We Are Not Less than Other People in Any Way

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“We want to show the world that we are not less than other people in any way”, said Tomáš Dančo, a young guy in wheelchair.

“I always choose a person who is closer to my age and who can understand me, is familiar with my needs to be my personal assistant”, said Tomáš Dančo, a person in wheelchair, who is a member of the informal group for people with disabilities in Bratislava and a technical-economical worker who finished his studies at the Institute for work rehabilitation. The topic of our discussion was the barrier friendliness of Bratislava. We interviewed him and his colleague Adam Riečičiar, the member of the same informal group of people with disabilities, who... Read More »

The Story Behind Mladiinfo at the European Youth Event 2016!

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Author: Dimitar Chatleski and Ana Alibegova Photo credits: Ana Alibegova

“Together we can make a chance” was the powerful slogan of this year’s European Youth Event 2016 (EYE 2016). Organized by the European Youth Forum and the European Parliament, on 20 and 21 May 2016 in Strasbourg, France, more than 7500 people gathered from each corner of Europe to celebrate once again the biggest youth event of the year.

Having a unique opportunity to join fruitful discussions at the European Parliament, as well as participate at the numerous workshops in the hubs of the Yo!Fest, 600 groups took active role in exchanging experiences with the other attendies, as well as learning new information and opportunities. Through the habitual debate, as... Read More »

Tunisia Hosted the Second Civic Education Conference

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Author: Dimitar Chatleski Photo credits: Antoaneta Ivanova

Following the good outcomes from the first conference that took place back in December 2013 in Alexandria, from May 13-15, 2016 Tunisia hosted the second Civic Education Conference. Organized by the Goethe Institut, while being built on 60 recommendations, it inspired the participants and speakers of this year’s conference through participatory approach to focus on assessing the development of the sector.

Having close to 150 participants from European and Arab countries, The Civic Education Conference 2016 collected participants from governmental and non-governmental agencies, as well as experts from Europe, the MENA region and the United States of America.

Having two languages as official, English, and Arabic, the conference was base around... Read More »

Story of Slovak Start-Up – Kickresume

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There are plenty of resume builders available online, but only a few of them are user-friendly and really simple to use. That was one of the reasons why Tomas Ondrejka and his friends launched a super-cool Slovak based start-up – KICKRESUME. “People still don’t know how to write a quality resume, and Kickresume is trying to help them. Besides, I think our original and functional designs of resume templates were what helped us stand out from the rest of the resume builders”, shares Tomas in our newest interview.

Mladiinfo: How did you bring Kickresume to life?

Tomas: We put Kickresume together with Peter Ďuriš back at university when we both needed to write... Read More »

Youth Forum in Skopje: “Representation of Minorities in the New Media in Central and Eastern Europe”

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Photo: Marko Trosanovski (Macedonia), main project researcher, presenting at previous  forum in Sofia

The Youth Forum in Skopje, “Representation of Minorities in the New Media in Central and Eastern Europe” will take place on 3rd and 4th of March, and will make the venue where 50 young people from the countries of Central and Eastern Europe will participate and discuss on key questions related to minorities and new media, with the aim to discover how does new media in this region portray minorities and to what extent they can contribute to the promotion of diversity.

The forum is being hosted and organized by the Association for Education Mladiinfo International, and supported by the programmes of Europe for Citizens and the Central European Initiative. The opening of... Read More »

There Is A Vast Amount Of Opportunities Prague Has to Offer – Seize Them!

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Anastasia Shishkina is a 3rd year humanities student at Anglo-American University in Prague originally from Russia and currently studying abroad at Chapman University, California. Being involved in many student activities and taking advantage of studying in an international environment truly enriches her life that offered her countless adventurous both home and abroad. In our latest featured article, Anastasia shares for the Anglo-American University in Prague:

AAU: Why did you choose to study humanities in Prague?

Anastasia: I have always been into arts and believed that the best place to study culture is Europe because of its rich historical heritage. To tell the truth, Prague was not my first choice. I was accepted to several universities in the... Read More »

My Voice Unheard – Tackling the Clichéd Images of Pakistan

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My Voice Unheard is a humanistic project that aims at bringing a counter-narrative to the uni-dimensional and clichéd image of Pakistan through self-expression. Anum Nawaz and her team collect biographies and a memoirs of real Pakistani’s who are not terrorists or extremists and have in fact, contributed positively to the world in their own distinct ways. However, these individuals are lesser known for their work and the platform aims at acknowledging, appreciating that and sharing it with others in order to counter stereotyping of Pakistan. My Voice Unheard was started as a social media campaign in 2015 when Anum was selected as the World Peace Caravan Youth Ambassador from Pakistan and started this project as part of the... Read More »

Social Impact Award Is Not About Money, It’s About Making A Difference

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Interview by: Stefan Alijevikj Edited by: Marija Matovska 

The Social Impact Awards for 2016 are just about to be launched in dozens of European countries. Mladiinfo International joined the initiative, and organized the awards for the first time in 2015, for Macedonia. The journey with the Social Impact Award is an exciting one, and, it means you will also get to meet and collaborate with amazing people. In our newest interview, and just before taking off with activities for the 2016 edition of the awards, we conducted an interview with Jakob Detering, Director of the Social Impact Award.

Being 27 years old, born and raised in Germany, Jakob Detering is part of a younger European generation that challenges... Read More »

Voices for the World – Voices for World Peace

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During the summer of 2015, we were happy to host 40 short-term EVS volunteers for our summer project in sport reporting volunteering on handball in Macedonia. In this issue, we follow up with one of our dear volunteers, Sofia Arthurs-Schoppe, who has come to Europe a long way from a faraway country, New Zealand. Along with Andrés Oliva Lozano from Spain, with whom she meets in their School of peace in Israel – they both open the Voices for the world online platform. In times of rising challenge for maintaining World Peace, in rising actions of violence, conflicts and humanitarian crisis, yet we see authentic rise of many youth voices. Sofia and Andrés are one of those youth who bring forward... Read More »

First Youth Training Course within Erasmus+ in Belarus Gathers 30 Participants

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Author: Denis Kolga Photo credits: Aksana Rudovich

The training course “My role as a Global Citizen” as part of the Erasmus+ program took place in Minsk on September 2 – 8. This event was organized by the Italian NGO “Free Minds in Action” and Georgian NGO “Equality and Development Center” in partnership with the Belarusian NGO “Youth Initiative”, assisted by the Minsk Shapers Hub. The training was supported by the Italian national youth agency.

Educational event gathered 30 young people from Italy, Czech Republic, Georgia, Slovenia, Hungary, and Belarus. During the training, the participants heard lectures on international relations and migration, developed their debating skills on the actual international challenges in the simulation game, and prepared short... Read More »