Visas for Moldovans – an Achievement or a Technical Procedure?

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                                                                                                      Article by: Maria Vizdoaga

For Moldovans and for other citizens from Eastern Europe, obtaining a visa for entering the EU countries has gained the status of an achievement. The process for obtaining a visa requires a lot of documents which would prove that people who apply do not intend to overstay and become illegal immigrants in the EU area.

In the West, obtaining a visa is only a matter of... Read More »

‘Megaphone’ – Speak Loud: Europe is Listening!

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Article by Emilija Georgievska Edited by Stefan Alievikj and Katerina Bogdanova

We all know what the letters PR stand for and have certainly heard how important the PR sector in a company’s work is. But what does it mean to have a good PR team when working in a youth organisation and what are the challenges that you might face when promoting your work in the public are not topics that are often discussed. In order to give answers to these questions, Mladiinfo organised “Megaphone- Speak loud: Europe is listening!”, a training course held in Ohrid, Macedonia  from 1st– 8th July. The event hosted 35 participants from Azerbaijan, Romania, Turkey, Slovakia, Serbia, Italy, Macedonia who all shared their experiences from... Read More »

Challenge:Future EXCITE Youth Event in Singapore

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Written by Challenge:Future team

Over 150 guests descended on the Sustainable Living Kampung at Bottle Tree Park to witness students from six different tertiary institutions battle it out in the finale of DBS EXCITE! Youth Program, organized by Ground-Up Initiative, CEEMAN and Challenge:Future, supported by Youth in Action Program. Singapore is one of ten countries, and one of just two Asian countries apart from India, chosen to inspire young people to identify innovative solutions to address youth unemployment and create jobs for the future.

The DBS EXCITE! programme — EXChange for Innovation, Technopreneurship and Entrepreneurship — is testimony to how the grassroots movement that GUI advocates is gaining international recognition. Minister K Shanmugam, Singapore’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister of Law and Member of Parliament for... Read More »

5 Wonderful Places to Visit in South Korea

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Fireworks over Wonhyo Bridge – Han River, caption by Olivier Le Rille, National Geographic 

Written by Jana Lazarevska

A year passed since I was an exchange student in Seoul, South Korea. It was an incredible adventure filled with new friendships and intensive studying. As time goes by my memory gets overwhelmed by new events and obligations chasing after me on daily bases. But, even though some puzzles of my memory started to fade away there are those bits and pieces that are simply unforgettable. So, here are the most amazing places I had the chance to visit while in Korea that will stay engraved in my memory forever.

1 . Han River

I believe that every traveler has their... Read More »

Make Happiness Your Obligation!

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 Interview by: Emilija Georgievska

How many times have you wanted to change something about  the city where you live in? There certainly are things that you mind about your environment and you probably have various interesting ideas of how to make it a better place to live in. However, the big question here is what do you actually do to change your life and the lives of other people to better? Having amazing ideas and realizing  these same ideas are two very different processes which are dependent upon each other, but what we see today are many people who stop at the first phase and never realize what they had in mind.

Luckily, counter-examples who serve as a source of... Read More »

How to Begin Thinking Bigger at Fontys International Business School?

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Article written by Vanesa Vazharova

I am Vanesa from Bulgaria – currently a second-year undergraduate student at Fontys International Business School in The Netherlands. I remember how afraid I was couple of years ago when I faced the difficult decision of whether to study abroad. I assume that many of you are also wondering what to do with your lives. Therefore, I decided to write this article and just share my experience as a student at Fontys International Campus Venlo.

And the reason why I chose to do so via Mladiinfo is because, thanks to Mladiinfo, I found out about the International Youth Conference on Biodiversity in 2010, and had some of the most amazing times of my life in... Read More »

Comparatists from the Former Yugoslav Republics United in Skopje

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Photograph taken by: Milos Ilic

The students at the Department of General and Comparative Literature from Skopje, Macedonia had the honor to host their colleagues from Belgrade and Novi Sad, Serbia and from Zagreb, Croatia. It was the first students union of comparatists on the level of Ex Yugoslavian countries. The event – organized for less than a month! The energy – you should have been there as a true comapratist to feel it. The organizers: the students themselves! All they needed was will, love and enthusiasms.

Literature is important, as it is always present to feed the other branches of the society.  Comparatists are among the rare agents of society today whose focus would not necessarily orbit around profit. It’s... Read More »

An Internship Experience at the Council of Europe

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Written by Eni Mazniku

In my professional life thus far, I have had a few achievements. One of them, on which I want to focus in this article, is the internship at Council of Europe Office in Tirana. It all started during a Moot Court Competition organized by EURALIUS (Consolidation of Justice System, Mission of the European Union in Albania). I was selected to be one of the representatives of the Faculty of Law at the University of Tirana during the Moot Court. After a successful presentation in that activity, the Council of Europe Mission in Tirana showed interest in the finalists in the competition. After an interview and a selection process, I was appointed as an intern at the... Read More »

Volunteering in Finland – the Land Where the Sun Never Sets

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Author: Halid Muratoski

Once, when I was a teenager I promised myself that I will go to the land of thousand lakes, the land where the sun never sets during summer days. It all started during high school days where I became a Finfanatic, lurking through the stories of the Kalevala – the national epic of Finland. Väinämöinen has been my hero and Illmatar my muse ever since.

Growing up in a remote village in Western Macedonia, I didn’t get to see the world much. It all started from Mladiinfo’s Facebook page, where I noticed a call for a volunteer in Finland, in the pearl of the North, Helsinki. HELSINGIN LYHYTAIKAISKOTI JA TYÖPAJA LYHTY RY was looking for a voluntary... Read More »

U.S. & Macedonian Students Diving Deep Into A New Academic Adventure

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Macedonian students with Dr. Steve Faulke and  Carine Ullom

A group of students from the Department of English Language and Literature at the Blaze Koneski Faculty of Philology  in Skopje, in the current spring semester of the 2012/2013 academic year have the opportunity to be part of quite special and unique course, “Regions of the Balkan and the U.S.”. The course simultaneously integrates students from Ottawa University in Kansas and the English Department at UKIM. Both of the students groups are linked via an on-line academic platform called Blackboard where they have the chance to explore and learn both about U.S. and Balkan culture in general, to delve deeper into important historical moments, discover admirable geographic landscapes, get acquainted... Read More »