Youth Activism Changes Lives

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There is one main motivating factor that leads young people into activism – the will and passion to change the world for the better. And while they are trying to achieve this for the world, activism actually changes them for the better. Being a young activist teaches you how to be a better person yourself. It creates responsible adults and citizens that are beneficial for the society in general. But people who have been part of this when they were young will always experience a lot of personal benefits into their adulthood.

And when I say that youth activism changes lives, you can trust me, because I have experienced that change first-hand. So let me share what... Read More »

You Can Inspire as Well

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By studying of the European Commission’s Programme consumers (Erasmus+ Programme consumers before all), as well as the programs financed by other foreign and domestic donators, we found out that in Serbia only a small number of young people are informed or use given possibilities. That leads that assets available for these activities remain unused, or these possibilities every year are used by the same people. Contrary to the fact that in the EU countries and in the rest of the world more and more attention is paid regarding inclusion of youth with special needs, and in this case regardless of the reforms in the educational system Serbia has taken to follow the same way, in practice, the situation... Read More »

The Day of Youth Activism and Courage

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Today is an important day for youth. Do you want to know why? Let’s look back in the history together!

The commemoration of this day dates back to 1939. On the 28th of October 1939, Czechoslovakian students’ demonstration against the regime organized by medical students of the Charles University in Prague was suppressed by Nazis. One student, Jan Opletal, was shot during the demonstrations and as a response, another massive demonstration of students started. The Nazis reacted fast when on 17th November* 1939 they stormed the dormitories. Result? More than 1200 students were sent to concentration camps, 9 student representatives were executed on the spot, the University was shut down and the buildings were used by the... Read More »

Civic Participation: For the Youth, By the Youth

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While walking in the roads of Tirana, I see cafés full of people ranging from youngsters to old retirees. The question that always stirs my mind is: What are young teenagers doing in the cafés on their phones all day, instead of using their immense energy to do something more productive? As a developing country and emerging market economy, Albania is in a democratisation process, aspiring to enter the European Union. In order to succeed, many changes need to happen. Who better than the youth of this country has the power and the energy to become change makers?

Bearing this in mind and trying to answer the questions above, the options that came to my mind were... Read More »

Youth Bring Solidarity and Hope Back to Flooded Skopje

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Photo credits: Filip Jotevski

Written by: Ana Alibegova Proofread: Diego Heatherman Edited by: Ivana Petriskova

The young Ognen Janeski wishes the day had more than 24 hours. “It is hard in one day to combine your work-related tasks and to go to help those who are most in need, but I am giving my best”, he explains, obviously tired from the long day. He is coughing from the cold but is full with optimism and hope while making plans for the delivery of donations in the upcoming days.  The young TV personality already has an intensive lifestyle between his many projects as well as preparations of his TV programmes. Yet these days, his focus is on the families... Read More »

Youth Has Voice Too?

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Difficult, boring, opaque, unimportant – the descriptors of EU affairs world are not flattering. In the light of the widely talked about rise of the far right, increasing nationalism, hostility towards immigrants and the individual closing down of borders, the public opinion on the European project has seemed to lose popularity over the course of the past years. With youth sharply disconnected from the original ideas that supported in the very beginning the creation of a European project, the current political classes tap into frustrations gathered over the past last decades.

The young people of Europe as we know it have been raised in a war-less world and accustomed to a mostly open borders circulation within the... Read More »

Embracing Youth Volunteerism in Albania

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Gandhi once said: “Be the change that you wish to see in the world”. As a matter of fact, we, the young people, can actually make an impact. In fact, there are so many of us in this world that we have the potential and energy to bring positive change. It all relies on our willingness to act and to be passionate about good deeds. Volunteerism is one civic virtue that has not been very much present in our Balkan societies.

For a moment, I would like you to think: When was the last time that you volunteered? What did you do and how did you feel? If good feelings and memories cross your mind, than this... Read More »

Education – The Cradle of Youth Activism

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If you type the words youth activism on Google, you can find about 473.000 results and on the top of the page a common definition that ‘youth activism is youth engagement in community, organizing for social change’.

Exactly this topic was in the center of the project Switch on: Participation Mode. Realized by the NGO Youth Alliance Krushevo in six different cities in Macedonia, it set public debates and open discussions between young people and representatives of civil society, as well as teachers and professors. This project aimed to emphasize the potentials and opportunities of the youth civic activism, but also to stimulate the responsibility and the awareness not just of the youngsters and their parents but... Read More »

Don’t Be Afraid To Dream, Don’t Be Afraid of Life and Be Positive!

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„In my opinion integration in Slovakia is not the best…  but I hope the situation will be better. It is a long process.“. This is how Martina Zemanová, a 26-year-old student at Comenius University and  member of Civic Association TU SOM DOMA (This is my home), explains the situation of young disabled people in Bratislava. This association gathers six enthusiastic people whose goal is to help and support youngsters with disabilities towards independent life. They are living together in one apartment, organizing free time activities, cultural events, trainings for their fellows, professionals and volunteers but also providing services for disabled people.

The main target of one of their projects, called I-mlyncek, is to raise awareness about their... Read More »

Bridge-Building Between Two Cultures

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The town of Komárno is located in the south of Slovakia with a population of almost 36.000 citizens. Through the town of Komárno flows the Danube, once representing the border between Hungary and Slovakia, nowadays simply a picturesque part of Komárno’s landscape. With the establishment of the European Schengen area the Elisabeth Bridge over the Danube is no longer a border crossing, but remains a vital connection between Slovak and Hungarian people. However, the fall of the border is not simply a relief for travelling from one country to another; it is a strengthened connection between two cultures, traditions and peoples striving to overcome the ever-lasting burden of historical conflict.

A bridge is not only there to... Read More »