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Our youth initiative Mladiinfo is a dynamic web portal for young people around the world that seeks to publish different opportunities related to education, such as scholarships, internships, job positions, grants, training courses, conferences and more.

As you can see from the Google Analytics data below, our website is reaching more than 1, 200, 000 visitors per year.

Audience overview

sessions 2016

Latest visits reached more than 500 000 visitors in the period of 6 months from August 2016 to January 2017. However, the numbers are not definite but constantly changing and rising. As you can see new visitors are always coming to join us!

audience overview half 2016

sessions half 2016

Our visitors and readers are active young people from all over the world looking for educational opportunities abroad. Your university could be therefore interested in promotion at, since it is an ideal place to speak to a highly specific group of educated young and active people from many countries.  

Top 15 countries of visitors

M! visitors top countries 2016

When it comes to the division between continents, 2/3 of the visitors’ leads are coming from Europe, while the other 1/3 is divided between Asia, both South and North America as well as Africa.

M! visitors by continent 2016

Do you want to become more VISIBLE? We can help you!

Bellow are the ways through which you can promote with us and increase your visibility:

  • You can place a banner on our website.By taking some of the banners on our web page, you would additionally get the following benefits:
    • Include your scholarships/trainings opportunities in the appropriate category at Mladiinfo;
    • Post your scholarships/trainings on a weekly basis on our social media channels on Facebook (+100 000 friends and followers) and Twitter (+7 000 followers).
  • Promotional article (prepared by you) – a powerful tool on how to obtain larger visibility among young people. Besides on, each article would be shared as well to our Mladiinfo Facebook and Twitter pages, thus reaching an even larger audience. (250 EUR for a PR article for three months period).

If we got your interest, please take a look at our Marketing Offers.

We can guarantee you that in the very first month you will increase your visibility among your potential students, you will receive requests and emails expressing interests about your programs and study requirements and you will become a very recognized institution among youth in Europe and abroad.