International Conference: Post-War Monuments in Post-Communist Europe

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Deadline: 1 November 2016 Open to: anyone interested in history Venue: 17-18 February 2017, Zagreb, Croatia


World War II caused a collective trauma in the memory of Europeans, which resulted in the erection of countless monuments all over Europe to commemorate the events and battles as well as the civilian and military victims.

The perception of monuments created in the period of Real Socialism to commemorate World War II was rapidly changing, and the meaning they conveyed, as well as their memorial and aesthetic value were being questioned, challenged and/or denied. Often violent, break with the former regime resulted in their relocation, temporary or permanent removal from the public space and vandalism or destruction.

These questions will be discussed at... Read More »

Short Course Turkey: Call for Volunteers

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Deadline: 26 October 2016 Open to: 40 young people between the ages of 16 and 18 years old from Europe, Western Asia and North Africa Venue: two weeks in July/August, Turkey


The UWC Short Course Turkey 2017 will touch on issues of identity and migration –and their several intersections, to give young participants a chance to re-think migration in its complexity, with its challenges as well as its enriching aspects. This year’s short course will bring together 40 young people between the ages of 16 and 18 years old from Europe, Western Asia and North Africa. The short course will take place over a period of two weeks in July/August.

To think about migration is fundamental to our future. While revisiting the... Read More »

From Yugosphere to Eurosphere -Now & Then

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The Balkans are one of the most interesting parts of the European mainland. I consider them a puzzle of different nations and minorities, a place of many differences and similarities at same time, a region with rich cultural and food offer, filled with amazing nature and authentic architecture. It is a region worth being discovered and visited. This September, there was one more reason to visit the Balkans – the International Youth Conference, organized by Youth Alliance, happening traditionally in Krushevo (#iyckr2016), a small and lovely town in Macedonia.

Macedonia, along with neighboring Serbia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Slovenia, was known as Yugoslavia just 2,5 decades ago. Exactly this was one of the topics... Read More »

European Angst: Populism, Extremism and Euroscepticism in European Societies

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Deadline: 2 October 2016 Open to: students from around Europe Venue: 6-7 December 2016, Brussels


The Goethe-Institut together with the European Movement International and other partners is reaching out to invite 40 students from around Europe to participate in the “European Angst” conference, taking place at the BOZAR in Brussels on 6-7 December 2016. The event will address urgent questions around populism, xenophobia and extremism in Europe, and will look for responses to the growing anxiety in the “old continent” and beyond its borders. 40 Students, chosen from all over Europe in an open call, will enrich the discussions with their critical questions and write a joint manifesto on the future of Europe, to be handed over to the European institutions at... Read More »

“Europe in Crisis: A Call for Dialogue, What Can Youth Workers Contribute?”

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Deadline: 25 August 2016 Open to: youth workers, Trainers, Youth leaders, Project managers coming from Belgium – FL, Cyprus, Estonia, Greece, Macedonia, Former Yugoslav Republic of, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, Turkey, United Kingdom Venue: 5-13 October 2016, Kose-Uuemõisa, Estonia


YEU Estonia is looking for participants for a training course called “Europe in crisis: a call for dialogue. What can youth workers contribute?”.

This training course is organized for representatives of youth organizations from different European countries, to create a common strategy. As the crisis is a cross-border problem, it only makes sense to coordinate our actions in a European framework.

The main goal is to equip youth workers with competences to promote intercultural and interreligious dialogue in local and... Read More »

Youth Has Voice Too?

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Difficult, boring, opaque, unimportant – the descriptors of EU affairs world are not flattering. In the light of the widely talked about rise of the far right, increasing nationalism, hostility towards immigrants and the individual closing down of borders, the public opinion on the European project has seemed to lose popularity over the course of the past years. With youth sharply disconnected from the original ideas that supported in the very beginning the creation of a European project, the current political classes tap into frustrations gathered over the past last decades.

The young people of Europe as we know it have been raised in a war-less world and accustomed to a mostly open borders circulation within the... Read More »

Towards an Avant-Garde Europe: The Meaning Behind the Words

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Deadline: 20 September 2016 (a chapter proposal)/ 20 December 2016 (full chapters) Open to: everyone interested in the topic Venue: Journal of Liberty and International Affairs, Institute for Research and European Studies – Bitola


The Institute for Research and European Studies and Journal of Liberty and International Affairs announce a call for chapters for the upcoming eBook: TOWARDS AN AVANT-GARDE EUROPE: THE MEANING BEHIND THE WORDS. One of the most popular approaches towards the “revolutionizing” of the EU is the concept of avant-garde Europe, predominantly promoted by Joschka Fischer, Hans-Dietrich Genscher, Jacques Delors etc. This approach directly derives from the Kerneuropa concept (Core Europe), meaning that the future of the EU as should be established on the scheme of core (avant-garde) and orbit.

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EURASMUS – Easy YOU(th) Mobility

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Mladiinfo: How does your platform work? Do students have to pay when they want to access into your system and apply for some of the opportunities you are offering?

Eurasmus: We are completely free for students and currently have more than 43,000 student members using our system. Whether they are doing an internship or a university exchange, will be able to help them find student rooms and internships all over Europe.

Mladiinfo: What do you consider to be the most important about your platform? What is the value that youth can achieve with your help?

Eurasmus: Our mission is and always has been to support students going abroad. Youth mobility shouldn’t have to be difficult or stressful. We have more than... Read More »

International Workshop on New Return Migration

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Deadline: 15 September 2016 Open to: researchers who work on migrations to Europe originating in various countries of origin Venue: 11-12 November 2016, Babeș Bolyai University, Cluj, Romania


The workshop will take place at the Faculty for Political, Communication and Administrative Sciences, Babeș Bolyai University. In this workshop the aim is to discuss research, compare, and theorize the social, economic and political changes produced by new return migration from Europe in societies of origin. Another aim is unfolding returnees maintenance of social ties and forms of social capital between societies of origin and destination.

Given the diversity of patterns of return and migration in Europe, the workshop is looking not only into such processes, but also into all... Read More »

Training Course: “Stay Healthier Outside”

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Deadline: August 1, 2016 Open to: Italy, Romania, Turkey, Poland, Armenia, Lebanon, Ukraine, Georgia Venue: 7 – 14 November, Giovinazzo, Italy

“Stay Healthier Outside” is a two-stage project that aims to promote a healthy lifestyle among youth workers  and youngsters and to foster their competencies in planning and implementing outdoor activities related to good practices of healthy lifestyle (1st stage) and to motivate youngsters in participating in and spreading these kind of activities among young people, therefore increasing their awareness on the topics (2nd stage).

During the training course, youth workers will be challenged in:

Experiencing several outdoor activities that can be inspiring for their future commitments related to the topic; Learning how to use outdoor opportunities to improve their... Read More »