, Turkey, and Serbia. This migrant policy started many years ago: whenever surrounding countries were suffering from political tribulations, Austria would open the borders to welcome either refugees or migrants.

After entering the EU in 1994, the Austrian approach to this subject was even less restrained, turning the country into European trailblazer regarding minorities’ integration and assimilation. Its capital, Vienna, is considered by many... Read More »

Egypt Entrepreneurs: Muhammed Nagi

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After the Egyptian revolution in 2011, the co-working space concept started to flourish. Young Egyptian youth started launching different initiatives to tackle many social problems. The revolution increased their ownership over their communities.

The co-working spaces have supported many initiatives that allowed organizations and entrepreneurs to connect and work together for a greater impact. AlMaqarr (means The Headquarters) was one of the pioneers that started actively supporting NGOs, initiatives, and student organizations by hosting them in their premises and offering mentorship, training, and network, so they can operate effectively and grow to tackle community’s problems.

Muhammad Nagi, AlMaqarr founder and MD, studied English Languages and Literature at The University of Ain Shams. Mohamed is an entrepreneur... Read More »

Magdas Hotel: The Refugees’ Work Shelter

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If you are walking around Vienna and find yourself near the Prater Recreation Park, you might come across a seemingly regular corner hotel. However, as soon as you go over the doorstep of Magdas Hotel, you notice this is a unique place: a hotel run by a team of refugees and locals.

Magdas is a social business founded by Caritas Österreich three years ago, with the purpose of matching tourism industry’s demand for employees with refugees in search of employment. Now there are 30 people, 20 of whom have a refugee status, from 14 different nations working in Magdas Hotel.

In order to get a deeper insight into the project, we met with the CEO Gabriela... Read More »

EVS: True Stories Behind the Scenes – Part 4

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This is the final part of the short series of true EVS stories. The idea behind this series was for young people to understand what EVS actually is, and to hear that there is information that is actually hidden behind the official statistics.

«2.4. Practical arrangements

The Receiving Organisation must take care of the practical arrangements in order to support and guide the volunteer from the moment of his/her arrival in the host country. The volunteer is entitled to free board and lodging. Her/his accommodation must remain available for her/him throughout the entire service period, including holidays. The Receiving/Coordinating Organisation must ensure that the volunteer can live in safe and clean accommodation and can eat... Read More »

Conquering the Multi-dimensions of Life-long Learning

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Try looking up the word “learning” on the Internet. Is there any common pattern that you find while scrolling through the results? At first, it may seem like most results focus on definitions and learning strategies. There is nothing curious about this, is there?!

The curious observation though, consists of something else: Almost all results on learning are contextualized in the school or university environment. Believing that learning is closely tied only to universities and that it ends once we get out of the academic world, is not real, and to some extent, it is even naïve.

In reality, the process of learning endures throughout our whole life, taking different shapes, as we continue to grow... Read More »

Younited Cultures: A Story to Tell

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Moving to a different city for love and ending up founding a start-up 12 years later

Sometimes in life, this may happen as well, you can say, but it is quite seldom if the protagonist is a Romanian girl moving to the Austrian capital – Vienna.

It may happen in life, although quite seldom, a girl from Romania to move to Vienna – the capital of Austria. This is the story of Andra Slaats, a young businesswoman and a co-founder of “Younited cultures” social enterprise.

The story began after she quitted her job in a luxury cosmetics company. As Andra says, after that change in her life, she started using an underground instead of... Read More »

How to Start Your Writing Career

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Writing is something you are passionate about. You know there are people who call themselves “writers”, and now you’ve decided you want to join them. Where do you start?

First, like any career, you have to take it seriously. Maybe you have always enjoyed writing, have consistently kept a journal, or used to write really creative stories, poems, etc. when you were a child. No matter what your background is, if you are serious and have the drive, of course, you can make earning money from writing possible.

Look Around You

If you haven’t got your heart set on a certain writing career already, such as a novel writer, a blogger, or a... Read More »

Refugees Welcome: an Organization, a Lifestyle, a Beacon of Hope

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We met Raoul Kopacka, 29-year-old documentarist and journalist, in Café Prosa, one of the Austrian headquarters of Refugees Welcome. This is an organization established in direct response to migration upsurge, with offices fully functioning in 13 European countries. The idea behind Refugees Welcome is really simple: bringing locals and refugees in the same flat-share, and it seems to be a workable one. For instance, Raoul himself decided to join the organization as a volunteer after his girlfriend hosted a refugee in her home. Firstly, he was engaged into matching the refugee profiles with most suitable apartment shares. Later on, he took over the entire PR section.

Destination for many, home for a few

Our... Read More »