You Want to Do Something Special? Visit Macedonia!

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Imagine a summer language school in a small, but a sunny country with a rich, cultural and food variety offer. The young adventurist Gabor Parti didn’t have to imagine it, because this was exactly his experience during his stay in the Republic of Macedonia.This summer, Andras, Gabor, Marcell and 5 other young Hungarians decided to spend a short adventure in Macedonia. Andras and Gabor have already been in Macedonia before, so they convinced their friends that they must visit ‘this country with nice people, beautiful landscape, and delicious food’, as Andras says.

Gabor visited Macedonia many times, but before his first visit he had no clue about the country at all, he only knew the flag, all because of his childhood... Read More »

EURASMUS – Easy YOU(th) Mobility

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Mladiinfo: How does your platform work? Do students have to pay when they want to access into your system and apply for some of the opportunities you are offering?

Eurasmus: We are completely free for students and currently have more than 43,000 student members using our system. Whether they are doing an internship or a university exchange, will be able to help them find student rooms and internships all over Europe.

Mladiinfo: What do you consider to be the most important about your platform? What is the value that youth can achieve with your help?

Eurasmus: Our mission is and always has been to support students going abroad. Youth mobility shouldn’t have to be difficult or stressful. We have more than... Read More »

Boosting International Cooperation Between Western Balkans Youth in the Heart of Paris

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Neither the heavy rain that set Seine River out of its course, nor the Euro Cup 2016 were big enough obstacle to stop the three international events that took place in Paris the first week of July. The willingness for activities of such rang resulted with bold step being taken – an establishment of a Regional Youth Cooperation Office (RYCO). Among the signatories of this agreement were representatives of the national governments of Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia. This was injection of hope that youth once again can act on a closer relationship and play an active role in the creation of stable societies that build trust among peoples. Entrusting the office to be... Read More »

The Story Behind Mladiinfo at the European Youth Event 2016!

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Author: Dimitar Chatleski and Ana Alibegova Photo credits: Ana Alibegova

“Together we can make a chance” was the powerful slogan of this year’s European Youth Event 2016 (EYE 2016). Organized by the European Youth Forum and the European Parliament, on 20 and 21 May 2016 in Strasbourg, France, more than 7500 people gathered from each corner of Europe to celebrate once again the biggest youth event of the year.

Having a unique opportunity to join fruitful discussions at the European Parliament, as well as participate at the numerous workshops in the hubs of the Yo!Fest, 600 groups took active role in exchanging experiences with the other attendies, as well as learning new information and opportunities. Through the habitual debate, as... Read More »

OneEurope: A Platform of the Erasmus Generation

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Interview by: Ana Alibegova Photo credits: OneEurope

The young Hanna Starchyk who comes from Belarus and lives in Germany is one of the 100 passionate activists from Europe and around the globe that firmly believe in the European idea. Right on Facebook, she learnt about an internship opportunity in Social Media Management and applied to become part of the OneEurope team. Through the platform OneEurope, young people do not only inform about current European events, but tackle serious issues such as the European identity crisis, youth unemployment, conflicts and quality of education. What makes OneEurope unique from all the other pro-European platforms is exactly the courage to speak aloud about every issue and to empower youth to share their ideas... Read More »

Macedonian student brings goodwill to world’s happiest nation

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Sandra (holding microphone) at Denmark’s National Youth Goodwill Ambassadors Conference in November 2013.

Interview by Stefan Alievikj Edited by Austin Fast Photo credits: Youth Goodwill Ambassadors and Aarhus University

Sandra Kostadinova comes from Shtip, Macedonia. She finished high school in her hometown and after that she enrolled at the Department of English Language and LiteratureBlaze Koneski Faculty of Philology at the in Skopje. After completing her undergraduate studies she decided to broaden her horizons and look for a more challenging Master’s program that will offer her even more profound knowledge in Languages. Since the programs offered at her alma mater didn’t really cover her interests she decided to apply for a program somewhere abroad. She was luckily accepted to... Read More »

Where Does Europe End?

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Picture credits: Christer Fredriksson, National Geographic

Article by Gayk Ayvazyan

From its inception, Europe was the place of various happenings and saw the rise and the fall of numerous countries. Thus, the borders of Europe have been changing constantly and various ethnic groups have been intermingling among each other, but what about the image of Europe nowadays? With the accession of Croatia, the number of EU countries reached 28 and new borders were established. However the debate about the candidate countries and their “fitness” into the EU family will never come to an end. It is always so hard to define what the borders of Europe are and which countries belong to Europe and where does it end.

To keep it... Read More »

Visas for Moldovans – an Achievement or a Technical Procedure?

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                                                                                                      Article by: Maria Vizdoaga

For Moldovans and for other citizens from Eastern Europe, obtaining a visa for entering the EU countries has gained the status of an achievement. The process for obtaining a visa requires a lot of documents which would prove that people who apply do not intend to overstay and become illegal immigrants in the EU area.

In the West, obtaining a visa is only a matter of... Read More »

“Sitting, Waiting, Wishing” vs ACTING – NGOs and Unemployment

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Authors: Lolita Bērziņa, Lisa Quelle, Robert Nagy and Elgun Bey Yusifbeyli

Youth unemployment in Macedonia, as well as in all of Europe is a hot issue. As NGOs are getting more attention lately, the main topic of this article is to find out what they can do to help in solving the problem. Here is an example from Kavadarci, a small city in south of Macedonia, and different opinions of NGO workers and local people interviewed on the streets.

kreACTive Team: Dime, Aleksandra & Nikola                                          photo by Lisa Quelle PHOTOGRAPHY

Aleksandra Ristova – Coordinator, Youth Worker at „kreAKTive”, NGO-youth center, assures that youth unemployment is really... Read More »

Youth Council Fighting Unemployment in Kavadarci

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Authors: Aneta Trajkova, Esma Kaplan, Olgay Erdogan & Miloš Najdanović

Youth unemployment is becoming a big problem for most countries in the world, and Macedonia follows the negative trend. Finally the problem got the attention of the government, and many municipalities started forming youth parliaments to help improve the social, economic and cultural quality of life of young Macedonians. It’s been less than a year since the Youth Council in Kavadarci (Совет на млади) started actively working with the local youth, and yet it seems like their efforts don’t have an expected feedback. Are there no jobs, are young people just afraid, maybe even too lazy to activate themselves or is the Council not doing their job?

We... Read More »