The Transformative Power of Online Education: iversity

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Through the past year, established itself as a platform which offers unprecedented opportunities for students and professors and  it encompasses Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). With the establishment of such platform, instantly, a new world of  knowledge was created where students from all corners of the planet are enabled to dive in and take new academic journeys, gain experiences that would tie them with professors. Simultaneously, all professors would extend their reach by teaching tens of thousands students globally.

Such access to education can both vastly improve people’s lives on continual base and bring about real change to big number of communities. That is why all courses are free to everyone at iversity and why the... Read More »

Public Speaking as a Way of Life!

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Interview by: Ana Alibegova Edited by: Stefan Alievikj Picture Credits: Forum Oratores

Nobody could ever imagine what kind of energy and positive atmosphere is evoked in an approximately 9 m2 room at the Faculty of Law “Iustinianus Primus” in Skopje, Macedonia. The colorful office makes a home to few young rhetoricians, who gather here to exchange opinions, share ideas and improve their public speaking skills. However, they do not keep their knowledge and experience for themselves only, but organize trainings in public speaking to spread the love for the rhetoric to their peers and high school students. At the annual oratory competition organized at the Faculty of Law in Skopje, they present their speeches to the wider audience, together with... Read More »

OneEurope: A Platform of the Erasmus Generation

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Interview by: Ana Alibegova Photo credits: OneEurope

The young Hanna Starchyk who comes from Belarus and lives in Germany is one of the 100 passionate activists from Europe and around the globe that firmly believe in the European idea. Right on Facebook, she learnt about an internship opportunity in Social Media Management and applied to become part of the OneEurope team. Through the platform OneEurope, young people do not only inform about current European events, but tackle serious issues such as the European identity crisis, youth unemployment, conflicts and quality of education. What makes OneEurope unique from all the other pro-European platforms is exactly the courage to speak aloud about every issue and to empower youth to share their ideas... Read More »

A Word on Filmmaking, Storytelling and Culture with Ana Jakimska

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Interview done by Stefan Alievikj Photography credits: Branko Kosteski 

Ana Jakimska has graduated in General and Comparative Literature at the Faculty of Philology Blaze Koneski in Skopje and afterwards has continued her studies in Film-making also in Skopje. Enthusiastic, motivated and progressive – with her work behind and her current engagements she always tackles some key-social and cultural challenges embedded in the Macedonian contemporary society. Her movies produced include: Shawl (2011, short), Call me Barbara (2013, documentary/short), Loverinth (2014, short) and It’s Cold Outside (2014, short, to be premiered on Skopje Film Festival 2014). She is also into photography and into storytelling and literature in general. We are happy  to have Ana answering few questions for Mladiinfo this week!

M!:  You... Read More »

EVS Volunteering in a Nutshell

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Article by: Ladislav Borka (Slovakia) Edited by: Stefan Alievikj

When I told my mom I am going to be an EVS volunteer in Vukovar, Croatia, she got an image of Mother Teresa combined with Francis of Assisi in a white, long cloak made for monks taking care of orphans and people with lethal diseases. After one year of volunteering I can confirm that this sort of outfit does not belong to an ordinary volunteer´s wardrobe.

My father was more skeptic: instead of being such hippie, I should rather find a normal job and earn some normal money for living – argued he.

Well, who would like to make good money immediately, should not choose EVS. For others, who are not sure how to continue after high school, bachelor or master degree, EVS can be... Read More »

From a Training Participant to a Successful Local Community Leader

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Tree by Tree Activists Interview done by: Ana Alibegova Edited by: Stefan Alievikj

Tree by Tree (Drvo po drvo) is an initiative that started in Subotica, Serbia as a symbol of welfare and environment. The young enthusiasts behind the initiative want to show that with patience and step by step progress, great changes could be achieved. Nenad Lukic participated at a Balkan Let’s Get Up Programme and after the seminar in Project Management in Ecology he came home with an idea to start doing something for his local community. By engaging in the Tree by Tree activities, he got some practical experience as well, essential for the labor market. “It might sound funny, but although we finished Landscape Architecture studies, first... Read More »

UN Summer School in New York: Macedonian Student Shares the Experience!

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Interview by: Dimitar Chatleski Edited by: Ana Alibegova

Petar Jankuloski from Prilep, Macedonia is not just an ordinary student at the Department of Translation and Interpreting at the Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje. Last year, he had an amazing opportunity to be selected as one of the 100 participants at the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations (UNAOC) and Education First (EF) Summer School in Tarrytown, New York. After having participated at various youth events, conferences, as well as at the Work and Travel Program, Petar decided to take the challenge and applied for this unique event. In the following lines, he gives you tips and tricks on how to make your application better and explains what he learned during... Read More »

Youth Media Role is to Counteract Politically Corrupt Media!

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Haris Dedovic, Picture credits: e-Society.Mk: Youth and Media Conference Interview by: Stefan Alievikj Edited by: Ana Alibegova

Karike (The Links) is a youth magazine in production of a team of young people from Bosnia and Herzegovina and read and focused on young people in particular. It goes in print for six years already, in Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian language, and all the work regarding this youth magazine has grown as a firm example of a good practice for media led by youth. The magazine work so far is all done through volunteering, thus this amazing team behind Karike promotes volunteerism in the same time. As our interviewee for this week on Mladiinfo we have our friend Haris Dedovic, editor-in-chief of this youth magazine. Here we... Read More »

Grasping Your Career with Your Own Hands

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Article by: Ana Alibegova and Stefan Alievikj

“Why not me?” is a documentary movie in production of Mladiinfo, presenting the stories of six talented Macedonians up to the age of 30, who have successfully obtained their professional careers in their home country.

The documentary, as part of the project “Wake up, Build up, Speak up”, illustrates the stories of Arton Lena from Eurohaus,  Damjan Dano from IWM Network, Ilina Nesik from Balkan Civil Society Development Network (BCSDN),  Nenad Antonievik from Denesa Tobaco  and Ilir Sаbriu and Altrim Asani from Unixi Group. Each of the stories is inspiring and igniting. With the single aim to “wake up” the young people in Macedonia by sharing particularly Macedonian success stories, each young person in the... Read More »

Traveler Types Not to Mess With

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picture credit: Cruise Ship Passengers, Brian Wotherspoon – Flickr Article by Ana Alibegova

Only a day is left before the start of the journey to one of your favorite destination. The excitement reaches the peak, a hostel is booked, tickets are bought, the passport is here, packing is soon coming to an end. There is no way you can sleep tonight; tomorrow is the “D day”, when your holiday or study abroad is going to start. “I will get some sleep during the trip, there is plenty of time”, you try to comfort yourself. But sorry to disappoint you, it can easily happen that the eventual short nap in the taxi to the airport might be the only 15 minutes you... Read More »