Personal Growth and Development is Just a Touch Away

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When it comes to personal growth, more and more people understand the need for constant learning and self-determination. Most of them are aware of the pressure society puts on us, and know that in order to grow, to keep on inspiring others, but also leave enough room to shape yourself to the changes of today’s world, you have to be open towards learning.

Recently I had an “inspiration call” to get in touch with a colleague of mine with whom I haven’t talked for a long time. After starting to work for a company that is a leader in the field of personal growth, spirituality and mindfulness, she got the opportunity to see the world from a... Read More »

Blogging – A Smart Way to Your Employability

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Perez Hilton, Pim Techamuanvivit, Catherine Sanderson, the world is awash with people who have made it big by beginning a blog. They turned an idea and some thoughts into action, eventually leading to big money offers and full-time media or publishing careers. However, even if you do not want to make it big as a celebrity blogger, it is possible to use a blog to enhance your job prospects and employability.

How a Blog Improves your Standing

Times were when all you had to showcase your talents was a CV and maybe a cover letter. This gave a limited and formal window into who you were which you could further show off during an interview – if... Read More »

Key Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Startup

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Being an entrepreneur is no cakewalk and you should be careful when you plan to start your dream venture. If you look at the world of business, especially at startups, young generation always tries to do something new in terms of business startup & hope for instant success. And we all know that there is no winning formula for success. More and more young people are looking to open a business. Without knowing the consequences, they make many mistakes. Here, the maxim holds true — failures are the pillars of success. Now, it is crucial for you to tread cautiously and not make any mistake so large that it becomes hard for you to bounce back. This is the... Read More »

Few Pros and Cons on Work from Home

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Falling in love and moving to another continent. This happened to my brother who found himself in Split in 2011, but what was he was supposed to do? He could teach English again, but it was not really for him. Instead, he chose to follow my path – to work from home. It was easy, as a natural programmer he could work anywhere in the world and still contribute to the company he worked for, back home in Baltimore. In fact, more and more people across the world whether as freelancers like me or remote employees like my brother, are choosing to work from home. However, what are the pros and cons of doing this?

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How To Stay Focused on Your Goals

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In order to live life to the fullest, it is important to set goals and continually find ways to improve yourself. Creating a set of goals can be a challenge in itself, but actually achieving them can sometimes seem next to impossible, especially given all of the potential obstacles that you face. But do not fret; if you are truly motivated and are willing to concentrate on your objectives, you can absolutely reach your goals. Here are a few strategies that you can use if you want to know how to set goals and achieve them.

Avoid Overwhelming Yourself

A major mistake that many young people make when planning their goals is that they feel like... Read More »

7 Life Skills for Staying Strong in Times of Adversity

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There are times in our life when we may feel depressed, and things may not be going the way we had intended them to be. These are the times when we rediscover ourselves, realign our lives and chart the way forward. When we read inspirational quotes, we find solace in the struggles of others and how they managed to overcome them. Following ways may help you find yourself in the dark and rekindle the lost light. All it takes is simple steps to make your life better.

Accept your present situation

Dreaming is good, dreaming can help you look ahead in the future, but dreaming at the expense of not accepting your present can be depressing and contagious.... Read More »

Conquering the Multi-dimensions of Life-long Learning

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Try looking up the word “learning” on the Internet. Is there any common pattern that you find while scrolling through the results? At first, it may seem like most results focus on definitions and learning strategies. There is nothing curious about this, is there?!

The curious observation though, consists of something else: Almost all results on learning are contextualized in the school or university environment. Believing that learning is closely tied only to universities and that it ends once we get out of the academic world, is not real, and to some extent, it is even naïve.

In reality, the process of learning endures throughout our whole life, taking different shapes, as we continue to grow... Read More »

How to Start Your Writing Career

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Writing is something you are passionate about. You know there are people who call themselves “writers”, and now you’ve decided you want to join them. Where do you start?

First, like any career, you have to take it seriously. Maybe you have always enjoyed writing, have consistently kept a journal, or used to write really creative stories, poems, etc. when you were a child. No matter what your background is, if you are serious and have the drive, of course, you can make earning money from writing possible.

Look Around You

If you haven’t got your heart set on a certain writing career already, such as a novel writer, a blogger, or a... Read More »

10 Simple Exercises That Will Strengthen Your Attention and Concentration

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Stress is becoming a real part of our lives these days. People trying to cope with their problems at college, work and even at home.

As you age it is important to pay attention to your gray matter if your aim is to represent clear mind, perfect memory and ability to concentrate quickly. People got used to the informational flow, million ideas, pictures, and feelings which may appear at once. It comes as no surprise that when you want to concentrate on your work this fullness turns out to be emptiness. No panic! The scientific phenomenon known as neuroplasticity proves that a human brain has an incredible ability to reshape itself according to the new changes and... Read More »

Volunteering Abroad Could Help You With Starting a New Career

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There are many different prejudices around volunteering. Some people still tend to think that this is simply a non-paid job. Despite this, thousands of young people use this opportunity to spend time abroad and find answers to important questions about their career, life values, family relationships, and other important life issues. It also helps to travel and find a perfect place of residence. Volunteer abroad programs offer much more than non-paid job opportunities; it helps to build a basis for strongly motivated and successful career path.

Volunteer job is a perfect start of your career

The big question is how someone can choose to study a field of expertise without realizing what the real job in this field looks like? European Voluntary... Read More »