How I Benefited from my Volunteering Work in Colombia

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Goodness is innate in human nature, right?

This is why we’d like to believe that more and more people are engaging in humanitarian acts. These acts of kindness can be as huge as contributing to poverty reduction through Oxfam; assisting children in need of proper nutrition, medicine, and education through organizations like Save the Children; community development in struggling areas through Peace Corps; delivering healthy food and safe drinking water in crisis-stricken areas through Action Against Hunger; and providing adequate medical attention through Doctors Without Borders.

The gestures do not have to be grand. Something as simple as volunteering in local soup kitchen; participating in fun run for causes; charity events; fund raising activities; donating to... Read More »

My EVS in Mladiinfo Slovensko

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Have you ever felt that you had enough from one place? The urge to pack your bags and explore some new areas? I did.

I was finishing my studies in Skopje, on the Faculty of Philology and Literature “Blazhe Koneski” and I was just not prepared for the things that come after that, like getting a 9 to 5 job and stabilizing at one place. I wanted more. I wanted to see how my life would turn out if I were in a different place, far from all the people I know and out of my comfort zone. I’ve heard about this program EVS, or European voluntary service, that gives you the opportunity to volunteer in an... Read More »

The Beauty of Puglia!

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I have had dropped many pins on my map and every pin feeds my soul. I choose my destinations based on how I feel in the given moment. I sometimes feel I need this fancy lifestyle, all dressed up, walking around the big city. Sometimes I just want peace and be in the middle of nowhere, out of everything, surrounded by crystal clear water amazing people and me feeling like a mermaid. This time all I wanted was small charming town, riding a bicycle around it, good food, have the best wine & cheese and I decided that I need to drop my pin In Italy. I decided to be part of an amazing project for a week.... Read More »

From Berlin to Aleppo: Marching for Peace!

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On December 26 hundreds of young people left Berlin and headed marching towards Aleppo. What they demanded is help for civilians, protection of human rights and reaching a peaceful solution for the conflict in Aleppo.

The Civil March already passed through seven countries and has now arrived in Macedonia. We used this unique opportunity to talk with Anna Alboth and see her perspective of the Civil March for Aleppo.

Mladiinfo: A mother of two, journalist, blogger, activist – who is actually Anna Alboth?

Anna: All of this! It’s just all consequence one of another. As a journalist I gathered a lot of knowledge, as a blogger – I gathered some publicity and followers, as a mother – sensitivity... Read More »

Dreamers Teach You How to Live Your Life

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A dreamer. A believer. An achiever. The man, who influenced my life and made me who I am today, and who deserves his story to be heard. I want to share a story about the most important and loved man in my life. My grandfather.

I have spent my entire life without a father, and if anyone has ever been close to a fatherly role and figure in my life it was my granddad. We shared the grief and lack of an important figure in our lives since he grew up without his mother. I believe this mutual understanding of a loss or absence of someone we needed and wanted close to us, was exactly what created... Read More »

Personal Growth and Development is Just a Touch Away

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When it comes to personal growth, more and more people understand the need for constant learning and self-determination. Most of them are aware of the pressure society puts on us, and know that in order to grow, to keep on inspiring others, but also leave enough room to shape yourself to the changes of today’s world, you have to be open towards learning.

Recently I had an “inspiration call” to get in touch with a colleague of mine with whom I haven’t talked for a long time. After starting to work for a company that is a leader in the field of personal growth, spirituality and mindfulness, she got the opportunity to see the world from a... Read More »

Living in a Foreign Country – How to Find Your Way Around

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Imagine being a person that grew up in a small town lost all alone in a city of 6 million with a dead cellphone battery and no local currency. Scary huh? That is exactly the position I found myself in on the 10th of September 2011, exactly a day after I moved from Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina (population around 150 000 at best, including cats) to Ankara, Turkey (population 6 million excluding students). I will probably never forget that evening. One moment I thought I knew exactly where I was and how to get home, and the next I could have sworn was that the metro station was right there but it wasn’t, and I very vaguely remembered... Read More »

Egypt Entrepreneurs: Amira Azzouz and Her Fustany

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Fashion is one of the industries that have been integrated with IT (Information Technology) field in order to introduce different fashion trends and lifestyle portals for Arab women. One of the leading portals that have been running for nine years is called Fustany (meaning my dress). This portal has changed and shaped the community not only in Egypt but in other Arabian countries as well. It is mostly providing up-to-date news about fashion, beauty, health, lifestyle, weddings and arts for Arab women.

Amira Azzouz, Fustany’s founder, earned her bachelor’s degree in Communication Engineering from the German University in Cairo (GUC). She launched Fustany when she was a student at GUC. Her main vision was to inspire Arab... Read More »

Claire Manning: The Oklahoma Girl who Fell in Love with Macedonia and Bulgaria

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11 June 2011, the USA. Claire Manning, a charming young lady from Oklahoma, knows very little about Eastern Europe. She has just graduated from the University of Chicago with a major in comparative human development. As she feels she wants to be a teacher, Claire applies for a placement with Teach for America. The day after her graduation ceremony, she is already on her way to a place where the aspiring teachers’ training is set to take place.

24 June 2016, Bulgaria. This is Claire’s last day as an English teacher at the foreign language school in the town of Sliven in the framework of Fulbright Bulgaria. She has spent the past two years in the town... Read More »

Egypt Entrepreneurs: Muhammed Nagi

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After the Egyptian revolution in 2011, the co-working space concept started to flourish. Young Egyptian youth started launching different initiatives to tackle many social problems. The revolution increased their ownership over their communities.

The co-working spaces have supported many initiatives that allowed organizations and entrepreneurs to connect and work together for a greater impact. AlMaqarr (means The Headquarters) was one of the pioneers that started actively supporting NGOs, initiatives, and student organizations by hosting them in their premises and offering mentorship, training, and network, so they can operate effectively and grow to tackle community’s problems.

Muhammad Nagi, AlMaqarr founder and MD, studied English Languages and Literature at The University of Ain Shams. Mohamed is an entrepreneur... Read More »