Is Reading Becoming a Dying Habit?

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What was the last present you bought for your friend or relative for his or her birthday? A new phone, some jewelry, clothing, or some good wine? Can you recall when was the last time that you bought a hard copy of a book as a present, or have you even bought one for yourself recently? Hard to recall right?! …I thought so…

Facing similar situation, I was very happy to hear that the IDMC (Institute for Democracy, Media & Culture) with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Konrad Adenauer Foundation, decided to organize for the second year in a row, a great initiative called “Tirana Reads”.

This reading marathon, which was also... Read More »

You Can Inspire as Well

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By studying of the European Commission’s Programme consumers (Erasmus+ Programme consumers before all), as well as the programs financed by other foreign and domestic donators, we found out that in Serbia only a small number of young people are informed or use given possibilities. That leads that assets available for these activities remain unused, or these possibilities every year are used by the same people. Contrary to the fact that in the EU countries and in the rest of the world more and more attention is paid regarding inclusion of youth with special needs, and in this case regardless of the reforms in the educational system Serbia has taken to follow the same way, in practice, the situation... Read More »

Media Literacy Through Erasmus +: Learning While Having Fun

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The most recent political developments around the world, among which Brexit and Donald Trump’s election as U.S. president stand out, have proved the existence of deep divisions in many societies. These events have also proved that information is the new gold. Given that the amount of new digital content produced in 2011, for example, amounts to several million times the combined contents of every book written in history, the ability to access, process, evaluate, and interpret claims, messages, and numbers is more needed than ever before. If we are to find our way in what some have termed the age of “post-truth politics”, in which “truth is not falsified or contested, but of secondary importance,” we need to... Read More »

The Day of Youth Activism and Courage

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Today is an important day for youth. Do you want to know why? Let’s look back in the history together!

The commemoration of this day dates back to 1939. On the 28th of October 1939, Czechoslovakian students’ demonstration against the regime organized by medical students of the Charles University in Prague was suppressed by Nazis. One student, Jan Opletal, was shot during the demonstrations and as a response, another massive demonstration of students started. The Nazis reacted fast when on 17th November* 1939 they stormed the dormitories. Result? More than 1200 students were sent to concentration camps, 9 student representatives were executed on the spot, the University was shut down and the buildings were used by the... Read More »

Our First MOOC: “Discover Yourself: Build a Career and Make an Impact”

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Choosing your careers path can be difficult. On this journey, you will need a strong will and passion to keep up when the times will get rough. What you should consider when or even before starting your professional journey. First, ask yourself the following questions: Do you know what do you love doing? Are you aware of what you do well? Do you have an idea about the community around you? Do you have any knowledge about the world´s needs?

If these questions made you unsure, it is a perfect time to take a closer look and “Discover Yourself”! Taking into the consideration the fact that young people around the globe has faced very different but great... Read More »

Moving towards the „European Dream“

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The so-called “Berlin Process” began several years ago to promote enhanced cooperation and dialogue between the European Union and the Western Balkan countries. While efforts have been focused on many aspects of society, youth in particular have received special attention. As a follow-up to the “Connecting Youth” conference in Paris this past July, youth workers and activists from several different countries met in Slovenia this September for the Europe-Western Balkans youth meeting “Connecting Youth Work and Youth Policy”. With the goal of encouraging youth participation and engagement, the meeting brought together different stakeholders of youth work for three days of strategic discussions and workshops.

As a continuation of the series of efforts towards assisting the youth future,... Read More »

One of the EYA Finalists Tells Us His Story

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It’s a funny story Marcin says. His “adventure” with IT started about 12 years ago. Mowed the lawns at the neighbors, he sold his Playstation, smashed his piggy bank, and together with his brother finally they bought a new PC. Having it less than few days before he damaged it, so he had to fix it before his brother came back home and noticed that the computer did not work. From that day on Marcin was always repairing things like this and even more difficult issues with computers. This is how the story begins… and how it continues?

What is your main focus within IT and what is your biggest goal for your IT career?

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When Homeless Animals Meet Spanish App Developers

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With Google Campus and the establishment of several incubators in Barcelona and Madrid, some people in Spain obviously see the IT development sector as a possible solution to the ongoing economic crisis. As the mYouth program progressed through the spring and summer, several promising teams were identified, and one of these was selected to join the mYouth training camp this summer in Skopje. Juan Antonio Cobos, Juan Jesús Cilla, and Lucia Tahan met for the first time at the Madrid Hackathon and are creating an online platform to find temporary and permanent homes for otherwise neglected animals. We had a conversation with the team of Find me a home to hear about their app and their experiences.

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Experience Vienna in Single and Smart Way

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Mladiinfo: Can you first describe how did you come up with the idea for a “smart hotel” and what makes Hotel Schani Wien different from other hotels in Vienna?

Hotel Schani: We wanted to create something unique with Hotel Schani Wien, a hotel that did not exist in this form and that would surprise and offer novel things. We deliberately chose to oppose conventions and took a step into the future. We were able to include guest requests during the development phase thanks to our cooperation with the Fraunhofer IAO and the FutureHotel guest survey and we will continue to watch out for upcoming developments. As a SMART Hotel, we develop innovative solutions to save time-consuming administration. In... Read More »

Civic Participation: For the Youth, By the Youth

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While walking in the roads of Tirana, I see cafés full of people ranging from youngsters to old retirees. The question that always stirs my mind is: What are young teenagers doing in the cafés on their phones all day, instead of using their immense energy to do something more productive? As a developing country and emerging market economy, Albania is in a democratisation process, aspiring to enter the European Union. In order to succeed, many changes need to happen. Who better than the youth of this country has the power and the energy to become change makers?

Bearing this in mind and trying to answer the questions above, the options that came to my mind were... Read More »