Macedonian student brings goodwill to world’s happiest nation

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Sandra (holding microphone) at Denmark’s National Youth Goodwill Ambassadors Conference in November 2013.

Interview by Stefan Alievikj Edited by Austin Fast Photo credits: Youth Goodwill Ambassadors and Aarhus University

Sandra Kostadinova comes from Shtip, Macedonia. She finished high school in her hometown and after that she enrolled at the Department of English Language and LiteratureBlaze Koneski Faculty of Philology at the in Skopje. After completing her undergraduate studies she decided to broaden her horizons and look for a more challenging Master’s program that will offer her even more profound knowledge in Languages. Since the programs offered at her alma mater didn’t really cover her interests she decided to apply for a program somewhere abroad. She was luckily accepted to... Read More »

Putting Your Education on the Map. Several Reasons to Study at Anglo-American University

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When you are thinking about which university to choose after successfully completing high school or a previous higher education program, it is important to consider your options. One of those is undoubtedly Anglo-American University (AAU) in Prague, the oldest private institution of higher education in the Czech Republic, and one of the oldest in the region. Since its foundation in 1990, AAU has quickly established itself as a leader among today’s European universities and a favorite study abroad destination.

With curricula that draw on the best of British and American teaching practice, balanced with Central European tradition, AAU offers students small class sizes, interactive study programs, flexible schedules, and dynamic instructors from top schools all around the world (including Cambridge, Harvard,... Read More »

Engaging Fully in Modern Society

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Opening remarks of Nikola Danev

Article by Austin Fast Picture credits: Donna Urdinov

“Introduce yourselves, involve more participants, don’t speak too fast, and create more structure in the presentation.” Those were the bullet points of advice that teacher Melissa Mitreski passed on to her students after they facilitated an interactive session on racism and sexism in modern society at Nova International High School in Skopje, Macedonia.

On 14-17 November 2013, Nova hosted 80 students from eight member schools of the Central and Eastern European Schools Association (CEESA) for a “hands-on student involvement conference” (HOSIC) to discuss, debate and explore their chosen theme of “Modern Society.”

Although Nova staff handled some aspects of planning the event, Nova students such as 15-year-old Nikola... Read More »

Job Shadowing at Mladiinfo office in Skopje

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Jasminka and Marta are two lovely ladies from the Mladiinfo Slovenia branch. They were both happy to undertake a job shadowing activity, supported by the Youth in Action Programme and they were our dear guests in the Mladiinfo main office in Skopje, Macedonia from 28 October until 8 November!

“I joined Mladiinfo in the Slovenia branch in 2012. I was visiting the webpage quite often and I was able to track a lot of useful information there. As I’ve been living in Slovenia in the past few years, I was lucky to be acquainted with the Slovenian branch and decided to volunteer with the Slovenian team. For me it was an opportunity to help as many young people as possible to access... Read More »

They will bring change to Africa!

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Interview done by Stefan Alievikj

This September, part of Mladiinfo crew landed in Slovenia to attend Slovenia’s autumn highlight, the Challenge:Future Summit 2013 that was held in Maribor, Ljubljana and Bled. While in Slovenia, we met three inspiring young women from Africa: Alice Pejo (26), Chourouq Haisni (23) and Udoka Chiefe (25) .

Udoka Chiefe, born and bred in Nigeria, has a legal background academically, but her primary interests are in youth development work, especially young women, with a special interest in information technology and innovation. “I love learning. I find myself reading everything from the Holy Bible to Seneca, from Jane Eyre to Siddhartha, from learning Python programming to jewelry making. I believe that life is a journey to be... Read More »

Sneak Peek at two Macedonian EVS volunteers

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Photo by Blagica Gjorgijevska Interview done by Tamara Miletic 

The European Voluntary Service is one of several actions within the Youth in Action program, funded by the European Union, to increase the skills, experiences and overall participation of youth in community development projects. Since 2009, Mladiinfo is a sending and hosting organization giving the chance to many youngsters all over Europe to take part in this amazing experience of exploring the world and learning from different people and cultures. So far, we have hosted more than 15 volunteers coming from Slovakia, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Belgium, The Netherlands and Croatia who helped us to develop our activities and work, and we have sent abroad more than 35 Macedonians who wanted to expand... Read More »

Why Do We Need to Get Out from our Comfort Zone?

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Article by Gayk Ayvazyan

South-East Asia is the place where differences are treated as something ordinary and where the traditions are seen as priorities. Singapore is one of the states that really makes a difference when it comes to business and legal order at global scale, while preserving the sense of social discipline.

About a year ago I had the chance to study at the Law School of Singapore Management University. A semester abroad for me was a call to enrich my knowledge in law, but also to enrich my knowledge about a different culture. After everything, I achieved my goal and was happy to return home with a meaningful experience, but even more importantly I “enlarged... Read More »

Successful Macedonian Story: MIT University- Skopje

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Merve Evliyaoglu, 23 years old, from Turkey has very special love for Macedonia. Although she has grown up in Turkey, and currently lives and works in Istanbul in the public prosecutor office, she has many friends in Skopje and great memories of MIT University where she has recently graduated.

Her decision to study abroad was brought on more or less the same reasons that are shared by young people at her age: seeking new challenges, something new and different, but solid enough to be able to build up her career and future on it. That’s why, she has chosen MIT University. As she says: “I loved that place from the very first time I entered there. I got European treatment and... Read More »

Let’s Reconcile!

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Article by: Aleksandra Savevska Edited by: Austin Fast and Stefan Alievikj

This September brought me the chance to become a Youth Reconciliation Ambassador. It all happened after I successfully finished the Youth Reconciliation Ambassadors seminar that was held in Belgrade altogether with 25 other students and young activist coming from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo and Macedonia. It was an opportunity for me to witness heated debates, arguments and counter-arguments and furthermore history lessons, some of which already learnt and some never heard of; upbeat nationalism contrasted with messy globalism. Here is my story of the event!

First things first, let me tell you about the ‘time warp’ I had experienced during the seminar.  Have you ever had that... Read More »

Youth Future Conference-A Week in a Sustainable World

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                                                                                                                                                                  Article by Ana Alibegova

A week in a sustainable world

It is 7:30 in the morning. Couple of young people go door to door and sing at the doorstep: “Morning has come, night is away, rise with... Read More »