Macedonian Students React on Newly Proposed Educational Reforms

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photo credits: Archive of Students’ Plenum Article by: Stefan Alijevikj / Mladiinfo International’s team Edited by: Ana Alibegova / Mladiinfo International’s team

New educational reforms encompassing external state-supervised exams that have to be taken by all students before they complete their studies moved the academic community in Macedonia at the end of 2014. As the law was presented to the public and was planned to be introduced in 2015, a new non-formal students’ body was initiated, named Students’ Plenum (Studentski Plenum). In a short time span, the student body managed to mobilize massive number of students and youth who would support the movement against the introduction of the new law and against alleged government interference in the... Read More »

Much Should Be Done to Make Youth Open-Minded

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Article by: Alžbetka Hudakova Photos: private archive Edited by: Ana Alibegova

From a girls’ club promoting au pair, the Club International from Stuttgart, Germany has gradually become an international place and a meeting point for young adults from all over the world. Now the center aims to end the multicultural barriers and is open to all who want to help, share ideas and help to improve the living together between the different cultures in Germany. Marie Skripec from Club International presents her organization to Mladiinfo’s readers.

Mladiinfo Slovakia: How long is this organization active?  Do you have any interesting story connected with your beginnings?

Marie Skripec: The Club International is part of the VIJ, the “Verein für International... Read More »

Discover Central European University in the Heart of Budapest!

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picture credits: Daniel Vegel Article by: Central European University team

Central European University (CEU) is a “crossroads” university that is home to students and faculty members from some 100 countries. It was established in Budapest in 1991 in response to the revolutionary changes in Central and Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. Founder George Soros, the American-Hungarian financier and philanthropist, envisioned CEU as a source of intellectual support for building open and democratic societies that respect human rights and the rule of law. The University’s mission remains true to this original goal today.

CEU’s most distinctive features

CEU is a unique, multicultural university accredited in both the U.S, and Hungary. CEU offers high-quality graduate degree programs taught in English,... Read More »

Building Peace Is About Real People, Not Statistical Numbers

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Article by: Frosina Doninovska Photos: private archive Edited by: Ana Alibegova

The young Frosina Doninovska from Skopje, Macedonia had a chance to be entitled a Youth Reconciliation Ambassador after participating on a unique gathering of 20 young enthusiasts from Macedonia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo. During the one-week seminar organized by Youth Education Committee from Belgrade and supported by the Embassy of United Kingdom in Serbia, the participants had a floor to talk about their views on the conflicts in the region, to question the pitfalls in the reconciliation process as well as to hear lectures from remarkable speakers and experts in the area of peace-building in former Yugoslavia. Frosina summarizes her impressions and sends a message to all... Read More »

Happenings at Anglo-American University of Prague

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The Anglo-American University of Prague, an institution that has provided premium private education for 25 years, is proud to announce that it will move to the Thurn and Taxis Palace by the end of this year.

In keeping with tradition, the new campus will be located just down the street from AAU’s present building at Letenská 5, Prague 1- Malá Strana.  The Prague Castle will be visible from almost all classrooms. All students will have the opportunity to wander along the cobbled side streets of Malá Strana, browse small shops, explore churches and discover traditional Czech pubs and restaurants.

The historic Thurn and Taxis Palace has been abandoned for several years and has passed through many... Read More »

BLITAB – Bringing the Modern Social Community Closer to Blind People

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Written by: Arancha Redondo Edited by: Ana Alibegova

The enthusiastic 19-year old Stanislav Slavev from Bulgaria is part of a team who have created a revolutionary device. BLITAB is the name of their product, a special tablet computer that will help blind and visually impaired people worldwide to benefit from the newest technologies be part of the modern social community. Driven by his idea for social innovation, Stanislav recently moved to Vienna to actively join the BLITAB team and to start his Bachelor studies in Business Informatics. Mladiinfo International had the opportunity to meet Stanislav at the Social Impact Award Community Meeting that took place in Bratislava last month and recently spoke with this young entrepreneur who firmly... Read More »

The Most Precious Things You Bring Back Home After Long Journeys Are Stories

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Marija Grujovska

Author: Stefan Alijevikj Picture credits: Marija Grujovska

“One of my strongest memories from my childhood is that of my grandfather’s stamp collection. My grandfather had the chance to travel to many different places of the world and the most precious things he always brought with himself back home were his stories. Those stories were materialized in the stamps that after every travel he would carefully stick in his stamp book. Exactly looking at the stamp collection and listening to my grandfather’s stories sparked a strong interest in cultural diversity. My then subtle discovery of the notion that there are many ways of being human has channeled my interests and passion ever since and drove me... Read More »

iversity: The Story Behind

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Managing directors of iversity: Hannes Klöpper and Sander Nijssen

Author: Stefan Alijevikj Pictures copyright: Na’ama Landau emerged as a platform for Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) that back in October 2013 launched the first semester with 10 courses and in total 115,000 registered users. MOOCs today offer unprecedented opportunities for students and professors alike. The team of iversity believes that open courses can make a difference by enabling students from all over the world to take courses from professors all over the world. Conversely open courses enable professors to extend their reach by teaching tens of thousands of students worldwide. On behalf of iversity team, this week we have Jackie Peterson who answers to our question and... Read More »

When Slovakia Becomes Your Second Home

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Agele Moses Taban, part of Mladiinfo Slovensko team; photography from Veronika Blanarova

Author: Zuzana Babikova Edited by: Ana Alibegova / Stefan Alijevikj

Agele Moses Taban is an amusing young man that easily makes friendships thanks to his open approach and wide smile. The 26-year old youngster comes from Juba, which doubles as the capital of South Sudan and the South Sudanese state Central Equatoria, but currently lives and studies Business Management at Comenius University in Bratislava, Slovakia. Wanting to learn more about the youth movements and with time to become an active change-maker in the society, Moses joins the team of Mladiinfo Slovensko. Trying to avoid everyday discussion about the conflict in the African region he comes from,... Read More »

Will Non-formal Education Be in the Party’s Agenda for the 2015 General Elections?

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Picture credits

Article by: Melanie Pinet (The United Kingdom) Edited by: Stefan Alijevikj

While government officials in the United Kingdom are wandering around Westminster patting themselves on the back about the latest drop in unemployment figures (released by the Office for National Statistics), the youth of the country are still disengaged and the forgotten souls without hope rarely end up in their dream job, or even know what it may be. While this seductive new data sets up camp in the political agenda for the next general election, the questions is really whether it is merely papering over the cracks?

Not only do these figures deceive by including unpaid internships (of which have become commonplace amongst... Read More »