Will Non-formal Education Be in the Party’s Agenda for the 2015 General Elections?

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Article by: Melanie Pinet (The United Kingdom) Edited by: Stefan Alijevikj

While government officials in the United Kingdom are wandering around Westminster patting themselves on the back about the latest drop in unemployment figures (released by the Office for National Statistics), the youth of the country are still disengaged and the forgotten souls without hope rarely end up in their dream job, or even know what it may be. While this seductive new data sets up camp in the political agenda for the next general election, the questions is really whether it is merely papering over the cracks?

Not only do these figures deceive by including unpaid internships (of which have become commonplace amongst... Read More »

The United Kingdom: An Excellent Country for Erasmus Internship

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Article by: Hacı Mehmet Boyraz (Turkey) Edited by: Stefan Alijevikj, Tatiana Mrugová

In Turkey, there is a question “Who knows better: the one travelling more or the one reading more?”. After his Erasmus Internship in the UK, the young university student Hacı Mehmet Boyraz from Turkey says, that the one who travels more knows better, because as in his situation, he touched the things he saw in the pages directly, and now he is writing his own observations and experiences. This is Hacı’s 4-months Erasmus Internship story where he explains how to enjoy in the UK as well as provides some relevant information about his internship experience:

I am studying International Relations with Political Science and Public Administration as a... Read More »

They deCIDed to be the change!

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Article by: Marko Matovic, Alejandro Gonzaga, Laura Antón Estrella, Mislav Volarevic, Gunther Malin  Edited by: Stefan Alijevikj and Ana Alibegova

“The idea was to really do something that we want and that will be our idea, and which other young people recognize and support as an initiative.”

As participants of youth exchange project “Raise your V.O.I.C.E” organized by Mladiinfo International in May 2014, our task was to visit the „Center for intercultural dialogue” in the city of Kumanovo and to find out about their work. We had the opportunity to talk with Ivana Davidovska, part of the team of CID. Ivana gave us great insight not only into organization, their work, good and bad experiences, but also insight into... Read More »

Lidija Globokar: Interns to Say “No” to Unfair Working Conditions

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Lidija at European Interns’ Day in Brussels

Interview done by Lenka Curillova Edited by: Stefan Alijevikj and Ana Alibegova

Born in Germany to Slovenian partners, Lidija Globokar grew up bilingually and “biculturally”. She guesses that this has influenced her choices of studies as she is BA in Languages and Business and MA in Communication and European Affairs. During her Bachelor’s she takes the opportunity to spend two years abroad in France and Ireland, and she conducts her Master’s degree afterwards in Brussels, Belgium. She has a strong interest in learning new languages, getting to know people from different countries, and as well she considers herself a true “Europhile” embracing the European spirit that together we are stronger.... Read More »

Berlin – The Heaven of Internship Opportunities

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Author: Jana Balusikova Edited by: Ana Alibegova, Stefan Alijevikj

“I regret not the things I’ve done, but those I did not do”, said the American actor Rory Cochrane.  Namely, this quote inspired young Jana Balusikova from Slovakia to write down her thoughts and to share her experience with all of you who are doubtful to make a step out of the comfort zone. This is her story about the big step to live abroad and about the amazing time she spent in the German capital:

Few months ago I faced a tough decision about doing an internship in Berlin – on one side it sounded like fulfilling a dream, but I knew that would also mean that... Read More »

Tetovo – The City of Colours

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Written by: Mia Toic, Emina Mehic, Javier Gonzalez Moreno, Bert Roymans, Teodora Stamenkovic, Maurizio Ciranni Edited by: Ana Alibegova and Stefan Alijevikj Photos by: Maurizio Ciranni

Pena River and Shar Mountain beautify the north-west Macedonian city of Tetovo. Lot of cultures, colours, traditions and customs come cross in this historic city, just 40 km away from the capital of Macedonia, Skopje. Wanting to get first-hand experience and an insight of how the minorities live in Macedonia, the participants on the youth exchange Raise Your V.O.I.C.E organized by Mladiiinfo International, went on a day trip to this town, predominantly populated by ethnic Albanians. Find out more about their first impressions and reflections through the photo-reportage they have prepared.

The organizational team of... Read More »

Life with Disability: “I am not Feeble-minded, I just Can’t Hear You Well”

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Article by: Jelena Đorić, Hrvoje Nimac, Haris Dedović Edited by: Ana Alibegova & Stefan Alijevikj

“When I go to the counter in some institution, I have to read the lips of the officer behind the counter because I cannot hear the voice through the glass. Sometimes I do not understand so I have to ask same things several times. Then this person becomes upset and starts yelling at me saying word by word, as if I am feeble-minded. Then I have to tell them: Sorry, I’m not stupid, I just can’t hear very well”.  This is how Sandra Peshevska-Mickovska, a passionate painter and a member of  the Association of Students and Youth with Disabilities portrays an unusual situation from... Read More »

Kocho Andonovski: Hate Speech is National Sport in Macedonia!

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Article by: Maja Richtermoc, Dejan Zonjić, Nemanja Atanasijević, Valerie Schreurs, Miguel Chamorro Franco Picture credits: Dejan Zonjić

In the center of the Macedonian capital, sharing a building with the Macedonian Helsinki Committee of Human Rights, LGBT Center Skopje found its place under the sun. There, under video surveillance due to many attacks to the center itself, a small group of activists does the hard job of fighting homophobia. In Macedonia, the quiet majority is aware of the problem but does not raise their voice against it. We visited the only LGBT centre in the country and discussed their situation with the leader of the Center, Kocho Andonovski.

Hatred as a Unifying Factor

“LGBT Centre in Skopje is the biggest unifying... Read More »

The Transformative Power of Online Education: iversity

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Through the past year, iversity.org established itself as a platform which offers unprecedented opportunities for students and professors and  it encompasses Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). With the establishment of such platform, instantly, a new world of  knowledge was created where students from all corners of the planet are enabled to dive in and take new academic journeys, gain experiences that would tie them with professors. Simultaneously, all professors would extend their reach by teaching tens of thousands students globally.

Such access to education can both vastly improve people’s lives on continual base and bring about real change to big number of communities. That is why all courses are free to everyone at iversity and why the... Read More »

Public Speaking as a Way of Life!

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Interview by: Ana Alibegova Edited by: Stefan Alievikj Picture Credits: Forum Oratores

Nobody could ever imagine what kind of energy and positive atmosphere is evoked in an approximately 9 m2 room at the Faculty of Law “Iustinianus Primus” in Skopje, Macedonia. The colorful office makes a home to few young rhetoricians, who gather here to exchange opinions, share ideas and improve their public speaking skills. However, they do not keep their knowledge and experience for themselves only, but organize trainings in public speaking to spread the love for the rhetoric to their peers and high school students. At the annual oratory competition organized at the Faculty of Law in Skopje, they present their speeches to the wider audience, together with... Read More »