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It’s already been six months since I moved from a city of 3 million to a town of 3 thousand people in the middle of nowhere. I changed my active busy life that I had in Kyiv, Ukraine, to a slow motion way of living in Góis, Portugal. This is all because of my European Voluntary Service (EVS) placement in an organization with a name nobody-can-pronounce – RAIZVANGUARDA – Associação Cultural.

I live in an old house together with another volunteer Claire from London, a tiny snail in the bathroom and a grey mouse under my bed. We are working in an Old Primary School in Bordeiro on top of a hill. By “we” I mean Claire and I.

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Young Leaders in Tunisia are Shaping Their Country’s Future

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Tunisia is the first country in the entire Arab world to have a huge youth uprising in the North Africa countries’ history that ended up with a revolution in 2011 affecting not only Tunisia, but the other Arab countries as well.

The Arab spring started in 2011, in the same year when entrepreneurship has shown its positive effects on the community development. It was a tool that it was so needed by the young people to change their life and contribute effectively in their community.

There are many social entrepreneurs who succeeded after the Tunisian revolution, founding social enterprises that tackle the local community problems. One of those entrepreneurs, Hamida Louguini a Tunisian social entrepreneur, whose... Read More »

Story of Slovak Start-Up – Kickresume

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There are plenty of resume builders available online, but only a few of them are user-friendly and really simple to use. That was one of the reasons why Tomas Ondrejka and his friends launched a super-cool Slovak based start-up – KICKRESUME. “People still don’t know how to write a quality resume, and Kickresume is trying to help them. Besides, I think our original and functional designs of resume templates were what helped us stand out from the rest of the resume builders”, shares Tomas in our newest interview.

Mladiinfo: How did you bring Kickresume to life?

Tomas: We put Kickresume together with Peter Ďuriš back at university when we both needed to write... Read More »

How I Got the Chevening Scholarship?

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Zoia Pavlenko comes from Ukraine, and last year, she has had her most adventurous life experience: a one year study abroad experience, a Chevening year in the UK where she has conducted her Master in Environmental Engineering at the University of Nottingham, with the financial support of Chevening. In our newest article, read more about how she got there:

Chevening is a UK government international award, which sponsors developing global leaders in obtaining a Master degree at any British university. This program is financed by Foreign and Commonwealth office and is oriented on the future leaders, influence and decision makers from all over the globe.

During this one year – it seems as if I lived... Read More »

Young Journalists and Writers Raise Voices on Global Issues

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Article by: Zvijezdana Marković

Just two months ago I was doing the application to become part of the Young Journalists and Writers (known as YJAW), an attractive online web platform of writers, journalists and enthusiastic people who were all there with the same passion: writing and sharing their ideas with their peers from all over the world. To explain how YJAW was created, one should refer to Pakistan, where it all began.

In the backward areas of this country, it was a social custom for the girls not to be allowed to go outside, in public and to take part in everyday activities. A young man from Lahore, called Umair Rana decided to bring changes and started... Read More »

The Most Precious Things You Bring Back Home After Long Journeys Are Stories

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Marija Grujovska

Author: Stefan Alijevikj Picture credits: Marija Grujovska

“One of my strongest memories from my childhood is that of my grandfather’s stamp collection. My grandfather had the chance to travel to many different places of the world and the most precious things he always brought with himself back home were his stories. Those stories were materialized in the stamps that after every travel he would carefully stick in his stamp book. Exactly looking at the stamp collection and listening to my grandfather’s stories sparked a strong interest in cultural diversity. My then subtle discovery of the notion that there are many ways of being human has channeled my interests and passion ever since and drove me... Read More »

The United Kingdom: An Excellent Country for Erasmus Internship

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Article by: Hacı Mehmet Boyraz (Turkey) Edited by: Stefan Alijevikj, Tatiana Mrugová

In Turkey, there is a question “Who knows better: the one travelling more or the one reading more?”. After his Erasmus Internship in the UK, the young university student Hacı Mehmet Boyraz from Turkey says, that the one who travels more knows better, because as in his situation, he touched the things he saw in the pages directly, and now he is writing his own observations and experiences. This is Hacı’s 4-months Erasmus Internship story where he explains how to enjoy in the UK as well as provides some relevant information about his internship experience:

I am studying International Relations with Political Science and Public Administration as a... Read More »

A Word on Filmmaking, Storytelling and Culture with Ana Jakimska

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Interview done by Stefan Alievikj Photography credits: Branko Kosteski 

Ana Jakimska has graduated in General and Comparative Literature at the Faculty of Philology Blaze Koneski in Skopje and afterwards has continued her studies in Film-making also in Skopje. Enthusiastic, motivated and progressive – with her work behind and her current engagements she always tackles some key-social and cultural challenges embedded in the Macedonian contemporary society. Her movies produced include: Shawl (2011, short), Call me Barbara (2013, documentary/short), Loverinth (2014, short) and It’s Cold Outside (2014, short, to be premiered on Skopje Film Festival 2014). She is also into photography and into storytelling and literature in general. We are happy  to have Ana answering few questions for Mladiinfo this week!

M!:  You... Read More »

UN Summer School in New York: Macedonian Student Shares the Experience!

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Interview by: Dimitar Chatleski Edited by: Ana Alibegova

Petar Jankuloski from Prilep, Macedonia is not just an ordinary student at the Department of Translation and Interpreting at the Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje. Last year, he had an amazing opportunity to be selected as one of the 100 participants at the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations (UNAOC) and Education First (EF) Summer School in Tarrytown, New York. After having participated at various youth events, conferences, as well as at the Work and Travel Program, Petar decided to take the challenge and applied for this unique event. In the following lines, he gives you tips and tricks on how to make your application better and explains what he learned during... Read More »

Free Diving: No Limits until the last Breath of Freedom

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Interview by Tamara Miletic Photography by Goran Colak database

Every normal human being considers breathing as the most automated process in the world. We don’t even think about breathing during our days. It happens spontaneously. But breathing is an action which can be controlled and improved voluntarily, and control of your breath means control of your mind, body and feelings as well. This is actually what free-divers do while staying under the water with one single breath to push their limits of freedom. The origins of this discipline date back to the ancient Greece, although the first record of free-diving was recorded at the beginning of the 20th Century and we had to wait until 2002 to have an official... Read More »