Is Reading Becoming a Dying Habit?

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What was the last present you bought for your friend or relative for his or her birthday? A new phone, some jewelry, clothing, or some good wine? Can you recall when was the last time that you bought a hard copy of a book as a present, or have you even bought one for yourself recently? Hard to recall right?! …I thought so…

Facing similar situation, I was very happy to hear that the IDMC (Institute for Democracy, Media & Culture) with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Konrad Adenauer Foundation, decided to organize for the second year in a row, a great initiative called “Tirana Reads”.

This reading marathon, which was also... Read More »

Media Literacy Through Erasmus +: Learning While Having Fun

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The most recent political developments around the world, among which Brexit and Donald Trump’s election as U.S. president stand out, have proved the existence of deep divisions in many societies. These events have also proved that information is the new gold. Given that the amount of new digital content produced in 2011, for example, amounts to several million times the combined contents of every book written in history, the ability to access, process, evaluate, and interpret claims, messages, and numbers is more needed than ever before. If we are to find our way in what some have termed the age of “post-truth politics”, in which “truth is not falsified or contested, but of secondary importance,” we need to... Read More »

The Importance of Having Courage to be First

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There are builders, and there are users. There are creators, and there are supporters. There are leaders, and there are followers. And it is never easy to be in the first group. But in this case, the Association for education Mladiinfo International once again was not afraid to set a foot forward and take a leap while jumping into a new field, all for support of the Macedonian ecosystem. On September 5th, together with Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES) Macedonia, Impact Hub Skopje and Association Public (Magazin LiceVLice), they organized the first edition of Social Innovators Conference.

The format of the conference was similar to a TEDx Conference, where speakers shared personal stories in the field of social impact in... Read More »

Finding the Common at TEDx Tirana

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Author: Ina Gjika Editor: Dimitar Chatleski Photo credits: Ina Gjika

Imagine you are in a place where new ideas are flowing constantly, providing you with inspiration and out-of-the-box thinking. Imagine also that in this place, you can get a touch of biology, architecture, photography, music, archeology and all sorts of other fields. Finally, imagine that in the same place, you can also socialize and meet professionals, and make new friends… Some of you may think this place is just utopia and does not exist. Yet, let me tell you dear readers that this place is real, and it even has a name: TEDx.

TED, a non-profit organization, started in 1984 as an event with speakers from the Technology, Entertainment, and Design... Read More »

Live Magazine – or How On-stage Storytelling Can Bring Journalism to Life

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Author: Larisa Rusu Editor: Dimitar Chatleski Photo credits: Difference Day

Can you imagine journalists bringing their stories to life? Well, actually this does indeed happen, and I have had the chance to see it during the event titled ‘Difference Day’, held in Brussels on the 3rd of May. On this day, celebrating the United Nations’ World Press Freedom Day, a creative team of journalists presented to us what they call Live Magazine.

Journalism aficionados know how good storytelling can make up for an all-encompassing, complete experience. A team of five French journalism professionals and visual artists take storytelling to a whole other level with an interactive format of journalism where stories are performed on stage. Live Magazine is... Read More »

Tunisia Hosted the Second Civic Education Conference

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Author: Dimitar Chatleski Photo credits: Antoaneta Ivanova

Following the good outcomes from the first conference that took place back in December 2013 in Alexandria, from May 13-15, 2016 Tunisia hosted the second Civic Education Conference. Organized by the Goethe Institut, while being built on 60 recommendations, it inspired the participants and speakers of this year’s conference through participatory approach to focus on assessing the development of the sector.

Having close to 150 participants from European and Arab countries, The Civic Education Conference 2016 collected participants from governmental and non-governmental agencies, as well as experts from Europe, the MENA region and the United States of America.

Having two languages as official, English, and Arabic, the conference was base around... Read More »

Youth Forum in Skopje: “Representation of Minorities in the New Media in Central and Eastern Europe”

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Photo: Marko Trosanovski (Macedonia), main project researcher, presenting at previous  forum in Sofia

The Youth Forum in Skopje, “Representation of Minorities in the New Media in Central and Eastern Europe” will take place on 3rd and 4th of March, and will make the venue where 50 young people from the countries of Central and Eastern Europe will participate and discuss on key questions related to minorities and new media, with the aim to discover how does new media in this region portray minorities and to what extent they can contribute to the promotion of diversity.

The forum is being hosted and organized by the Association for Education Mladiinfo International, and supported by the programmes of Europe for Citizens and the Central European Initiative. The opening of... Read More »

First Youth Training Course within Erasmus+ in Belarus Gathers 30 Participants

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Author: Denis Kolga Photo credits: Aksana Rudovich

The training course “My role as a Global Citizen” as part of the Erasmus+ program took place in Minsk on September 2 – 8. This event was organized by the Italian NGO “Free Minds in Action” and Georgian NGO “Equality and Development Center” in partnership with the Belarusian NGO “Youth Initiative”, assisted by the Minsk Shapers Hub. The training was supported by the Italian national youth agency.

Educational event gathered 30 young people from Italy, Czech Republic, Georgia, Slovenia, Hungary, and Belarus. During the training, the participants heard lectures on international relations and migration, developed their debating skills on the actual international challenges in the simulation game, and prepared short... Read More »

Anglo-American University’s (AAU) 25th Anniversary Celebration

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Photo by Anna Němcová Press Conference with AAU President, Assoc. Prof. Alan Krautstengl, Ph.D., one of the AAU Founders, JUDr. Lenka Deverová, and the Chairman of the AAU Board of Trustees, Ing. Petr Jan Pajas

A celebration took place on 29th April, 2015 on the AAU university campus. It was preceded by a press conference regarding significant developments at AAU and was held in one of the university’s most beautiful classrooms. Guests later congregated in the courtyard of the Thurn-Taxis Palace to enjoy the afternoon’s ambience contributed to by the Sedláček Quartet and a barbecue buffet courtesy of Zátiší Catering. The guest of honor, U.S. Ambassador Andrew Schapiro, was a main speaker as was one of the institution’s founders, Jansen Raichl.... Read More »

Building Peace Is About Real People, Not Statistical Numbers

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Article by: Frosina Doninovska Photos: private archive Edited by: Ana Alibegova

The young Frosina Doninovska from Skopje, Macedonia had a chance to be entitled a Youth Reconciliation Ambassador after participating on a unique gathering of 20 young enthusiasts from Macedonia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo. During the one-week seminar organized by Youth Education Committee from Belgrade and supported by the Embassy of United Kingdom in Serbia, the participants had a floor to talk about their views on the conflicts in the region, to question the pitfalls in the reconciliation process as well as to hear lectures from remarkable speakers and experts in the area of peace-building in former Yugoslavia. Frosina summarizes her impressions and sends a message to all... Read More »